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All On My Own

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Topic Title – All on my own!!

Topic Description – Tracey and Jack

Type of story: undecided

Rating: G, A I think

Main Characters: Tracey and Jack and more

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: none i don’t think

Is Story being proof read: no

Summary: Sequel to So lonely inside! Eve’s funeral, Tracey finds that Ric stabbed Eve, she wants revenge but doesn’t get it.

Tracey was sitting at Eve’s funeral crying, she couldn’t believe the love of her life was actually dead, she looked over at Jack and Ric,

“it was probably that bloody Ric!!” said Tracey to herself,

She decided she was going to confront Ric face to face,

“oi Ric, you ****ing killed my Eve didn’t you?!!” screamed Tracey,

“uh erm no I didn’t Tracey!!” replied Ric,

“you ****ing did don’t deny it, I could you ****ing take her away from me you sick bastard!!” said Tracey punching Ric,

“Tracey leave Ric alone!!” replied Jack pulling Tracey away from him,

“he killed my Eve!! said Tracey hugging into Jack,

“its ok Trace, he’s going to jail straight after this” replied Jack holding Tracey close,

“she she didn’t mean to do all those things she did Jack, it was her childhood her mum and dad dumped her with her grandparents” said Tracey,

“I know Trace we were going to get her help” replied Jack,

“it’s a bit to late for that now Jack she’s dead!!” said Tracey through sobs,

“I’ll help you through this Trace, I’m here for you!!” replied Jack,

“what after everything I’ve done?” said Tracey,

“I believe everyone can change if you just give them a chance and help them” replied Jack grabbing hold of Tracey’s hand and walking her out of the funeral parlour.

Tracey had gone to the pub with Jack afterwards and got her self rotten drunk, she felt good like that, it soothed her pain, but it should have been Eve sitting here with her not Jack, though she was beginning to like Jack,

“Jack can you get me another drink please?” said Tracey,

“no Trace I think you’ve had enough alcohol tonight!” replied Jack,

“oh come on Jack please your drunk you don’t know any better” said Tracey,

“ok you twisted my arm one more then I’m taking you home!” replied Jack getting up to get himself and Tracey another drink,

“thanks babe!!” said Tracey,

“your welcome!!” replied Jack looking into Tracey’s eyes,

“what’re you looking at?” said Tracey,

“I cant get over how hot you are, I’ve never noticed before!” replied Jack looking away,

“me hot don’t make me laugh babe, want to come back to mine or should I come to yours?” said Tracey,

“you are hot, you just don’t realize it, come back to mine babe, I’ll just ring a taxi!!” replied Jack getting his cell phone out of his pocket,

“its on its way babe lets go wait outside!!” said Jack,

“ok come on then sweetie!!” replied Tracey standing up,

“do you need some help getting to the taxi?” said Jack laughing at Tracey,

“no no I’m fine seriously, lets go” replied Tracey walking towards the door, Jack followed behind.

“Trace don’t make to much noise, I know its hard but everyone’s sleeping we might wake them up!” said Jack,

“told you we should of gone back to mine, lets go to your room” replied Tracey,

“ok hold on I’ll just get the wine!!” said Jack walking to the fridge,

“are you trying to get me drunk detective Holden?” replied Tracey,

“your already drunk Tracey, there’s no harm in having some more” said Jack getting two wine glasses and leading Tracey to his room,

“nice bed Jack1!” replied Tracey jumping on to Jacks bed,

“well its something to sleep on!” said Jack sitting next to Tracey,

“it sure is Jack!!” replied Tracey laughing,

“so…” said Jack,

“so what? replied Tracey moving closer to Jack,

“so I don’t know” said Jack touching Tracey’s face,

“why the **** did you say so then you daft man!!” replied Tracey,

“I felt like saying it!!” said Jack leaning in to kiss Tracey.

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Next bit:

Tracey couldn’t believe she spent the night with Jack, she enjoyed it but she thought Jack would of hated her after everything that happened when Eve was alive,

“good morning Trace!!” said Jack stretching,

“morning Jack” replied Tracey,

“have you got a headache or is it just me?” said Jack,

“no no I’ve got one to and its painful, do you have any pain killers?” replied Tracey holding her head,

“yeah I do come get some!!” said Jack,

“ok just let me get up!!” replied Tracey,

“don’t tell me your still drunk!!” said Jack laughing,

“no no I’m not still drunk silly!!” replied Tracey getting out of bed wrapping a sheet around her and walking out to the kitchen,

“Hello Kim!!” said Tracey,

“what the **** are you doing here?” replied Kim,

“I spent the night with Jack, don’t start with me ok, I’ve got a headache!!” said Tracey,

“I wasn’t going to say a thing Trace I as just wondering what you were doing here, hey I’m sorry about Eve” replied Kim,

“why are you worried for she was evil!!” said Tracey,

“I’ve put all that **** behind me Trace, I’m over it, I heard what happened to her when she was a child, no one should be put through that!!” replied Kim,

“ok, anyways do you have any painkillers, I’ve got a headache, drunk to much last night!” said Tracey, just as Jack walked into the room,

“hey mate, do you and Tracey spend the night together?” replied Kim getting some Panadol out of the cupboard,

“yeah we did but we’re not together, please don’t tell anyone else about this, I don’t want Martha to find out even though we’re not together anymore!!” said Jack,

“secrets safe with me mate, here’s some Panadol Tracey!!” replied Kim,

“thanks Kim!” said Tracey.

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