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Tue 13 Feb 07 - "Should have had a warning"

Guest ~Rosey~

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At Amanda and peters engagement party and Ethan tells Peter that he fixed Amanda’s car and all that.

Martha found out she was pregnant .

Start of Episode

Sally’s house

Martha/Little Pippa/Sally.

Sally in downstairs talking to Pippa. Martha finally comes downstairs and stands in front of the big mirror, making sure its not to obvious that she has been crying. Sally see her and walks up to her, telling her she was wondering when she was going to rise. They both walked into the living room/kitchen area and Martha sat down whilst Sally went over to help Pippa. Pippa spilt something or other onto her self and Sally had to go get something new. She told Martha to look after Pippa and Martha objected and ran out of the house.

Hunter House


They have all just fi8nshed eating breakfast and sams complaining that she still cant find a new house. Tony suggests maybe moving in with them as they are great company. Jack interrupts and starts to tell Tony how Sam doesn’t feel it’s the right time, Sam on the other hand, is happy.

Amandas house


Peter is watching some sport on TV when he hears a knock at the door. He opened it and Ethan is standing there. He has a check invoice thing for the engagement party the other night. He then tells Peter he is lucky to have a fiancée like Amanda and he didn’t realise and was sorry. Peter didn’t know what he was going on about so Ethan explained about him asking her out on a date.

Hunter house

Same as before

They are all sitting round on and Sam/Jack are telling rory about moving in [btw, in this scene rory is soo cute!] He thinks about it and asks a few questions and finally yes.

Commerical brake.

Hunter house

Jack, then Martha ocmes along.

Jack is watching something on tv when he hears a knock at the door. Thinknig it Sam he goes to open it and is surprised to see Martha. She breaks down and tell him that she is pregnet.

Amanda house


Amanda walks in and sees Kelli and Peter telling him that she got a new pair of pants for him. Peter asks Kelli if they can have some time alone Kell iagrees and walks into the next room, eveasdropping. They have a fight after Peter found out about her and Ethan. They end up calling off there marriage

Surf Club

Some randoms/Alf/Amanda

Amanda asks for a drink and is pretty rude to Alf. He gives her a drink, and then Ethan arrives and telling her how sext she is and that he likes her.

Hunter house


Martha is telling Jack that she is never going to tell Ash and will just have an abortion.

Commercial break

Between now and the end it wont be very detailed. I’m in a big rush here.

Hunter house


Matha breaks down and tells him that she is not going to tell anyone else and will have the abortion today.

Amandas house


Amanda is still out at the Surf Club and peter is on the phone cancelling the reception appointment they had and that they might reschedule.

Hunter house


Just as Martha goes to leave, she sees a skateboardand asks if its Jack. He laughs and says no, telling him that Sam and Rory are moving in. She is happy for her.

They they arrive and theres a awkard moment as Martha leaves.

Sallys house

Martha is calling up someone, booking for a abortion

Surf Club


They are both playing pool and Amanda looks slightly drunk. She sees a whole bottole of wine on the table they were sititng at and Ethan confeesed he orded it. Amanda refuses to stay but then she does. She goes off to the ladies room and while shes in there, Ethan spikes her drink!!

Commerical Break

Sallys house


Martha comes in, after having an abortion, sits/lies on the lounch chair and starts crying.

-Brand new day….the beach is shown-

Some random house


Amanda wakes up and is shocked to discover Ethan asleep beside her, and clothes thrown all over the ground. She has flashbacks of drinking, but cant remember anything else.


Promo – Ethan is telling Kelli that he has pics to prove it. At Amandas house, Kelli walks in and hands an envelope to Peter- the same one the photos were in before!!

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Before I get to IADL -

I sooooooooooooooooooooo (times a BILLION) wish that Jack, in the middle of Martha’s “rant” about her mistake (the pregnancy), would have reminded Martha that HER conception wasn’t exactly planned either.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Amanda’s dark turquoise hollywood tape top/singlet top/white (with dark colour swirly pattern) long skirt

SILVER – Little Pippa’s yellow (with orange butterfly motifs) dress

BRONZE – Jack’s green (large “A Z” in pink) t shirt


Alf’s cream-like colour (Noah’s Bar work uniform) button up shirt

Ethan’s black (with red rising sun motif) t shirt

Kelli’s black spaghetti strap top

Little Pippa’s baby pink (purple flower motifs) long sleeve top

Martha’s dark brown spaghetti strap top

Rory’s royal blue (3 clowns motif) t shirt

Rory’s sky blue (V surfy) t shirt

Sally’s red long sleeve jacket/white top combo

Sam’s dark blue (with black horizontal stripes) plunge V neck blouse

Tony’s red (with wide black horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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