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2 true 1 not true

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May I too?? *shy*

Umm, I'd say #1 is wrong.

@Steve: You didn't do your homework, it says on her profile page that she loves Taekwondo. :)

I do love taekwondo! :wub:

And you guys are both wrong, I can't to a cartwell to save myself! :)

I guess someone else can have a turn now! :D

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1 I'm a really good poker player.

2 I once burnt a sponge pudding to a crisp in the microwave because I read the cooking instructions wrong.

3 I applied for a performing arts course at college, but was turned down because it was up a huge flight of stairs. So I was sented on a theatre makeup course but I was the only guy there The rest were girls.Each of us were given a pink makeup bag, I quickly left after only one day. :lol:

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