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What Sports Do You Play?

Guest ~Dom~

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I joined the volleyball team a few weeks ago. I'm no good, but at least I'm getting better. We have out first tournament this Sunday, which should be interesting.

I also like horseback riding, badminton and field hockey. Basketball can also be fun, but I definitely think volleyball is the most fun :)

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The other team, a girlteam was really bad. We lost all of our matches. Our biggest loss was 23-0. We scored only one goal, and I scored it. :P

haha i was in a team like that only it was just the boys we got beat 23-1 and i scored that goal...ive been playin football(soccer) now for 14 years i love it play rep and support teams in the a-league and the english premier league

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Guest [x]whacko[x]jen[x]

I do taekwondo, and i love it!! I'm a red belt and each year my goal is to go up a belt.. so it keeps me fit, i enjoy it and it helps me make goals.. I also do touch football and a bit of soccer n rugby

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