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Fri 9 Feb 07 - " Eulogy “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Eulogy “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 9 Feb 07 - Episode # 4350)

Sally (vph) surprises Alf & brad when she says that she is going to Rocco’s funeral today. Brad says he’ll go with.

Maddie talks to Ric in his room. He says that all this is karma – he should have gone to jail for probably both the death of his father and callan.

When sally hears this (form Maddie), she can’t believe that Ric is saying such a ting, and makes this clear to Ric (in living room) before she bails.

The priest is about to begin the funeral =- with just sally & brad there – when a car arrives, and Johnny (in chains and flanked by police) emerges.

After the priest does all the religious type stuff, he asks if anyone has everything to say. Sally & brad decline the request, but Johnny doesn’t.

Next time we see sally & brad they are back at the vph. Sally tells everyone (when see flashback) of what Johnny said. He started off by saying that he & Rocco weer a close knit family – but then strangers (sally etc) made false promises to r5occo and got him killed (Johnny’s voice V vicious at this point). At sally *& brad walk away, Johnny insists that they WILL be punished for what they did to Rocco.

After the flashback is over, sally tells Ric, Maddie ^ co that she can’t believe that Johnny used that speak to makes threats, eg “didn’t he care for his brother at all”.

Sally then gets REALLY fired up and emotional. She insist t to Ric that he shouldn’t be comparing himself to a monster like Johnny – and that he should think of that fact when he funds it hard during this low time in his life (note – the pure emotion form sally was AWESOME. WAAAAAAAAY compliments to Kate ritche).

Ric goes to Rocco’s gravesite- and when he rtns to the vph, he tells sally, Maddie & co that he IS going to fight this murder charge with every fibre in his being, esp. since Rocco paid the ultimate price for having the courage to try to brake away form his brother.

Speckling of whom, we then see Johnny in his prison cell. He is looking at a photo of himself & Rocco (form happier times – Rocco has smile on face in pic), Johnny then screws up the pic and throw it to floor.

When Kimmy returns to the “bachelor pad”, he apologises to Rachel and insists that he’ll back away from doing so much for Kit form now on. Rachel is pleased.

Next day, Kimmy meets when kit on the beach. He tells her about what he told Rachel - and kit seems fine with it. She comments on those bags of food in his hands. Kimmy says that he’s going to makes a really nice lunch for me & Rachel. Kit inits that if all goes wrong, he can dial a pizza.

When Kimmy arrives back at the bachelor pad, he tells Rachel that he was told kit about what’s doing on. Rachel is intrigued by Kimmy about to make them a killer lunch, and Kimmy comets that (just like kit did earlier) Rachel says something about dialling for a pizza.

Kimmy ^ Rachel are enjoying their lunch when Kit phones – she is worry that baby not kick for a while.

Rachel & Kimmy take kit to hospital for an ultrasound. All is well for the baby but you can see that Rachel isn’t pleased about all of this.

Indeed, when kit comes over t Rachel’s place (Kimmy not there btw), Kit & Rachel have a major row about what’s happening, which incl. this KILLER line from Rachel “I will NOT stand back when you tell me how to behave around my own husband !!!” (Note – great performances from Amys’ Matthews & Mizzi, partic the former btw).

Kit then appears top be in major pain – she clutches her head, and all but falls to the ground.

As Rachel drives her to the hospital, kit tries to ring Kimmy – but she can’t get reception. Kit drops the phone which causes Rachel to loose concentration (and whilst not watching the road ahead), the car crashes through some council traffic barricades etc before coming to a stop.

Rachel & kit are relieved, until Rachel tries to exit the car – and discovers that the vehicle is now about half way over a cliff !!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


The battle to save Kit & Rachel’s lives

Ric gets a phone call – an unknown male says that he knows who killed Rocco

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s electric blue satin night gown/black satin night shirt combo

SILVER – Maddie's white (with silver sparkly vertical stripes) “old school” top/mustard (also old school) shawl combo

BRONZE – Sally's purple wide collar singlet top


Brad’s light blue button up shirt/darker blue tie/ black jacket & long pants combo

Brad’s white (with gold horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Jimmy’s olive green (with eagle like crest motif) t shirt/denim jeans combo

Johnny's dark green prison sleeveless top

Kit’s red top/khaki long sleeve jacket combo

Rachel’s green sports singlet top/white long sleeve jacket combo

Ric's light blue (with wide brown horizontal stripes) polo shirt

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