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What A Difference A Decade Makes

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ok this is my firs attampt at fan fic and I hope you like it I've put thefirst few chapters here. Let me know what you all think and if you like I'll continue with it if not i'll bin it and try again.

Story Title: What A Difference A Decade Makes

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: lots, old and new, dead and alive

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: possible UK spoilers

Any warnings: (L)

Summary: ten years from now. Lots has hapened lots has still to happen!



Mattie lt a tear trickle down her face as she watched 'that kiss' again. She couldn't belive she was watching it, or that her mum had kept it. Theres she was a high school girl in one of the first plays she'd ever done and whats more she was kssing Lucas Holden in it. It seemed so long ago now and things had chsnged so dramatically. Tomorrow she'd walk up the aisle on her brother Henry's arm as Miss Matilda Hunter, and she's walk down as Mrs Lucas Holden, it's taken a while and a whole lot of drama to get here but finaaly she had and those tears that were falling now were happy tears. She was sat in her living room, the house that had once been her own mms and was now hers, her mum had arrived the night before wth her husband Dr Derick and with her she'd brought Robbie and Tasha with their kids Ella and Graham, also Kit and her husband Kim with there children Barry and Katy. A couple of days earlier Scott had arrived with Hayley and their 3 children, Noah, Timothy and Frankie, they were staying at Irenes with Irene and Tony. It was still strange thinking that this time next month it'll be Irene and Tony's tun to walk up the aisle. They were all sat here now watching the video and as she looked around she saw how happy they all seemed, laughing at the video, the kids were raiding the fridge eating Auntie Matties stash of chocolate, she hadn't hidden very well. She decided to give her self a break from the hype around her and go for a mid morning walk, standing up she whispered to her mum she's be back soon and kissed her on the cheek before slipping out the door.

'Hey there you are, you're mum said you'd come for a walk is everything ok?' Cassie sat down on the bench next to her best friend and kissed her on the cheek. Matilda touched Cassie's ever growing tummy and replied.

'Yeah everythings fine, I'm just thinking about how things have changed in the past ten years or so' she stoopped for a moment and stared out at the sea in front of her ' WE've been through so much Cass and now look, you and Ric have ben married five years this year, and you've got a second baby on the way, Irene's marrying Tony, Sallys the headmistress, Jack and Martha are back together, Leahs dead first husband isn't really dead and now he's her new husband, Dan and Rachel are having a baby, Belles in prison, where she belongs, Barry Hydes up for perole for good behavour, and Mr Stewart has his own fishing and boat show.' She took a deep breath and shook her head in disbelief.

' I know just what you mean, it is different, but it's a good different. The whole bay seems to be happy mattie and i've never ever seen it like this before, the only commotion we have is when Colleen and Madge Wikins make it, and thats getting less and less.' Cassie smiled and patted her belly, dshe couldn't believe it either. Especially her and Ric and it had taken the ever jealous Belle to try and murder him that had made he realise just how strong her feelings actually were.

' So are you ready for tomorrow?' She asked the bride to be, a big grin on her face.

' I am definately, I've been dreaming of this day since the first time we were together and now it's happening. If he's sobered up and not too hungover after tonight. Who books there bucks night for the night before the actual wedding. I'm counting on Ric to keep an eye on him.' She smiled knowing that was not going to happen and knowing full well that it'd be upto Irene and Martha and perhaps Jack to get him up and moving the following morning. After both sitting in silence for a while in thrie own thoughts they said their goodbyes and headed in seperate directions. Mattie wanted to get back to the house before the kids started drawing on the walls and Cassie wanted to make up a welcome pack for the couple arriving to stay in one of the caravans that evening.


' Whoo Hoo Cassie.' Cassie rolled her eyes, that voice could only mean one person, she plastered a smile on her face and turned to see colleen trotting towards her arms flapping.

' Hi Colleen, is everything ok, the door to the vans not sticking again is it, if so I'll get Ric to come down as soon as I get up to the house and relieve him from child siting duties' she smiled at the women hoping it'd pasify her enough and give her time to escape'.

' Oh no the doors absolutely fine, but I could do with some strong arms to help me move my porch furniture across where it is now it gets too much sun and, I know you like the sun Cassie but i'm a bit old to be get sunburn. Anyway thats not what I wanted. As you know tomorrow is young Matilda and Lucas' weddding and I've been invited to the whole day and evening, well, my Lancie was supposed to come and escort me, but nows he's got a really important job and can't really come as that would mean them coping without him and they can't really do that. And he was my lift, I was going to ask Alf, but he's too much of a star to bother with me anymore, so I was hoping the young Ric would be able to give me lift seens as he's going that way and all.' she said in one whole breath. She looked at Cassie a smile.

' Well Colleen as it's only at the warf Ric is going to be walking there but he's going to get ready at Irenes with Lucas, him being one of the best men and all, Drews staying in one of our caravans over night because he's coming down from the city for the wedding, I'm sure he's be happy to walk with you to the wedding I shall ask him when he arrives this evening and let you know. I'll send Ric down to help with the furniture. Bye Colleen, see you at the wedding.' She waddled off before Colleen could say anything else. Colleen Stared at the back of Cassike and thought how diffferet things were in the bay. That naughty boy from years ago Vinny was back, and we all thought he was dead. She tutted, shook her head and walked off towards her beloved caravan, she wanted to make sure it was all clean and tidy if Ric was visiting she was sure he'd stay for some tea and one of her delighful rock cakes she's made earlier. Then she remembered she'd told Madge Wilkins she'd go and visit today and fill her in on everything she'd been missing whilst she's been in hospital to have her bunions removed. She'll pop into the big house in her way pas and tell Ric she'd leave the furniture where is was until after the wedding. As she was picking her keys up from the table infront of the window, her favourite pot to sit and watch was going on in the world, she saw a movement and leaned in closer to the netting to see who it was and stepped back suddenly. She couldn't have just seen that, could she it couldn't be them, no way. Then taking another peek she saw the blonde hair and pink sshoes heading towards the house and knew instantly who it was. Grabbing the keys, she hurried out, well she had to go to the house anyway, perhaps she could find out for sure if she'd seen right.

' Cassie, Ric is anybody in, it's me Colleen, sorry to bother you....' Colleen was looking into an empty living room, she shouted again and heard some noise from upstairs. Ric ran down the stairs two at a tim, the last thing he wanted was for colleen to see their guests it'd be all over the bay in a few hours and he knew they didn't want that.

' Hi Colleen, sorry I was just putting Flynne down for his nap. Cassie told me you needed my help if you give me a few minutes i'll be right there' he said this whilst staring back at the stairs he'd just come down.

' No Ric that's why i've come here, I have to pop out and see Madge Wilkins she's been in the hospital, dreadful business you know, she went in for her bunions and ended up staying for three weeks with some dirty infection or something, between you and me I think the hospital doesn't get cleaned enough That's just between you and me though. Anyway I could have swore I saw somebody ahead of me on the path heading this way, as couple. ' She added hoping Ric might fill her in.

