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2 true 1 not true

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I don’t know how hard it is to learn Norwegian. It depends on the person who is going to learn. We have a lot of English words, so it would be like learning English if English is your second language. I think...

Okay, so it’s my turn now:

1. I’m better in English than my English teacher

2. I love to wear make-up and dresses and I’m a very girly girl

3. I love TV-shows like C.S.I and when I was younger I wanted to an investigator

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I wouldn't have picked 1 because your English is great. :) So I totally believed that one. When I was 14, I was better in Dutch than my Dutch teacher too. Okay, I've been speaking Dutch since I'm a little girl. But when your teacher doesn't know how to translate simple words like towel, then there's a problem.

Then I just chose 2. :P

Apparently, we've got a lot in common. :) I like watching CSI too. My favourite is CSI: New York. I don't wear make-up, except a little lipgloss for special occasions but I can live without it. I sometimes wear dresses or skirts in the summer but never in the winter.

My turn again.

1. When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher.

2. I hate physics and history.

3. I love gymnastics.

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I actually thought someone would say 1 isn't true first, but okay... thanks for the compliment :)

Okay, now let's try to figure out which one isn't true with my awesome skills in... well, guessing :P Okay, I'm the worst person in the world when it comes to guessing, so I'm probably wrong :lol:

I'm going for 3 isn't true :unsure:

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Okay, my turn :D... I have no idea what to write, so this one will probably be too easy...again :P

1. I have blue eyes with yellow spots in them. For some reason they don’t become green, they are just yellow spots in my blue eyes.

2. The first time I watched The Grudge, when Yoko died, I commented that I thought her jaw (which the grudge had pulled off) would come jumping, but instead, Yoko without a jaw came. My comment made everyone laugh.

3. I smoke, even though I don’t like it. It’s just a nasty habbit I can’t get rid off. My mom and dad are disapointed in me, since none of them smoke. They think it’s ridiculous that I can’t stop, but like I said, it’s a nasty habit, and I have never been any good breaking my habits.

Okay, some of those became a bit long :P

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