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The Diary of a Stalker!

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Topic Title – The diary of a stalker!!

Topic Description – Eve , Tracey and Peter

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: G

Main Characters: TT and Eve

Genre: don’t know

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: no

Summary: Eve starts writing a diary….

Tuesday April 31st 2009:

I’m Eve Jacobsen as most of you probably know, I’m 22 years of age and I’m writing a diary you wont see that everyday because I don’t usually do these sort of things, I’m not that sort of person who writes diaries little kids do that, I’m a stalker I don’t usually have time for that sort of thing, I’m only doing one now because I’m bored no detectives after me, I think they may have given up on me again, maybe now is the time to get more revenge, I might leave it for a couple of days just in case you never know with these fools anymore, they go after you when they want to. Someone’s just knocked at the door god knows who it is I have no friends haven’t had any since I was at school, maybe its Detective Baker, I went to see who it was and it turned out to be Tracey Thompson, my partner in crime and my Accomplice she tells me everything Summer Bay does, she works Peter, only he doesn’t know she works for me, he’ll find out one day, and that’ll be the day he dies.

Wednesday May 1st 2009:

God here’s me saying I don’t do a diary and I’m doing another bit ok I swear this is my last time I ever write in it honest to my dead mothers grave, Tracey just left she stayed with me for the night, I might go to hers for the night tonight I like spending time with her, I love her!! She’s the first person I’ve said that to since Sarah, though she didn’t love me back, she only used me to get out of the institution to get revenge for Felix, but we all know she killed him, she just didn’t want to admit she was high on methainphedameine crazy ***** she was, but I still loved her even if she didn’t love me back anyways enough about her she’s in the past now, Tracey’s her present, she had to keep her mind on her now and forget about Sarah. God I’m getting so bored sitting here on my own, but I choose to live alone, I could go and live with Tracey, but she hasn’t offered yet, I’ll just have to sit here and come up with some more plans for the Bay, she loved terrorising the bay, especially that Colleen Smart, god she annoyed the **** out of me. I decided to turn the radio on, I put Michelle Branch on and decided to listen to Everywhere, I loved that song, I put it on repeat and went and got a drink, should I have a wine or a coke? I decided on a wine, coke was to plain for me right now, I needed the taste of wine, maybe I should call Tracey over for a few drinks then go back to hers? Would she come though, well there’s no point in trying, so I called Tracey and she said yes to a few drinks, I enjoyed her company she was nice to be around she almost makes me forget I’m a stalker sometimes, that’s when she’s in one of her sexy moods, lets not get into that business shall we, unless of course you want to hear it? I’m not going to say anything anyway so why bother telling me you want to hear it huh? Wait a second Tracey’s here I’ll just go and let her in, ok back Tracey brought a couple of bottles of wine, isn’t she nice, she’s wearing this low cut tank top and jeans, oh she looks hot today it just makes me want to get up and kiss her but I wont she might not feel like kissing me or will she? I lean in for a kiss and she kisses me back, oh it feels so good, I break off the kiss and get another wine glass for Tracey, we talk about Peter while we’re sipping on our wines, I tell her not to ruin the night by talking about him, so she changes the subject to Colleen Bloody Smart god knows why she wants to talk about that gossiper for, so I sneakily change the subject to us moving in together, she agrees she said she has always wanted to move in together but she was afraid that I would say no, I told her I would never say no to her, hey anyways I better get going and get ready to go to Tracey’s house, if your lucky I might write in this stupid thing again tomorrow morning, but that’s if I feel like it, I did swear I’d never do one of these things.

Thursday May 2nd 2009:

Hello again, I know I swore I’d never write in this again, but I decided against it, Tracey’s next to me softly snoring away while I’m writing in this thing, she always sleeps in well she does on her days off, like today she has the day off how sweet of Peter to give her the day off, I want to wake her up but I decide not to because she gets grumpy if someone wakes her up, I have a headache from the night before, god knows how much we drank, it must have been a lot for me to have a headache, wonder if Trace feels the same? She finally wakes up, she holds her head in pain, she does feel the same as me, I’m not the only one with a headache, I get up and get her some pain killers and water, aren’t I a sweet stalker ha ha, I hand the painkillers and water over to Trace and jump back on the bed, making Tracey spill her water slightly, Eve she says, I just laugh, then she starts laughing, I better be going now I need to have a shower and get home, write again later.

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Next bit:

Friday May 3rd 2009:

Oh deary me Peter just turned up at my door step, lucky Tracey didn’t come home with me, or he would have had to die then and there, wouldn’t that be sad, how sad to bad, I’m sure the bay will get over it, no one to protect them anymore, they’ll be easier to get revenge on, Peter just told me there could be another stalker in the bay, cant be true I’m the only stalker in this **** of a town, I pushed him out of my house and locked the door, I didn’t want to hear anymore of his ****, he was boring me I nearly fell asleep *yawn* he’s the most boring person in the bay, anyway lets not talk about him or you’ll be falling asleep as well and we don’t want that do we, I might get Peter to meet me in the old abattoir where it all started, he has to be alone or I wont show myself of course, I just sent Peter the email asking him to meet me at the Abattoir, I put my black hoody over my black tank top and put my gun in my sock, just in case I needed it, I’ll write again later have to go and meet Peter.