' No Colleen, nobodies called in here yet there is a couple staying in van number 10 but their not due for another few hours, perhaps they were just on a walk and passed the house.' He replied hoping to throw off any scent she had. Just then there was a loud bang from upstairs. Colleen jumped before going forward. Ric just about stopped her.

' It's o.k Colleen cassie's upstairs getting some washing, she's probably just dropped the basket, you get going, madge will be desperate to see her, and to hear all the gossip.' he added with a slight grin on his face.

' Oh Ric, you know me I don't like to gossip at all, are you sure evrythings ok i could just go and check for you.' She tried to look past Ric again. He dodged to that side and repeatd that everything was fine, all the time pushing Colleen further to the door until finally her feet was on the other side of the fresh hold, he sad his goodbyes and shut the door. Giving her a couple of minutes to leave he checked through the window to see she'd gone.

' Coast is clear' he shouted up the stairs. two seconds later Cassie tramped down the stairs, Flynne in her arms followed by their two house guests. It was going to be fun keeping this secret from the bay. He smiled and caught his wifes eys, she smiled to knowing exactly what he was thinking.

'Tea' he said claaping his hands together and heading for the kitchen.

There's the first two chapters.





discuss dedcide. If you like what you've read so far let me know and I'll continue

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'Wake up little brother, the suns shining, the birds are singing, you're getting married, and i've got a day off from catching the big bad criminals of summer bay' Jack said to Lucas and threw open the curtains letting the bright light of the sun shine onto the bed his brother was sleeping, still fully clothed from the evening before. Hearing a groan he turned to see Lucas pull the blankets over his head.

'Oh man, it's too early, let me have another hour at least, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase!' he pleaded to hid older brother, it was alright for him, he was working last night, he didn't drink to much he was in bed at a good hour, that reminded him exactly what time did he get in last night?

'I'm sorry, no can do. Martha and Irene are cooking breakfast, and to quote irene, Jack you go and get lucas and tell his to get his butt down these stairs now or it'll be your flippin butt on the line matey, and I think she meant it.' He pulled the blankets off his brother and sat on the bed beside him. 'Besides, you were asleep before me last night kind of, you see Lucas, I was here and tucked up for half eleven. Than at a little before three I heard the back door fly open and somebody singing at the top of his voice I'm getting married in the morning, which, may i add, is not technically correct, as it already was the morning and all. By the time I got you onto the bed it was about half three.' He smiled seeing his brother brow frown as he remembered the events from the night before. changing the subject he said ' well it's finally here, your big day, and I know this is the kinda chat dad should be having with you, but, I just want to say how proud I am of you, it's taken so much for you to get here Luc, and I know recently me and you have had our ups and downs, but since you realised your feelings for mattie, you've changed for the better, and I guess what I'm trying to say is...... I love you little bro.' he turned to see LUcas sat staring at him.

'God Jack, if I knew you were gonna get all fluffy and emotional I woulda booked into a hotel, or set my alarm to be up before you,' he laughed before getting serious' but, I wanna thank you, that little talk you gave me last year, really hepled Jack, although I'm still trying to get over you giving me a goood whack. I love you too.' with that the two brothers enveloped in a hug, which quickly turned into a slap on the back. Jack got up and left the room, happy that Lucas would follow.

'Good morning Lucas, happy wedding day!' Martha sang to him as she placed a cup of black coffee in front of him and kissed him on the top of the head. ' I can't stay unfortunately, I have to go over to matties and get into my dress, I can't believe you guys asked me to be a bridesmaid.' She said, not even really talking to Lucas.

Lucas grabbed her hand ' Martha I just wanted to say, since I seem to be in a sloppy mood thanks to Jack', he stared at his brother, ' I never really had a sister and it's something I always wanted, but, now I have mac, I've got you and your the bestest sister I coulda ever wished for' another hug followed and Lucas quickly thought he was be seeing alot more hugs before the day was out. He looked up again to see Martha already half way out the door wiping tears from her eyes as she went.

' Ok eat up sunny Jim, you've got a big day ahead of you and it's warm out there already, wouldn't want you fainting on us' Irene patted the top of his head before heading back into the kitchen.

' Knock, knock Bridesmaid number 5 has arrived' Martha said as she entered Matildas very busy living room she scanned it looking for the bride to be.

' Martha, you're here' Matilda screamed running to her and throwing her arms around one of her best friends. ' I'm getting married today, hows Luc, is he really hungover, is he nervous?' Matties nerves were definately getting to her Mac thought.

' Firstly I know you're getting married today, secondly your hair looks amazing, and Lucas is fine, not a sign of a hangover,' she thought that little lie would perhaps calm her nerves. BEEP BEEP. ' perhaps that's the groom himself to reassure you' Martha replied as Matties phone alerted them to a text message. Matilda ran over to where she's laft her phone on charge and picked it up.

Mattie, I just wanted to say I can't wait

to see you in your full glory today.

I can't wait to be your husband.

I love you so much.

p.s don't be too late


Matilda filled up before quickly replying she loved him too and she's see him soon. Then she turned to her bridal party who were all stood quietly taking in her happy expression ' Right lets get this day started' she clapped her hands together walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of champagne. They all cheered and gathered round picking up glasses as they walked.

' Martha, can I borrow you for a minute please?' Cassie asked sheepishly her head popping round the door.

' Is everything ok Cass?' Mattie asked noticing the anguished look on her friends face and starting to feel a bit panicky.

' Everything fine sweetie, just need some help getting into my dress.' She smiled the happiest smile she could at the bride to be, and stepped back laeeting Martha follow her into the room then her face dropped and she whispered ' my dress, it won't fasten it's too tight.' with that the silent tears started to trickle down her cheeks. Martha stared at the heavely pregnant Cassie and took a big gulp, there was only one ting for it, Beth.

She walked back into the living room and over to where Beth was pouring more champagne for Mattie leaning in the tiniest bit she whispered ' I don't wanna panick Matilda so I thought you could sort it out, Cassies dress won't fasten and she kinda lost the plot in there.' Beth looked up, passed Mattie her drink, picked up the shawl she'd bought that went with the bridesmaids dresses and walked calmly over to the other side of the room. With one last check that her daughter wasn't looking, she stepped back into the room and turned to see Cassie in a pile on the floor her face red and blotchy, her hair all over the place and a gaping hole in the side of her dress.

'Right,' she walked over to Cassie pulled her to a standing position lifted her arm and set to work. 'There we are'. She said fifteen minutes later. Martha had joined them and gasped as Beth stepped out of the way, Cassies dress looked perfect, her hair was back into the up do it was in before and her makeup was as perfect, if not better than it had been before.

' Oh my god Beth, you've done so good, I honeslty don't know how you got it to fasten, but wow.' Beth and Cassie shared a knowing smile. Beth wouldn't get to use her shawl after all, but she knew it'd save her daughter panicking.

They walked out to join the others in the living room. The other bridesmaids were also dressed.

' Oh Cassie, you look amazing Mattie said ' I'll be honest with you now, the way you've grew these last few weeks I was worried the dress wouldn't fit you.' Cassie refrained from laughing and joined the othe bridesmaids as they lined up for a photo. Martha, Cassie, KIt, Hayley and Tasha all beamed into the camera and and sat behind the photographer Mattie let a smile form on her face. All her friends were there and she was getting married. Now it was her turn to get dressed.

