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The X-Files

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Yeah i do agree with that - but I also dont think there was any proof as to whether he was the father or there was an alien baby :blink:

I want it to be his lol, but really, you'd think they would have mentioned that tiny detail at soem point!! But I can live in hope .....

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Lol not sure if that does work with aliens, actually ..... hmm, you have me wondering now!!

As for Mulder, I know that he would love the baby and be its dad, which is great :D But i just always couldnt help wondering whether or not he was really the father ...... I hate unresolveds lol!!!

It's an unsolved X-File: Who is the father of Scully's baby? :lol:

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Yeah the books are as old as the episodes :P They are around though just check out ebay.

As for the movie, yes I liked it although I haven't seen it in years, will have to check it out again.

Did they make only one movie? I thought they did 2 or were making another one?

*starts chanting Mulder's name* :rolleyes:

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I was a huge fan of the X Files back in the days when it was on BBC2 and no-one watched it :P

Then sometime in the late 90's I unfortunately lost track of it...I missed a couple of seasons and when I sat down to watch again there were completely different characters (Doggett etc.) - this show really is one you have to keep watching to understand it all!

Thankfully early last year, HMV had a sale on and all the boxsets were only £19.99 a series! So I gradually built them up over a few months I collected all 9 boxsets - then me and my mate had an X Files fest which lasted from around February to July!

We've said to ourselves that we're going to do it again this summer :wink:


I found a list online that shows you all the episodes you need to watch to see the whole conspiracy thing (i.e. leave out the standalone episodes), so that might be quite interesting!

One of my favourite episodes? Got to be 'Hollywood AD' for the comedy value!!! Written and directed by David Duchovny and is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Classic scene where Mulder, Scully and Skinner are all in their rooms in the bath and are on the phone:

Mulder: Hold on one second sir (switches lines), Hey Scully, Skinman is calling me from a bubble bath!

Skinner: It's still me Mulder


Just one of the many stupid things in it! It was more like an episode of the X Fools that used to air on local radio http://www.xfools.co.uk/

Then there's also Dreamland where he swapped bodies with someone and did a stupid dance in a mirror

And also a classic episode in Series 5 called Bad Blood which is definately by favourite 'funny' episode - where Mulder and Scully give their different accounts of an event that occured, but they completely differ! Just the sight of seeing a drugged Mulder regain conciousness and start singing Shaft!! :D

Funniest clips! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SMpzUlfm8Y

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Lol I love the funny X-Files episodes - just for the sheer Mulder/Scully interaction, of course! They have to be my all-time favourite on-screen "couple," if I can call them that.

Love 'Hollywood AD' too, Dan :D I think all the ones written by David Duchovny have to be some of my favourites, because he knows the character so well :rolleyes:

And I also think it's pretty ironic that in real life, Gillian Anderson is the extra-terrestrial believer, and Duchovny is the cynic. Quite surprised when I heard that!

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