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The X-Files

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I grew up with X-Files,My parents loved it and taped it and i was able to watch them all and carried on taping them..

It was a great show,At times i like the sub-stories of the monsters and ghosts and other weirdness..Not the main storyline of Aliens,Samantha and conspiracies,Then at other times its the other way around.

A couple of weeks ago i was watching about 4 or 5 episodes aday for alittle while,Started with the monsters and stuff but by the end of it i wanted to watch more of the later series and the main storyline.

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Lol wow! I'm surprised I found another fan; most people either dont remember it or think it was boring :P

I'm much more into the conspiracy episodes myself - I loved the whole first season before Deep Throat was killed. I think I preferred him to Mr X ...

I especially love when the major conspiracies come up and the "Truth is out there" bit in the tune changes

eg. Season one - Erlein Meyer Flask - "Trust No-One"

Season two - Scully's abduction - "Deny Everything"

Yes, I am obsessed! And there were others but I dont remember all of them ...

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lol Yup,Im a fan..I grew up with it..Although some episodes i werent allowed to watch until i was older :P

I like all the episodes,But i go through stages where i like the side monsters,Then the main storyline,Then the more thoughts and feelings one to the scary side of it,Liking the earlier seires onto liking the newer series with Doggett..

The ones i watched a few weeks ago were mixed series but all before series 6 and mainly the side stuff,Then i moved on to the later series with the conspiracies,Then i wanted to find the episode 'The field in which i died',I found it but never got round to watching it..So i may do that tomorrow.

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I lost track of the seasons and all that, and was not a fan of the alien conspiracies. Give me genetic mutations and mystical forces any day!

I was rewatching season 2 on Foxtel for a while. The bit when Scully's family wanted to turn off her lifesupport and Mulder cried was so sad :(. But I stopped watching after a while. A- because it was too early in the morning (10am!) and B- because it was already headed to the alien conspiracies... SIGH. I actually like the story with Samantha, but does it have to be EVERY episode!? All the politics an shadowy meetings just got reeeally boring after a while.

Still love my Foxy boy though :D.

My favourite episodes (that I have and can therefore remember) are "Ice" and "Squeeze" :). I also remember one where Mulder and Scully were stranded in the middle of a lake, and he was lying down with his head in her lap while she was singing "Jeramiah was a bullfrog..." hehehee.

I hated how they took Mulder out of it... That was just rediculous. There ARE no X-Files without him! But I suppose by that stage they were so wrapped up in the conspiracy that they had to work their way to some kind of ending... ugh. Such a hassle.

It's always the conspiracy that kills a show. As I said to my friend the other day, show me a TV show and I'll show you the conspiracy that killed it. (Of course, I'd have to know the show...)

On another note, are you sure it's "Trust No One"? I always thought it was Trust No. One"... as in it had a double meaning of trusing yourself - number one. I swear I saw Mulder type it into a computer as his password once.

You know what's fun about the X-Files? How much other people reference it. One of my favourites is from Angel:

Kendrick: Come on, Kate. Everybody knows you've gone all Scully. Anytime one of these weird cases crosses anyone's desk, you're always there. What's goin' on with you?

Kate: Scully's the skeptic.

Kendrick: Huh?

Kate: Mulder's the believer; Scully's the skeptic.

Kendrick: Scully's the chick, right?

Kate: Yes. - But she's not the one that wants to believe.

Kendrick: And you wanna believe.

Kate: Oh, I already believe. That's the problem.

And then of course there are the Springfield Files...

SCULLY: I've seen enough, Mulder. Let's go.

MULDER: Yeah, okay. But somewhere out there something is watching us. There are alien forces acting in ways we can't perceive. (Scully rolls her eyes.) Are we alone in the universe? Impossible. When you consider the wonders that exist all around. (Scully walks off.) Voodoo priests of Haiti, the Tibetan numerologists of Appalachia, the unsolved mysteries of Unsolved Mysteries! The truth is out there!

(Behind him, Moe and the two men are carrying the whale.)

MOE: Ohh. Who thought a whale could be so heavy. (They spot Mulder.) Cheese it! The feds!





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That simpsons episode i found alittle boring,But Mulder and Scully on that were so funny and Moe :P

I like conspiracies,Not just in the X-files but other things,Aslong as the characters are good..

But with the X-files it has alot for everyone,Different kinds of monsters,aliens,conspiracies and a main storyline throughout the series..It wasnt just episode after episode of vampires,swap monsters,jersey devils it had a point in it.

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Lol I never thought about that - I'll need to rewatch that bit of the credits lol ...

I actually do enjoy the Samantha conspiracy, even when it gets repetetive, as conspiracies are my favourite thing about the X-Files! As for taking Mulder away, while i agree that it was a very bad move, I also remember how high ratings soared when he made his miraculous return from the "dead." And that was a good week!!

I'm also a bit of a Scully/Mulder mentalist - I still cling to the belief that that baby was his lol :P

There was never actually any proof to the contrary, was there?

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I'm glad they left that til the last episode. Finally! Someone who appreciates the value of unresolved sexual tension! Too often these days, characters are jumping into bed with each other after a few weeks, and they either become stable and boring, or it goes to hell and their relationship is screwed up forever.

Mulder and Scully loved each other, and were each other's whole world. There was something special about the fact that they didn't need to be all over each other to prove that. Even as "just friends" it was special - probably moreso than if you were to see it as leading up to an inevitable romance.

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I liked that aswell,There were many many many moments when they were in situations alone and unable to get away thinking this maybe it and they just hold each other..and strangely one sings to the other..I remember 2 different moments from the top of my head that Scully sings to Mulder :P

There were a few times that you would think that now something will happen,But they just hug or smilie or Mulder makes a joke..

I liked that,If they had been all over each other series before it wouldnt be as good as it was.

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