As the limo pulled up at the walf, the people stood around ran to take their seats on the chairs that had been set up the grass, checking their watches, they were all right, the bride must have been early. They all sat and turned slightly to watch as the bride stepped out of the car. The door opened and they all held their breath, and out stepped......... Alf Stewart, and his two minders. They all sighe and stood back up. Colleen rolled her eyes, what did he look like? standing there with his two minders, sunglasses nearly as big as his face and a black leather jacket, what ever happened to the Mr Stewart that was normal she thought. before dordling off reckoning she had just enough time to get her mobile out and give Madge a quick call and tell about the tv star guest.

The time had come, the music started and everyone stood. Lucas shook his dad, Jacks and Rics hand before stepping forward ' Have you got the rings?' he asked Jack for the fifty thousandth time.

' Yes Lucas I have got the rings.' He chuckled and shook his head glancing at Ric who was also chuckling away. Ric and Jack turned to see their own ladies step out of the car, first Cassie, who Ric noticed looked possitly blooming, the Martha, whom Jack smiled broadly at and gave a little wink. As each of the bridesmaids stepped out the nerves Lucas felt got more and more. THen when he saw Bth stepping out, he turned knowing his bride was next and he'd been told he couldn't look at her until she joined him at the top of their make shift aisle.

He turned as his brided reached him holding both her mums hand and Henry's arm she gave him what he thought was the most beautiful smile of all time. He looked down to take in the whole effect and saw that she had a straight gown with lots of crystal details which made her look even more beutiful and she had her hair the way he liked, swept to the side in a chignon. She really did look like a princess, and she was his princess...

' Welcome, on this wonderful day to the wedding of Lucas and Matilda. Before we begin, by law I am bound to ask, if anyone knows of any reasons these two people ma not be married please speak nor, or forever hold their peace.' every body froze nobody wanting to jinx this special moment, as the wedding official wnet to continue they heard somebody shouting for them to wait and there was a small commotion at the back, matilda and Luc both looked at each other before turning to see who the person was trying to stop their wedding.




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Here we go again.


Mattie and Lucas stared at the person stood in the aisle, the person out of breath stared back. Beth stood and moved into the aisle.

'Colleen, why the hell are you stopping this wedding?' everyone glared wondering why the old women had shouted wait.

'I wasn't, i wasn't' she took a long breath ' I was on the phone to Madge Wilkins whilst I was waiting for yound Matilda to arrive, but didn't see her, you look wonderful by the way, and when I turned and saw her stood at the top of the aisle I shouted wait because I didn't want to miss a thing.' With that she pushed past Drew and plonked down oin the seat she'd saved earlier with her cardigan. There was a huge sigh of relief.

'Please continue' Mattie said the wedding official and turned to smile at Luca. That was close call she thought it was him tring to spoil it. She was wishing at that point that she'd old Lucas everything.

Twenty minutes later the official announced them to be husband and wife and a round of applause went up around the warf.

Ric smiled at Cassie who smiled back they both scanned the horizen hoping their surprise would be here any minute.

Brad leaned closer into Sally as they watched the happy couple have their pictures taken ' I was thinking Sal, watching these two tie the knot it's made me realise that perhaps it's time we did it, you know get wed. We're living together, Pippa calls me dad, there's nothing more left for us to look forward to apart from geting married' he smiled down at Sally and kissed ther head. He loved her so much and even though they'd decided Pippa was enough for them he wanted to be fully commited to Sal in every other way. He watched Sally turn away and wondered if perhaps he'd said the wrong thing. Before she had chance to answer him, Colleen walked over and started talking about how beautiful the wedding had been.

'Oh Sal wasn't it wonderful, and reading their own vows was so romantic. When Lucas mentioned the glint in Matildas eyes that symbolised the light of his life, oh sal if i wasn't me I'd be crying.' Colleen dabbed a tissue at her eyes. 'I must go Sal I have to ring Madge back.' And she waltzed off. Sally not wanting to be left alone with Brad right at that moment, started over to see Alf, she rarely got to see him any more and she missed him.

'Mr Stewart, hey, how are you?' she went to hug the gentle old man but insteaed of hugging her back he moved to the side and let his minder push her back away. 'oh o.k how olng are you in the area for?' she asked him hoping he'd be around for a while. Since he's bought Amanda's old mansion and had all the secuity features fitted he hardly left it and if he did it was to go to work or some celebrity party somewhere. She'd only saw him one of her magazines this morning posing with Leyton Hewitt and his wife Bec Layton. It looked as if though he'd known them all his life.

As the party headed towards the surf club where their reception was to be held. Mattie and Lucas were left baffled when Cassie and Ric stopped them. behind the couple were Beth and Irene with the rest of the bridesmaids and tony and Scott and Robbie and Henry.

'What's goign on you guys?' Lucas asked getting worried.

'Well' Cassie started ' we know siknce you guys recently bought Beths house and paid for the wedding yourselves you decided you couldn't afford a honeymoon, but since you've been so good to all of us, we decided you need a few days away so......' she pointed out to the horizen where just coming into view was a cruiser which was decorated with wedding ribbon.

'Oh my god, you guys shouldn't have' Mattie said wrapping her arms round her neew husband.

'The baoat has a double bedroom and bathroom plus a living area and two full time members of staff. And it's yours for 5 whole day. And don't worry I took the liberty of booking the days off work for you' She put her hand on Mattie shoulder.

'It's going to dock here until after the reception then it'll take you where ever you want to go' Ric said getting desperate for a drink. ' Can we go and join the other guests now please i'm dying for a drink.' He took Cassies hand and they all headed to the reception. leaving Hayley and Scott behind. SCott wrapped his arms around hayley.

' I don't think we should tell them Scott. They all seem so happy and it'd be a shame to spoil it at least for a couple of days anyway. Your mum's going to be staying in the bay for another week anyway so we'll have time.' Hayley said letting a tear fall down her cheek and onto her bridesmaid dress.

'Scott turned her to look into her eyes ' if your sure thats what you want, that's fine by me' he kissed her on her nose ' when ever your ready. He knew everyone deserved to know but it was up to Hayley and he knew that. They walked to be with the rest of the guests.

' Hey grandad' Ric said walking over, dodging hes grandfathers minders ' I was wondering if you could come rouhnd to ours before you go back up to the mansion we have something to show you.' Ric said coyley and looked at his grandfather.

' Why can't you just tell me Ric, you know I have lots of things to do and i can't really be papped in a caravan park.' he said checking his finger nails for imaginary dirt.

' But grandad this really is important grandad, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't' Ric pleaded one last time knowing it was important that his grandad was there.

' I'll try Ric ok, i'm not promising anything Ric I need to be seen in the right places'. His grandad said and then moved off.