Saturday may 4th 2009:

I locked Peter in a room, I had him until Jack came the prick, they nearly caught me, well they did catch me, Tracey got me on the stairs, I know she had to do it but it damn well hurt, I’m sitting in a cell right now as I’m writing this, they’re transferring me tomorrow morning to the city Prison, though I wont make it, Trace will get me out, we’ve got it planned, then we’re going to Jack and Martha’s wedding to sabotage that, oh its going to be fun, oh god here comes Peter, what the hell does he want? He wants to know why I’m doing all this ****, I don’t answer him I just stay quiet, he says when I’m in jail he’s going to take a long holiday, ha he isn’t going to be doing that he’ll be dead yippee I cant wait till he dies, he’s a stuffed up bastard , he’s taking me back to my cell now thank god I’d rather be in there than talk to him, Tracey saved me from him, he was getting annoyed because I wouldn’t talk, write tomorrow, I’m going to have a little sleep now need to save my energy.

Sunday May 5th 2009:

Tracey just put me in the prison van, she gave me the saddest look I know she didn’t want to put me in here, but she had no choice she had to, we’re on the way to the city prison now, I see Tracey’s car driving up beside the prison van, she bumps it off the road, making me fall into the other side of the van god it hurt but it was worth it, here comes Tracey now, she gets her gun and shoots both prison guards, they’re dead and they didn’t put up a fight which as good, Tracey unlocks the van door and I jump out, I softly hit her on the arm for making me fall to the other side of the van, she laugh’s then I get into her car and we drive off to the wedding, Summer Bay are in for it now, it’ll teach them for locking me up!!

We enter the church, I tell everyone to stay where they were,, after a little chit chat, I take the gag off Tracey and she says, You really are a fool aren’t you Peter how’d you think I new she was alive to begin with did you ever think to ask yourself?, then I shoot Peter, he falls to the ground, Jack tries to come after me with Fitzy and Rice, I shoot Jack before he reaches me, then run off with Tracey, we got away, Peters dead and we’re alive, no scratches no nothing, will write again tomorrow maybe, see you later.

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Monday May 6th 2009:

I’m living at Tracey’s for now, seen as I cant go back to my place some silly twit set it on fire, I’m telling you if I find out who it was I’ll kill them. I cant believe I’m still writing in this thing, maybe I should stop now seen as Peter’s dead, but then maybe I’ll keep writing in it just for the fun of it, Tracey’s just got home, they fired her down at the station, so now she has no work, silly bastards aren’t they, oh well she still gets money from her mum and dad, aren’t they sweet, I wish I had a mum and dad like her, I don’t have any parents they abandoned me when I was 4 sad ****s they are!! They couldn’t careless where or what I’m doing right now, well I couldn’t careless if they were dead or alive right now, they can go to hell, leaving me like that, jumping from foster home to foster home, anyway lets not talk about my past yeah I might tell you about it one day, but not right now, oh my god the weather is so hot I cant handle it, blah I think I might go and take a cold shower, it might cool me down a bit, write soon!!

Tuesday May 7th 2009:

Well guess who set my house on fire no one other than Drew Curtis, probably getting revenge on me killing his father, what a prick, its pay back now, maybe I’ll leave him for now, or should I send Tracey down to get him? I decided to send Tracey to get him, he needs a good talking to, I wont kill him just yet, I might not even kill him at all but if he continues to destroy my things I’ll have no choice but to kill him, here comes Tracey now, I hear Drew trying to struggle to get away from Tracey, I doubt he’ll get away, I couldn’t when she was sitting on top of me when she caught me! But then I wasn’t trying to struggle ha ha, Tracey pushed Drew in the door and locked it behind her, I started having a go at him, I could see he was crying maybe I should go easy on him? Nah! He just asked me why I killed his father, I told him it was because he killed my Sarah, I needed my revenge for her and now I have it, I’ll stop terrorising the town of Summer Bay, though it’ll get a bit boring, Drew asks if he can leave, I tell him he cant, I ask him why he set my house on fire, he replied that he did it for revenge because I killed his father, I slapped him so hard he fell to the ground, holding his cheek in pain he got back up and ran out the door, he didn’t mean to set my house on fire pfft why do it then, he said it was a reaction to me killing his father how pathetic is he, pfft I’ll write later, I’m going to bed!.

