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The Fall of Morag Bellingham

Guest Natasha

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Type of story: undecided for the moment.

Rating: (T)

Main Characters: Morag, Ash, Laura Tate (from the Spiral series)

Genre: Drama/Angst

Warnings: (L VD)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Alternate ending to the season finale. What if it had been Morag who was stabbed… by who?

“ Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Sally Fletcher asked Morag Bellingham as the family got ready to the Christmas Pageant.

Morag shook her head, “ I have a mountain of paperwork I need to get through.”

“ Okay then.” Sally replied and left with Alf, Ric and Matilda. Morag sighed as she sat at the table and started to sort through the paperwork. Her mobile phone rang then and she answered it.

“ Hello?”

“ Its me.” It was her girlfriend Laura. She opted to stay in the city while Morag stayed in Summer Bay for awhile. Morag missed Laura and had tried to convince Laura to come down.

“ Guess where I am?”

“ Um…I don’t know.” Morag took a gulp of her scotch.

“ I’m about half an hour away from Summer Bay. I’ve missed you the past couple of weeks Morag. So I decided to come down.”

Morag smiled, “ That’s good news. I’ll book us a table at The Seafood Bar and Grill for dinner. How does 7pm sound?” she glanced at her watch. It was nearly six.

“ Sounds lovely. I’m not too far away. I love you.”

“ Love you too,” Morag replied before disconnecting the call. She looked up the number for the restaurant and made a booking for 7. She then gathered up her paperwork. It could wait. She decided why not go to the pageant? She might as well kill some time before Laura got here.

She sent a message to Laura, telling her the booking was at 7pm before going upstairs to get changed.

* * *

The pageant was underway, but at the Summer Bay House, a car drove up and braked. Laura grabbed her suitcase and headed for the front door. She knocked once and opened it. No one locks their doors here.

“ Hello?” she called, “ Morag?” she stepped inside and looked around. The house was empty. She frowned, Morag should have been here.

She sent a message to Morag before going upstairs to change. She was looking forward to their dinner and was famished.

* * *

It was seven thirty when the pageant finished, after a series of mishaps but the audience generally had a good time.

“ Aren’t you glad you came?” Sally asked Morag as they left the auditorium.

“ No. That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” Morag replied, “ And I hope I wont see Alfred play Santa in a long time.”

Sally laughed and she got into her car and left. The parking lot was now empty and quiet. Morag got out her keys but dropped them. She picked them up just as a shadow fell across her.

She straitened and turned.

“ Mr. Naydar.” She greeted him coldly. It was her niece’s boyfriend Ashton Naydar.

Ashton stared back, his face grim. “ You’ve interfered for the last time.” He told her, his voice calm.

“ I am just concerned for my niece Ashton. You are stringing her along and in the end you’ll end up hurting her. And when that day comes, you had better hide. For you’ll have the Stewart family to contend with.”

“ You don’t scare me Morag.” Ashton sneered, stepping closer. Morag took a step backwards, bumping into her car. There was something about his eyes she did not like. They were cold.

“ You won’t be interfering anymore.” Ash told her, “ You’ll leave me and Martha alone. Got that?” he then lashed out and Morag felt as thought she was being punched in the stomach. Pain shot through her abdomen and she bent over, gasping.

There was another punch and this time Morag collapsed to the ground, holding her stomach. Blood seeped through her fingers. She’s been stabbed. Ashton Naydar stabbed her.

Ashton threw away the knife and glared down at her. He kicked her in the ribs. She tightened her lips to keep herself from crying out in pain. She rolled into a fetal ball and looked up at Ash, her eyes pleading. He gave her a another kick for good measure and heard something crack. Morag’s eyes glazed over and he ran off, into the night.

Morag tried to sit up but felt weak. Her whole body screamed in pain as she tried to call out for help.

Then her world turned into darkness.

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Whoa! That was intense. Ashton is so eeevil in this. :o

Awesome fic Nat!

Really? I thought it wasn't that good but I've had the idea for days and I just decided to write it. Thanks for your comment! I may add more to it. Like the reactions of her family.

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Author’s Note: I know I should be working on my other fic, but this idea has been floating around in my head for ages.

Laura glanced at her watch and frowned. It was ten minutes to eight-the pageant was finished and it had been an hour. Morag should have been back by now. She redialed Morag’s number but it rang out.

“ Laura!” Sally exclaimed when she saw Laura sitting on the couch, “ I didn’t know you were coming down.”

“ I’ve been back for nearly two hours.” She paused as Ric and Alf came in from behind Sally, “ Isn’t Morag with you?”

“ No…and you haven’t?”

“ I can’t reach her. We have a booking at eight and we’re going to be late.”

“ That’s not like Morag. Maybe she got held up.”

“ No. Something’s wrong.” Laura grabbed her bag, “ I’m going to the school.”

Morag opened her eyes when she heard her phone ring. She tried once more to sit up, but couldn’t. Her handbag was within reach. If only she could get to it. She started dragging herself to the handbag, but the pain was unbearable. She stopped and surrendered to darkness again.

Laura drove to the parking lot. It was empty, except for one car. She got out and headed inside the school.

No one was there. The school stood silent and empty; it was a spooky feeling. She sighed and went back to her car. She tried calling Morag again when she heard a phone ring nearby.

“ Morag?” she called and hurried over to the lone car. She saw Morag lying on the ground and she gasped.

“ Morag!” she knelt down and her knees came into contact with something sticky. It was blood. Morag was bleeding.

“ Hang on Morag.” She grabbed her phone and dialed for an ambulance. Who stabbed Morag? Who would want to kill her?

* * *

Ash watched as the clear water turned crimson. He had scrubbed for hours and the blood was finally washing away. A good thing too-Martha was due any minute.

He looked down at his shirt, it was also stained. He tore it off and hid it in the trash. He took several deep breaths. It’s been an hour since he left Morag for dead.

Hopefully she was.

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