' LAdies and gentlemen can I have you attention please.' Jack said over the mic, ' I just wanted to thank you very much for coming today and celebrating this wonderful day. As you all know Lucas is my little brother and hearing him today saying his wedding vows was an emotioal time for us. Matilda welcome officially to the family and thank you, thankyou for taking out brother away it's about blummin time. MATTIE AND LUCAS, he said raising his champagne glass.

'MATTIE AND LUCAS!' everyone else raised theirs.

'ladies and gentlemen if you could all make space it's time for the bride and grooms first dance' DJ Drew announced.

Mattie and Lucas made there way to the dance floor and took each other in arms. as their song started up. 'you ook wonderful tonight' the singer sang. What a wonderful day it had been.

As the couple danced Drew sood behind the djs table watching Lucas turn his wife round and saw the look they were sharing. if only she was sharing that look with me he thought.

' you're not over your little crush on Mattie are you?' Leah asked him, seeing the look on his face. Even though her and Dan had divorced she'd still stayed in touch with Drew and felt very protective of him. Vinny came up behind her and whispered ' Come dance with me Mrs Patterson.' she shot Drew a look, he nodded and she let Vinny lead her away. Mattie know how he felt andasked him to leave her alone. why couldn't he shift those dreadful feelings?




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As Alfs limo pulled up in front of the caravan park house he notices there is a few cars already parked there and that there are lights on all around the house, wondering what is going on he orders his minder to ope the door. As the door opens he hears sound of laughter fron the house. oh, he thinks, thats all he needs those people.

'hey grandad come in' Ric smiles glad his grandad could be there ' we're only waiting for Morag now. she phoned she'll be here in about five minutes'.

'What is this all about Ric? he asked scanning the room. IN front of him were Sally and Brad, Vinny and Leah, Irene and Tony. He glared at his grandson, this had better be good he thought. Just then there was a knock at the door.

'Hi Morag come in, you missed an amazing wedding' he said kissing his great aunt on the cheek.

'Well Ric when your best soliciter is the one getting married someone has to cover for her' she said thinking how lucky she was Matilda agreed to work for her. She also looked around her ' hello alfred do you have any ideas why thayt grandson of yours has made me travel all the ay from the city?' she asked her brother knowng very well she wouldn't get much of a responce.

'Ok everyone can I have your attention. I know you're all wondering why we've asked you to be here today especially after sunch a long day.' he added with a slight smile. 'I had a phone call just over two weeks ago from somebody who I believe you all know, this person rang to see if we could put him and his wife up for a few days until they could sort something out, omething more permanently. They asked me not to mention anything as the reason they have come back to the bay is quite a personal reason and they wanted to prepare for a way of telling you all. They arrived yesterday and staued low key as theydidn't want to take any wowness from Mattie and Lucas. anyway I think i'll leave the rest for them to explain themselves. You can come in now.' Ric added popping his head through the door.

They all stared in disbelief, they couldn't believe who was stood in front of them. Sally stood up and walked over wrapping her arms around him, he had always been uch an important person in her life and now he was back stood in front of her. 'I missed you' she whipsered, a tear forming in her eyes.

'I missed you too Sally. I'm sorry I've not been around when you needed me.' He replied staring round at everyone else 'I missed you all, even you Vinny.'

Alf stared at him still in disbelief. ' Is this what you made me come from the mansion for' He looked at Ric.

'Yes grandad, I did. I thought you'd want to bere.' Ric answered back through clenched teeth his grandad had turned into a right snotty nosed person. Cassie came and put her arm on Rics shoulder to calm him down.

'Hello Alfred, nice to see you again mate. Ric here tells me your a big star here now I can't wait to see one of your shows' the mystery guest shook Alfs hand.

After numerous hellos they explained they were back here after some problems where they were lving and have decided to see out heir life here in the bay. After all without the bay they wouldn't have gotten together in the first place. It was eleven o clock that night before everyone left.

'I can't believe it Leah' Vinny said 'Flathead and Marilyn back together, married and moving back here, I never thought i'd see the day.' Leah nodded, started up the car and set off on the drive home thinking how much the bay had changed recently. It's such a strange time at the minute, people are coming back, paople are getting married and Vinny was back. she till couldn't believe it. Everyone was happy in the bay, she'd never ever seen it like that before.


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Sally tiptoed down stairs, checking no body was behind her, the last thing she wanted was for Brad to follow her. The comments he'd made earlier at MAtilda and Lucas' wedding was quite unexpected and she didn't know how to take it or what to do. In fact all the events of the day had been strange. She'd woken up this morning to find a letter from Flynnes brother, something she hadn't had in a long time, asking her to telephone them as soon as she had time. Then the whole wedding had been so romantic and seeing all the old faces there was amazing. Then to get to the caravan park house, her old house, and seeing Don Fisher and Marilyn there was strange. She'd spoken to mr Fisher two months ago when she'd gotten the principles job, he was so happy for her and come to think of it when she'd asked him how things were going in england he sounded a bit strange and now here he was back in the bay. She made her self a cup of milo and settled onto the couch. She decided watching some late night tv might stop all these thoughts running around her head. She turned on the TV low and walked over to the other side of the room to collect a blanket she kept in the coat room. She stopped suddenly hearing a voice on the

TV a voice she seemed to recognise.

'You know Sal, you should have said yes to Brad. It's been a long time since I left you now and I can see how much you love him.' She couldn't believe what she was hearing or seeing as she approached the TV there was Flynne sat on the beach like she always thought of him, the gentle breeze on his hair, the smile, even after nearly eleven years still as she remembered it. ' I know what your thinking this can't be him, he's dare I say the word dead, but I needed o give you this message Sal. I needed to tell you I was ok with you and Brad. He seems like such a great man and from what Emily has told me he is. I know how much he loves you and Pippa and how much he cares for you. He must be special Cassie asked him to walk her down the aisle. I've seen it all Sal and I know how much he's made your life better an I really do appreciate that. AT the end of the day it's your decision but i'm ok.' He smiled at the screen as sally sat down on the settee still unable to take her eyes off him.

' BUt I still love you to Flynne I can't not be Saunders anymore.' She said so quietly it was hard to hear.

' I'm glad to hear that Sal, but you can't live in the past you know that I remember you saying something to that effect to Cassie after I'd first left you all.' he looked at her.

She longed for him to step out of the screen and wrap his arms around her, tell her everythings going to be ok.

' Everythings going to be ok Sal I can promise you that. Think about how happy it'd make you think about how hapy I know it'd make Pippa and Cassie and Ric. I have to go Sal but I just want to say. I love you and always will but I love you more for being the brave women you are and for being able to get on with your life so stop worryijng about the past and enjoy the future. Remember Sal you'll never know when it'll end.' He blew a kiss out of the screen and suddenly the old black and white movie that should have been on was back. Sally sat her head in her hands sobbing. Not neccesarily sad crying, but tears of confusion. she let Flynnes words filter though her her 'you can't live in the past' was the one she was hearing the most. She sat thinking. All of a sudden she knew the answer she'd been looking for. Emptying her cup of now cold milo into the sink she turned off the tv and crept upto bed. Suddenly feeling really tired.

The next morning she woke and rolled over to find Brads side of the bed empty. She crept out of her own side and padded down the stairs. She found the note on the coffee table.

