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Behind Closed Doors

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Okay, update lol!

Chapter 13

“I leave you to keep my sister company for five minutes!” Eric yelled. Peter had been more embarrassed then than ever before in his life – this had been what he was afraid of.

“Hey!” Clare intervened, furious. “This is none of your concern, Eric! I am allowed to do anything I want, with anybody I want – you can’t order us around! And I care about him.”

“You’re my sister, Clare – and you don’t even know him! He could be anyone!”

“Newsflash, bro – we aren’t even related! Our parents were together for about eight weeks, and I met you about twice! And you’re telling me I don’t know him? I know more about him than I do you! I’m nineteen years old, I am not a baby! And you have got no right to tell me what to do – I don’t know where you get off bossing me around!”

“Excuse me for giving a damn about you – we were family once!”

“Yeah, well, I never got a say in that!” Clare shouted. “I don’t need you looking after me, Eric – and I don’t want you playing the brotherly role! I have gotten along just fine without a bodyguard this far, and I’ll be perfectly fine without you sticking your nose in. So with all due respect, mate, do me a favour, and keep out of my life!”

Eric looked stunned. Clare looked away from him, breathing heavily, and Peter shifted uncomfortably. This hadn’t got anything to do with him, not really. He had just gotten kind of … stuck in the middle of it. He had always regretted that, he thought to himself now. Eric had been a good guy – a good mate. He and Clare may not have been close, but Peter was always sorry that he had never got used to them as a couple.

After the massive blowout with Eric, Peter had changed rooms – and he had ended up with a room of his own, due to numbers. Not that either he or Clare was complaining. And after that, it was a matter of days before he had realised he was in love with her. Of course, Clare being Clare, she didn’t exactly respond with total mutuality. But it didn’t matter, not to him. They had spent the next four years at the Academy together, in classes and out, and never got sick of one another. Then on their graduation day, it happened.

The Chief Superintendent had just announced them the graduating class; the speeches had been made; photographs taken; diplomas received – it was the very end of the line, finally. And this was the moment when Clare had turned to him, sitting together in front of hundreds of people, and she had leant in very close to him, whispering in his ear.

“I do love you, Pete …”

And that had been that. That night, they had spent their first full night together – despite how long they’d been together, they had never been that bothered about the physical side of things, the emotional connection was so strong that it didn’t seem important. But they had been together properly that night, for the first time, and it had been … magical. He had never connected with anyone the way he had with her, and it had been more than worth the wait, as far as he was concerned. She had been perfect in every way …

He lay back in his bed now, smiling to himself for no apparent reason other than that he was thinking of Clare. And his plan to make her happy, of course … it really was pretty clever, if he did say so himself. Which he did. Over and over again, in his head. How else was he expected to amuse himself? Talk to the wall? Play a game of cards with that chair in the corner? Hmm … that was an idea. A game of cards … not with the chair, of course: that would be ridiculous, and more than crossing the borders of insanity.

His thoughts were interrupted by Clare’s arrival – her timing was either very good, or very coincidental, he thought. Whenever he was thinking about her (nearly all the time, he was discovering lately) – there she was! Hopefully she couldn’t still tell when he was hiding something. She had always been able to. And clearly, she still could, as he knew when she looked him up and down and raised one eyebrow sceptically.

“What are you up to?” she demanded, although smiled as she said it. He put on his best puppy dog eyes – the ones she couldn’t resist – and smiled innocently.

“Who, me?”

Next update as soon as I can lol! I'm on a roll :P

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I've just read the whole fic and it's absolutely brilliant so far. Your writing is just so great, you really have described everything so well.

Peter and Clare together is just so cute and sweet. It really does seem like it's meant to be... I can't wait to see your next update!

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“What the hell is going on here?”

That line is so classic Peter Baker in a way. :P

That was brilliant. Although, I did kinda got a bit confused towards the ending as I wasn't sure when the flashback ended and they were now back in the present. Apart from that, it was awesome.

Peter/Clare are definitely meant to be. No doubts about that. Update soon, Alison. :D

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