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How To Save A Life...

Guest -Tess-

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Type of story: Long fic (hopefully!)

Rating: T, some parts will be A.

Main Characters: Pippa, Sally, the Fletchers, Saunders and guest parts for others.

Genre: Drama

Warnings: Some violance, sexual themes, course language, pregnancy, and rape.

Is Story being proof read: nope.

Summary: What if Pippa hadn't woken up from her 1997 (I think?) coma? What if she was still hooked up to life support? How would her family cope? What happens when the docs want to terminate her life support for good?

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okay, sorry for the delay, I totally forgot about this fic! :P (Flynn doesn't, and won't have cancer in this fic.)


Sally sat by Pippa's bedside at the Yabbie Creek hospital, watching her foster mother lay peacfully still, blissfully unaware of what was going on around her. She began to think about Flynn, and her marrage. It was falling apart, because they never saw each other. Flynn was working, so was Sally, and then on top of that, she was in with Pippa a lot, putting extra strain on them. "It wasn't like I wanted this to happen", Sally thought. I love Flynn, and this is the last thing that should be happening to us. Why can't he understand that I need to be here, with Pippa?"

Flynn sat at the Summer Bay house barbeque area, staring into space thinking. He thought about Sally, the kids, and about Pippa. He understood that Sally needed to be with her, but their family also needed her. Ric and Cassie did their best while he was working to look after Pippa and the house, but in between studying and homework, their hands were pretty much tied. Mr. Stewart helped too, but it wasn't his responibility to do all that, even though he always said that it was. But he was also worried about their relationships with their friends. Lucas, Belle, Maddie and Drew were great friend with Ric and Cassie, but they hardly went out anymore, because they were so busy helping him and Sally. He had tried to get them to go out the weeked before, but they refused, claiming that they had too much to do. "This isn't how it's meant to be", he thought. "Ric and Cassie are meant to be kids and have fun, not work and look after things all the time". "I love them for it, but they can't go on like this forever". Flynn made a decision. Tomorrow they would all go out together, as a family, Alf included. No matter what Sally said, they were going to be together for a day. that way, Flynn could tell them the news he'd been dreading to share...

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