Sal, I've gone for a walk. Feel like I need to clear my head. I just wanted you to know that I do still love you so so much and what evers going on in your head at the moment I'll understand you not wanting what I said. Pippa if you're reading this stop being so nosey and do your wonderful mum breakfast in bed.xxxxxxxxxBRADxxxxxxxSally quickly got dressed she knew where he'd be and she wanted to talk to him. leaving Pippa a note she left the house.

'Hey you I thought I'd find you here' Sally said walking upto Brad who sat at Stewarts point watching the still sea and the sunrising. She put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on his head.'Look Brad I'm sorry for the way I acted yesterday I wasn't expecting what you said and I know I should have been more open with you. But when I was watching the wedding Flynne crossed my mind and then you were asked me that and it all got on top of me.' She took a breath and just as she was about to carry on Brad spoke, his voice groggy and unsteady as if he'd been crying.

'I know Sal I was thinking about Emily during the wedding and I understand you could never love me more than you loved Flynne. After all you were married to him a whole lot longer than I was married to Emily and you spent a whole lot more time with him. I understand if you never want to marry me. It's hard i'l admit but I understand.' the tears were now streaming down his face. Sally turned his face to look at him, she kissed on the tip of his nose.

' Brad, that's not it. I came here because I had a weird 'thing' last night. But I don't wanna go into it and made me realise that I do love you wso much. And you know i'm always going to love Flynne like you will always love EMily. What I'm trying to say Brad is if the offers still open. I do want to marry you and I want to be happy with you.' she smileds Brad stood up, lifted her into his arms and kissed her a smile on his face the whole time. There'sone condition though. She bit her lip knowing this conditoion could be hard to accept. I want to keep saunders. I want to be Sally Saunder Armstrong.' she lloked at him hoping.Brad smiled and held her even more closer.

'Of course I wouldn't expect anything else.' They spnt the next hour watching the sun rise and sea around them.

They watched a boat bobbing on the water Brad metioning how small it looked all the way where they were sitting. Sally half asleep nodded her head and let out a sigh she'd not been this happy in ages.

On the eck of that boat also watching the sunset was a happpy newly married couple oblivious to the goings on back home.

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' I can't believe i've woken up this morning Mrs Holden' Mattied smiled again, saying the same thing for about the fifth time. Lucas smiled and planted a kiss on the top of his new wifes head. They were wraped in each others arms watching the sun rise.' Can you believe they did his for us Luc, I can't oh my god I'm so excited.' Mattie babbled on. She stood up from LUcas' arms and turned to stare at the bay. They'd travelled out of the bay that morning and anchored up to watch the sun rise. From her vantage point Mattie could see the whole of the bay. She could see the top of stewarts point and also the wharf where they were married the day before, and she thought she could just about make out a couple walking hand in hand on that exact wharf. She smiled to her self hoping that the wharf would bring as much happiness to that couple as it had to her. That's where her and Luc had finally gotten together and where Luc proposed to her. And now it's where Luc and her got married. She smiled again and went back over to join her husband. Who ever that couple were she hoped they were as happy as she was at that very moment.

Hayley wiped a tear from her face, her and Scott had stopped walking along the wharf and leant against the barrier at the edge of the bay. They watched Mattie and Luc's boat bobbing bout on the water. It looked tiny from where they were stood, but they that the two people on that boat were possibly the happiest people alive at the moment and they were both thinking how much they deserved it.

' Hey' Scott said, taking Hayley into a bear hug ' It's going to be ok Hayley I'm going to make sure and once we've told my mum and Irene and they can help we'll get this sorted in no time OK' he took hold of her face and looked her in the eyes 'OK?' He repeated his question.

'No Scott it's not, I don't think I want to tell Irene and Beth, they are special people to us Scott Irenes loike a mum to me, you know that. But, I can see how happy everyone seems Scott and I don't wanna come waltzing in here turning evryones life around and making them sad again. The top and bottom of it is Scott, I'm dying, I don't want them mollycoddleing me I don't want them grieving for me before they have to. I wan them to stay as happy as they can for as long as they can. I can the happiness there is in this bay now scott and I have never seen it like this before, ever. There she'd said her piece. She only hoped Scott could understand where she was coming from. He nodded and wrapped his arms around her. She leant back into his shoulder. If she could spent her last few months like this she'd die really happy. As she glanced to her side she saw a couple walking along the beach hand in hand. They were too far away to see who they were. She hoped they were happy.

Marilyn and Donald walked hand in hand down the beach stopping every now and again to take in the view. They'd both missed it so much and in a way were happy to be back.

' This is what I wanted Don, thank you for agreeing to come back here. it's the place I feel like I need to be. through everything thats happened summer bay has always been here' she pointed to her heart. Don knew how hard it must have been for marilyn. seven months ago she was marriewd to a wealthy man, who loved her dearly and when he'd passed away she turned to Don for support feeling like he'd know what she was going through. And he sometimes felt guiolty on both Harry, Marilyns husband, and June. They'd both only been dead a few months when they decided to get married, but deep down they both knew it was what they wanted. And they were happy and they were both excited to be back in the bay and see what had changed.

' I know your happy Marilyn I can see it in you eyes and in your smile. What ever makes you happy, makes me happy. LIsten wil you be ok on your own for a few hours tomorrow it's just that Sally has asked me if i'd like to look around the school and see how it's changed. I'd love to do that as I'm sure you know.' He crossed his fingers hoping she'd say yes.

'Of course you can. Besides I'm going to have breakfast with Irene and have a proper catch up. You never know Colleen will probably filll me on the last decade of gossip.' They stopped and laughed again. Marilyn looked up to the surf club and watched with a smile on her face when she two people, their backs to the beach holding hands and walking towards the diner. I hope they're as happy as I really do fee today she thought to herself.


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Leah and Vinny walked towards the diner arms around each other. Still sleepy from the busy day before but happy, really happy.

' You know you don't have to walk me to work everyday Vinny. I like it don't get me wrong, but it's early for you, you could still be in bed.' She looked up at her new husband and smiled. She couldn't believe this time six months ago to her he was still dead and now here they were remarried and a family again. She still had that letter, the one she'd recieved from him telling her everything. It was hidden underneath her shoe boxes in the wardrobe, too precious to throw away.

' I know babes' Vinny replied ' but I like it, besides it's the only real time we can spend just being together' He kissed her on the cheek. There's no doubt about it. He had grown up a hell of a lot, but he was still Vinny. ' So what do you say we ditchthe kitchen tonight, you me and VJ head to the sands resort. They're food is apparently gorgeous and I'd like us to have family time. I know VJ's at that age where he doesn't wanna spend time with the old folks but hey, it'll be fun. WE could always bribe him' he added cheekily. Noticing his wife wasn't really paying attention he followed where she was looking and spotted what she had saw. Walking along the road, was one lonely figure, a figure he already knew. 'He'll be ok you know Leah.' he took her hand.

' I know he will. And I know he doesn't wanna talk about it. But, well Vin I want him to be as happy as what we are. I hope he could be happy as we are.' They walked upto the door of the diner and let themselves in. BUsiness was open as usual.