Thursday May 9th 2009:

Yesterday was the first day I haven’t written in this thing gee, I’ll stop one day give it another month! There isn’t much to write about now that Peter’s dead, maybe I’ll tell you about my life now, well when I was 3 years old my Mum and Dad dumped me at the welfare, said they couldn’t handle me anymore, really they could! They just didn’t want a child and I knew they didn’t, well from the welfare I went into about 10 foster homes, they didn’t work out, I drove them all crazy, in the end my grandparents adopted me, at 8 I killed them I couldn’t handle the way they treated me! I’ve never been to school in my life, I don’t want to go I’m to smart for school, anyways after I killed them, I wandered the streets until welfare picked me up again! I refused to go with them but seen as I was only 8 I had to go with them, but I didn’t go easy, I kicked and I screamed all the way back to the welfare place, that’s where I met Tracey Thompson my Accomplice, my life had changed when I met her, though after a year we went different ways, I went to work in a psychiatric hospital and Tracey became a detective little did we know we would meet again, I called her the day Sarah Lewis killed herself, I told her I needed her help to get revenge on Sarah, she agreed to it! that’s my life story, interesting wasn’t it? Oh yeah at 6 I killed one of my foster families rabbits! It annoyed the crap out of me, so I set it on fire, cruel I know, but it had to be done, it wasn’t going to annoy me any longer!! Now lets not talk about my childhood again!! Deal? Deal!!

Tracey just got home from the shop, she saw Jack while she was there, already out of hospital, he must of got his liver then, bugger those people who donated it to him!! Maybe I should go after him now? Nah he had nothing to do with Peter, I’ll let him rest in peace, aren’t I sweet? Really I’m not sweet, I’m a mean evil bitch of a stalker, only person I’m nice to is Tracey, she brings out my nice side, always makes me smile, don’t know what I’d do without her, I’d probably die if she wasn’t here. She bought some wine at the shop so it looks like we’re going to have a nice romantic night at home, how sweet you must think, I think its cute, Tracey’s the romantic type most of the time, I can be romantic sometimes, but its just not my style, never has never will be, write later going to have a wine with Trace =]!!

Friday May 10th 2009:

Woke up at 9:30 to an empty bed, I wonder where Tracey went, I hate waking up to an empty bed, Tracey’s going to get it when she comes back, I decided to text her to see where she’s gotten to,

Trace was wondering where you got to, I woke up and you weren’t here, anyways text back and tell me where you are yeah?

I pushed the send button on my phone and away it went, 10 minutes later I got a reply, saying she was down at the station, they had called her, offering her job back, they must be desperate if they want her back, that means we wont be able to spend much time together, maybe its time I let Tracey go and moved on!! No, no how could I say that, just thinking it makes me want to cry, I couldn’t leave Trace no matter what happened!! We’ll still get to spend time together but not as much as we usually do, I’ll find something to do, I cant call myself a stalker now can I what with Peter and Sally dead, I’ll have to find myself another victim, I’ll go after Tasha maybe, take her to Mumma Rose, what a genius I am!! Write tomorrow, I’m going after Tasha now!!

Saturday May 11th 2009:

It wasn’t hard finding Tasha, she was at Irene’s house, Irene was at work of course, I tied Tasha up and threw her in the car, then rang Mumma Rose to tell her to expect an arrival in the next 10 minutes or so, she sounds very happy with me, anyways we get to the farm, I throw Tasha out of the car, she tries to run but I catch her thankfully I’d hate to get this far and have to kill her, Mumma Rose wont be very happy, her bay dead and all, she’d probably kill me!! Torture me even!! I don’t want to be tortured!!

I drag Tasha over to Mumma Rose, she thanks me and I walk back to my car, Tasha didn’t even try and struggle, isn’t she good, Mumma wants me to get her Matilda next, I don’t want to do that to the poor girl, but I’m evil so I will, but it can wait till next week I’m not doing it right now!! Write in a week or so, I’m going to have a break from this thing.

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Here's the last bit say good bye to Eve =[[ sorry its so short,

Friday May 17 2009:

That was a very long week wasn’t it? It went so slow blah I didn’t do very much in that week, there was nothing much to do, I’ve decided that this is going to be my last entry in here seen as my stalking days are up, Tracey’s getting a transfer to the city, so I’ve decided to go with her and leave the town of Summer Bay in peace, to tell you the truth, I have cancer =o I know sad yes I agree it is sad, I haven’t told Tracey yet, I’ll write her a letter before I commit suicide, I cant live with having cancer, I’d refuse chemo, I’ve seen what you have to go through and I don’t want to go through it!! Anyways I’m going to write that letter for Eve in here:

My dearest Tracey,

I’m writing this letter to tell you some bad news =[, I’ve got cancer and don’t say to get treatment because I don’t want it and it’ll be to late to say it when you read this letter and my diary, please live your life babe move to the city like we were going to, I love you so much and I always will love you and be with you if not alive I’ll be there in spirit, I’m crying now so I better go I cant handle writing anymore its upsetting me and BABE please don’t cry when you read this AND don’t try and resuscitate me because I just want to die!!

From your one true love Eve Jacobsen!

That was so hard to write I don’t want to leave Tracey but I have to I cant live with this on my own, well I’m going to do it now, should I say how I’m going to do it? Ok well I’m just going to take a whole lot of sleeping pills!!

Good bye diary, good bye forever.

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