Drew had spotted Vinny and Leah a while ago and had decided to jold back a little while, not wanting to speak to any. He wanted to be lost in his own thoughts. 'Just leave it Drew, there's nothing going on with us and never will be. I love Lucas. You know that. Look just leave me Drew, alls you are is a friend thats all. Matties words were repeating over and over again in his head. How could he have been so stupid. Why did he have to open his mouth so soon before the wedding. He couldn't believe he DJ'd at their wedding. But he coulnd't expactly say no with a week to go. Mattie hadn't spoken to him the whole day. Even when Luc came over to speak to him and thank him. She'd stayed away.He had to get over those feelings, and the only way he was going to do that was to get out there, be seen and have some fun. He'd have to cut his break in the bay short, the quicker he got back to the city the better. He stopped, ahead of him he saw the family he wished he had. TYhe little one running ahead, daddy running after him and mummy wobbling up the behind. Patting her swollen tummy, laughing a the scene in front of her. God he hoped he was as happy as them sometime.

Cassie laughed as her husband and son ran ahead, little Flynn with a big smile on his face, Ric with an even bigger smile. He was so good at being a dad.

' mummy look, there's aunty Pip.' Flynne saw Pippa walking along the front of the sand and ran to join his auntie.

' Hey little man, wow your getting heavy' she said lifting little boy up ' Her Cass, hey Ric. She kissed the two on their cheeks, putting her hand on Cassies tummy as she went. Cassie thought how old Pippa was for her age. She couldn't believe how grown up she was.

' Hey sweetie, what are you doing round it here at this time?' she asked Pippa.

' Well, I woke up this morning to find a note off mum telling me her and Brad Dad had gone for a walk and I had to sort my own breakfast out, so i am doing.' She pointed to the diner.

' Your in luck miss Saunders' Cassie said slipping her arm throunh pippas. ' We're doing the same thing. Come on and join us. If i smile nicely enough at Ric, he'll shout yours aswell.' They laughed and headed to join the boys ahead of them. God, Pippa thought, I hope I'm as happy as Ric and Cassie are someday. She sighed.

As they stepped into the diner, they noticed Donald, Marilyn, Hayley, Scott and Vinny already sat down. They smiled and joined them. Drew followed and shortly after them were Sally and Brad looking undecidedly happy, Pippa thought.

' Hey guys' Sal said. She kissed her daughter on he cheek and lent over to pat Cassie's tummy ' the that grandchild of mine not ready to pop out and greet me yet' she smiled at her. After big fry ups all around. THey all started filtering out ready to start the day properly. Before Cassie and Ric left Sally stopped them.

' hey guys, if you don't have any plans for tonight, do you want to come round for dinner, Brads cooking. And you and Leah too Vinny' Sally added. They all agreed and went their seperate ways arranging to meet at half 7 in sallys house.

Sally and Brad stayed for some coffee, Pippa went off to swim and Casssie took her two home for a nap as she put it she had two kids already, not one.

' So you two congratulations' Vinny said smiling broadly. Sally and brad smiled back. They should have realised Vinny would guess.




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'Good morning you, I got pancakes' Martha kissed the love of her life on the cheek.

' Well I hope you've been taught to make them, as the last time I ate your pancakes they tasted like paper' Jack smiled at Martha.

' Ha Ha, very funny. I'll let you in on a secret, I went to the diner and get Irene to make me them, and I also got her to whip me up a batch of that blueberry sauce thingy you like.' She gave him a sly smile. ' It was pretty busy actually, I thought because everyone was at the wedding yesterdaythey'd all be in bed recovering but everyone was there.' she dipped her fingers into the sauce and put it to her mouth, pulling a face ' oh Jack how can you eat that? It's horrible.' Jack laughed everyone always said he had a funny pallette. He kissed her on the tip of her nose and leant over to check the time. He still had two hours before he had to be in work. He leant back and started on his pancakes and sauce. Well if they were in front of them he wasn't going to pass it up.

' Hey I waas thinking why don't we go out to dinner tonight I'm only doing a half shift and I think we deserve a night out, I was thinking the sands, I have a mate their that can get me a booking.' Jack propositioned his girl firend hoping she'd say yes.

' Oh I don't know I'd have to check my diary, see that i've no other dates or anything. Martha said quick witted. ' Of course, that'll be really nice and after why don't we go for a walk. It'll be nice.' She hoped Jack will say yes to the walk it'll be the perfect opportunity for what she had planned.

' Yeah ok. Now I need to go shower I want to call in on Robbie and Tash before work because they're on about going back to the city today and I haven't had time to catch up with them.' He got up and headed to the bathroom.

' I think I'll catch a lift and come with you I want to see my godchildren before theey get any bigger and they forget me.' She got up and started cleaning up their breakfast plates.

Half hour later they were pulling up outside Matilda and Lucas' house. THey couldn't believe Beth didn't own it any more. It was nice for Mattie to let them all stay there whilst they were away though. Jack got out of the car and ran round to the other side of the car to open the door for Martha. She got out and kissed him before stepping forward so he could shut the door. THey linked hands and walked towards the house, they hadn't even got to the middle of the front lawn when their two favourite people were running out of the house towards them arms outstretched.

' Auntie Marth, Uncle Jack. Daddy said you were coming, we've been watching for ages where have you been' Ella said as Martha swung the little girl into her arms and kissed her on the cheek. Graham followed suit and jumped upto Jack wrapping his arms round the police mans neck.

' Hey big man, I'm sorry we weren't here earlier Auntie Martha made me eat lots of pancakes and blueberry sauce. She wouldn't take no for an answer.' He said smiling at Martha and reaching over to pull a stray hair from his god daughters eye. They made their way to the house, both children vieing for their attention.

' Mummy, Daddy their here Auntie Martha made uncle Jack eat pancakes and bluebaerry sauce, I think she's a food monster really' Ella said being placed back on the ground and running off to find her nanna Beth. Graham jumped out of Jacks hands and followed his older sister.

' hey you guys' Martha said putting her arms around Tasha and squeezing her tight. She missed her friend and wished she could get to the city to see more of them.

' Hey, we were going to call and check you were still coming, we have some news for you.' Jack and Martha looked at each other intrigued then stared back at Robbie hoping he'd spill some more.

' Well come on Rob, don't keep us in suspense what's the news' Martha was wriggling in her seat waiting to hear the news.

' Ok OK here goes,' he looked at his wife to check it was ok for him to continue, Tasha nodded and smiled at Robbie ' Well, you know how we visited a month ago and you guys thought it was because of a dress fitting. Well that wasn't all.' He stopped. Mrs Hunter would you like to continue.

' Thank you mr Hunter. You guys know how much we miss you and the bay and Irene and everything else. Well whilst we were her I got chatting to Sally and she told me that the house next to hers was up for sale and that the seller wanted a quick sale, so we went to see it put in an offer and it's been accepted, so we're moving back to the bay.' Tasha smiled. Martha screamed, jumped up and ran to her bestest friends wrapping her arms around them.

' Oh my god I was just thinking how it's horrible we don't get to see more of each other. Oh my god when do guys move in? What you going to do about jobs?' She had so many questions. Jack put his hand on Martha's shoulder.

' Calm down Mat=rtha give them a chance. It's great news man, he said shaking Robbies hand and winking at Tasha.

' WEll we're moving in next week which is why we're going back to the city today, we gotta pack. And as for jobs. Tash'a taken the school secretary job and I've got a job at the sands as employye manager. Which basically means I'll be doing the hiring and firing, plus rotas and alll the other boring stuff. But it pays well and it'll be good hours too.' There he answered all Marthas questions.

' OK so you've figured it all out. What about the kids and your mum Rob how do they all feel?' It was Jacks turn to fire off some questions.

' Well mums fine with it. Her and Derick are thinking of moving closer to the bay anyway and the kids are really happy about it. Ella can't wait to tell all her friends she's going to live by the sea. Her and Graham are going to stay here with mum whilst we get all packed up then they'll come to the city for one last day and night in the apartment Ella can see her friends.' God he had answers for everything. ' Which is another reason we wanted to speak to you both, mum is going to have to come upto the city the day after tomorrow as she has an appointment she has to keep and Derick went back this morning so she wants to see him. We were wondering if perhaps you could have the kids that day and also over night. You can stay here so you don't have to mess about moving all the kiddy stuff about but it'd be a great help.' That was the bit he'd been dreading asking.

' Oh my god of course we will. I've got another week off work anyway and even if Jacks working it'll be fun for me to spend some time with them' Martha didn't even give it a second thought. Her and Jack had been upto the city a couple of times to babysit whilst Tasha and Robbie went out and they loved it.

' Actually i'm off that day because I'm doing the night shift the following day so why don't we make a day of it. Take the kids to the beach, have tea out. That sort of thing.' Jack said almost as excited as Marha abou the idea.

' They'd love that. Thanks you guys, it means alot and as soon as we're in the new house we are having you guys over to dinner.' Robbie said.

' Oh guys I'm sorry to love you and leave you but i gotta get to work, Martha do you want a lift to the flat?' Jack said annoyed at not having more time to spend with his friend.

' Yes please I'm going to find out the beach toys and I also want to ring mum in new york tell her all about the last few days.' Martha got up and enveloped them again. She was so happy she was going to have her two best friends back.

' Bye kids' The two shouted as they headed for the car.

What a great day, not only was Martha going to ask Jack to move into the flat with her. Tasha was moving back to the bay and she was going to get her godkids back. She smiled. Kissed Jack and got out of the car stopping to wave before heading upto the flat.

What a great day Jack thought not only was he going to ask Martha if they could live together again but his bestest friend was coming back to the bay and he was going to get his godkids back.

He stopped in a lay by and sent a quick text to martha.

Hey you. Don't forget about tonight

will pick you at 7.15

be ready.

love you loads


He felt brilliant. And he hoped everybody else in the bay was as happy as he was right now.

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' Hey guys, welcome/' Sally pecked Vinny on the cheek and hugged Leah. ' The dinners been moved outside and Brads decided to cook or should I say burn the food on the barby' Sally said taking the proffered bottole of wine from Leah ' Thank you, you didn't have to Vinny theirs cold beers in the fridge. VJ there's cold pop in the fridge' she smiled at one of her favourite students. NOt only was he bright but he had the ability to calm any situation as she'd found out on the last day of school two weeks ago. She'd heard some shouting from the quad and had gone to investigate, there were two of her year 9 students arguing. VJ walked up whistled and talked quietly to the lads who had shook hands and gone their seperate ways. Sally didn't say anything to VJ but she was sure to add it to his file, when she went in to show Donald around on monday.

' Hey Brad, my man. Sal says your trying to burn the food. And as much as I personally don't mind cremated shrimp i don't think the ladies would so what would you say to some help from a professional?' He raised his beer bottle as Brad stepped aside. Oh well at least he could sit and enjoy his beer without worrying about burgers. He watches as Sal busied herself with a salad and Leah set the table. Cassie was sat on a chair with her feet up on Rics knees wathcing little Flynne who was sat coloring with Pippa. Pippa was so grown up for her age and everytime he saw her he couldn't help feeling a little pride in the young women he knew as his daughter. They'd had some roiugh times, but Pippa had nearly always called him dad and had always been open and honest with him. He knew, or at least he hoped she was going to be happy about the wedding.

'Foods ready' Vinny yelled banging the serving spoon against his beer bottle. With that everyone moved to sit round the table halping themselves to salad and the food Vinny had placed in the middle. Sally couldn't halp smiling it was just the way she would have wanted it her nearest and searest there with her. She'd hoped mr stewart would have been there but he'd laft her a message saying he had already been invited to a new movie screening in the city and apparently the inviter had come personally from Nicole Kidman and he couldn't turn it down. She still couldn't believe how much he'd changed, no correction, how far his feeet had lifted from the ground. She hardly knew him any more and if she did want to catch up with him she just had to pick up a glossy magazine he'd be in there somewhere. Last week she'd seen a picture of him at some charity event or othe cosying up to layton Hewitt and Becca Layton like he was part of the family. I bet that was the first time he'd even met them she scowled.

' Sal is everything ok, you're scowling' Cassie looked over with a concerned face at her mother.

' Yes sorry I was just thinking how nice it was to have all the people I love dearly here with me that's all.' She looked over at Brad and raised her eyebrows, she knew now was the right time. She nodded for him to continue.

' Me and Sal kinda brought you here today for another reason then just a family dinner. We have some news,' he stopped to take in the faces of their guestes, taking Sally's hand he continued ' Whilst at the wedding yesterday I realised just how much Sally means to me and how much I love her. So whilst we were out for a walk I asked her to be my wife and she's said yes.' He smiled broadly at every one.

The next couple of minutes were filled with hugs and sounds of congratulations. They turned nealry at the same time realising they'd not seen Pippa. They all stopped and stared at her. She was crying and staring at them.

' How could you mum. Your taking over the memory of dad, and I mean my real one, how could you?' and with that last statement still ringing in the air she took off throught the house and out into the road.

Everybody stood stock still wondering what had gone on, none of them expecting Pippa to act like that. Sally shook her head and went tofollow her only to feel a hand on her arm.

' Mum I'll go.' It was Cassie, and before she could reply Cassie had left following the route they'd just watched Pippa go. She sat back down and put her head in her hands. Brad was by her side in a second his hand round Sal's shoulders.

' Sal it'll be ok she's just shocked.' Leah added before standing and starting to clear away the pots. Not knowing what else to do.

' I knew you'd be here' Cassie walked upto the person she had always concidered her sister and placed her hand on her arm. She'd found Pippa at the beach in the exact spot Sal had spread Flynnes ashes all those years ago. There was a plack on line with this spot at the top of the beach and she knew Sally had brought Pip down here many a time. ' want to talk about it?' she said putting a protective hand on her bu,p. She could have sworn she'd felt tightenings on her way here but it wassn't the time or the place.

' I've been thinking about my real dad a lot lately Cass, I never really got to know him but with everything I've been told about him, I feel like he's a hero and then I go home and see Brad sat in what should be his place, with his arm round my ad's wife and it kills me. Why did it have to happen to him. Why couldn't I get to know him?' She was still crying. Cassie wasn't sure how to answer so decided to avoid an actual answer.

' Do you know when mum and Flynne, sorry, dad first took me in I was in a state and although I was always closer to her I felt this amazing bond with dad and just like the way you feel at the moment I felt like he was a super hero and I loved him so much for being like that. When he died I resented him so much for leaving me, for hurting mum and most of all for not letting you get to know him more. But then as the times gone I've realised he's still the super hero he always was. And I miss him like hell every day. When Sal and Brad first started actually dating I was happy for them in a way but I felt like mum was wiping out his memory and it killed. The I heard her talking to the normal mr stewart' she said this last line with a mock to her voice which made Pip smile ' she was saying how guilty she was for having feelings for someone other than Dad and Mr Stewart said something that made me realise how good this was for her, he said, Sal if you really do see Flynne as your super hero, then do you think that super hero would want to see you stook in a horrid world full of saddness and grieving.' she mocked Mr Stewart. Pippa laughed a little.' I guess to think of mum marrying someone else is strange but Pip it's been a long time and it's never really bothered you living with him. So alls you've got to think is they're just adding another piece of paper to their paper work and throwing a party. I know for a fact dad will be happy for her and Brad. He was that kind of person Pip and I think if he saw you like this because of him it'd devastate him, just like you've just devastated Mum and Brad. I know your still a teenager Pip but I thought you were more grown up. Just think about hey?' Cassie asked her.

' I know i'm just being selfish but I'm scared mum will forget dad and stop telling me stories, I've heard eberyone over and over again but I love listening to them it makes me feel like I was more a part of his life. she wiped the tears from her eys. She really was happy for her mum adn Brad but it felt wrong to be happy.

' Why don't you come to mine tomorrow. When I found out dad was not going to be here much longer and especially after, well you know what after. I started to write things down. I wanted to have something to keep on why I saw him as such a great person. At home I have a Book with little stories about dad, you know things i remembered like comments he'd made, funny things he'd done, how he'd helped people. When ever i'm feeling down or thinking of him I go and get the book from in the blanket box and sit and read it. perhaps you could have a look through it and if theirs any story that mums told you thats not in their perhaps you could add it. there's just a few pages left. Perhaps you could do it with mum.' Cassie hoped this would help. She was happy when Pip turned to her and smiled.

' You're right Cas, yet again. Mum could never ever forget dad. And I know thye love she has for Brad is different to Dad so I guess if you think dad would be happy then so can I. Anyway it'll be an excuse to get dressed up and have a good boogie' She smiled at Cassie and cassie laughed back. They put their arms around one another and stod there watching out to sea.

' Ouch, Pippa have you got your phone on you?' Cassie asked holding her tummy.

' Yeah, as always why?' Pippa asked taking it out of her pocket.

' I don't want you to panick but my waters have just broke. I want you to ring me an ambulance and the ring and tell Ric to come. Tell him to leave Flynn with Leah and Vinny and for him to bring Mum and Brad with him ok.' She sat down and let out another huge yelp.




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' Scott, what are you doing here? Irene said on the phone before you and Hayley were going out to the sands for a meal?' Beth asked her son, suddenly concerned at the look he had on his face.

' We did' he replied walking into the house and kissing his mum on the cheek. It felt weird being back in the bay. Everyone else was so happy, he wished he could be as happy as them ' we just about managed the main course, Hayley felt unwell so we left earlier than we would have.I dropped her off at Irenes and thought a walk to clear my head would do me good, the next time I looked up I was stood at the drive looking upto this house.' He plonked himself down into the chair and sighed the biggest sigh Beth had possibly ever heard.

' Is everything ok with you guys? I'm not trying to pry but there's been this weird feeling around you for the last few weeks. And then Irene tells me when you got back from your early morning stroll you both bit Noahs head off about petty little things, she's not trying to stir things. we're both worried for you and we just want to help.' She turned back to scott and saw he was crying into his hands. She went over to join him ' Oh scott, I'm sure what ever it is it'll be ok all marriages have bad points I'm sure you'll sort it out.' She hated seeing her eldest son in such state.

' It's not that mum, I love Hayley more than I ever have and our marriage is just fine. its................' he trailed off, Hayley asked him not to tell anyone. But he felt so heavy and useless he was having trouble coping with waht to do.

' Scott, tell me please. Has she been having an affair? If she has I'll be so dissa.....' she didn't get the rest out scott jumped in.

' NO she's not having an affair mum, she's dying ok she's dying and there's nothing we or anyone can do to stop it.' He broke down completely, fianlly it felt like a weight had been lifted from him.


'Hey Darl' I didn't expect you back for hours, the kids are safely tooked up in their beds fast asleep and I was just gonna put the kettle on. Where's Scott?' Irene asked. She glanced up and noticed Hayley looked pale and also as if she'd been crying. ' Oh Hayley' she said walking up to put her arms around her 'Whats the flamin heck is going on. Both me and Bath have noticed somethings not right. Please, talk to me, what evers happening or happened i'm sure it can sort out. If it's to do with Scott it'll be nothing Darl' it can be sorted' She was trying to comfort Hayley but without having a clue what was going on she didn't know how to.

'It's not Scott Irene honestly, it's me. Please don't say anything just listen to me if i'm going to say this to you i have to do it one scoop. Ok I went to see a doctor a few months ago and it turns out i have a very rare form of cancer and it's so rare that they don't have an actual cure for it, and basically I'm dying. He says I've only got a few months left. There I said it, I'm dying' And with that she collapsed onto the floor in the kitchen. Irene with her and they sat there both sobbing not knowing what to do.

Half hour later irene looked up to see Scott and Beth coming past the window. Scott stood stock still as he saw the scene infrront of him Irene was sat down against the counter, Hayley pressed against her, rubbing her hair, just like he'd watch Hayley do with the kids so many times whan they were ill or they'd hurt them selves. Irene nodded and Scott knew immediately that she had been told. He went over and lifted Hayley into his arms he kissed her lightly on the forehead and went to put her to bed. It was the best place for her. Irene couldn't move she looked up at Beth and let another tear trickle down her face. Beth sunk to the floor at the side of her. Both women lost in their own grief but there for each other aswell. the linked hands and let their rest against one another. They knew once this night was over they'd have to be strong, pull there selves together and be there for that whole family.

' Hey ladies' Tony said coming in from having a beer with Dan ' It's cold on that floor you do know that' He looked back down to see them staring at him their eyes still teary. 'Whats going on?' he asked leaning against the unit.

' It's Hayley Tony, she's dying.There's nothing they can do she's dying' It was Bthe that had answered him and as the words spilled from her mouth the tears were there again as fresh as before. she heard irene start to sob aswell. Tony sat down between them and placed his arms round both of their shoulders. They leant in closer to him, each taking a shoulder. That's where they were to spend the night. And that's where Hayley and Scott found them the next morning.

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