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Moonlit Walks and Summer Dreams (by sevenpuddings) - comments

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Only taken me all night to get round to reading this. :P

What do you say once the trilogy is ended? Happy that it reached such a perfect conclusion? Devastated that it came to an end? Gutted because I want more? Satisfied because it was a natural conclusion?

Reckon I feel pretty much all of those things and that to me is a good writer, somebody who makes you think more than one thing at once, somebody who interweaves a million emotions into their writing and you never fail to impress me Jess.

I could be here all night quoting bits I loved from this so I'm merely going to point out a few things.

The song. Perfect choice, interwoven so well, so effectively, fitted just right some how.

The characters. Glad there was no Ric and Cassie, I was glad it was all about Matilda/Lucas in the end, that was right somehow, how it ended with them finding each other again. Yet I loved the way it wasn't a simple ending, loved the irony that they had to go back to the beginning, they had to make a fresh start.

The stops and starts, the twists and turns. Superb dialogue, interwoven with fantastic description, tension, angst, passion, chemistry. This fic had everything Jess, really well written, like I say I could be here forever picking stuff out but I'll just tell you I loved it, loved it, loved it.

You concentrating on these nightmares now or you already starting something new?

Oh and you can move it to the library yourself! :lol:

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Oh and you can move it to the library yourself! laugh.gif

Lol Kat yes it can be her first task. :) Also Jess I agree with everything Skykat said your a truly wonderful writer and in each and every chapter of the trilogy you have wrote the characters, the situation, the drama perfectly and have never failed to leave me unimpressed. Brilliant work Jess. :)

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That was great! Full of emotion, glad Lucas and Mattie got togeher in the end.

I really can't wait to read another one of your stories all of them so far have been interesting and captivating. You really are talented, look foward to reading more of your stories!

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Aww, thank you all! That ending gave me warm fuzzy feelings, and I think its done the same to everyone who has read it, which just makes it all the more worthwhile.

And Kat - right now, I've got something top secret in the works - which is basically code for not a lot written - but I think I may focus on These Nightmares for now, give Jade a well deserved break so she can focus on the wonderful world that is school!

I shall move it, eventually! LoL

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Fantastic Jess. I have enjoyed the trilogy so much the characters were written so well and I love the bond that existed between them, so much better than what they share in the actual show. I cant wait to read your next fic, im sure it will be as brilliant as all your others.

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Okay FINALLY, I have finished reviewing the last four chapters! The only reason it took so long was because there was too much I wanted to say, and I think you deserve a thorough one rather than a quick flattering comment. I am so sorry for the delay, I haven't been on the computer much, and when I have it's been too quick. Before I start, Jess, I have to say that you are such an amazing writer and that the ending moved me to tears. So here we go:

Chapter 14

How happy I was to read that Lucas had finally finally realised how much Matilda meant to him.

At least, that’s what I’d believed, right up until the moment I saw her running towards me in the distance. And my world had moved once again.
What a beautiful description of how the one you love makes you feel. Completely believable, sincere, heartwarming, and not overdone.

The whole scene with Sara for me was brilliant. I loved her transformation from gentle, kind Sara into a hysterical threatening, heartbroken Sara. My heart broke for her.

“There, see?” She said, as she walked over to Mattie. “That’s what I’m talking about. Those looks the two of you share, and those smiles, and those damn annoying giggles.

She couldn’t help but watch them, not knowing what to do. Because I felt that she knew, she simply knew she couldn’t make Lucas feel that way about her. No matter how much she tried. Her confrontation with Matilda only made it more realistic. Call her a bitch, but that’s how anyone would react. Forgetting about your dignity, just laying into the scrag that took your man away. Poor Sara. I really loved how you made her the nice one, unlike Parker. It’s too easy to hate the girls who come between our awesome foursome.

Chapter 15

This was a lovely chapter. Not overdone, and no where near boring.

"No, it’s still ing hot.” He replied, smirking at me.

“He thinks he’s so clever.” I said, rolling my eyes as Ric laughed shortly behind me.

That made me laugh. I suppose because Ric and Matilda have had a connection since Ric came to the bay and Cassie and Lucas have only been friends through Matilda and Ric. It was good to see some humour and concern between them.

“Mattie.” I said, as I came to stand by her side. But she, she remained unmoved. “Mat…”

“It’s pretty unbelievable.” She whispered.

“Yeah, it’s pretty beautiful too.” I said, looking up instead of at her, knowing deep down that she’d open up in her own time.

“No. This summer. That’s what’s unbelievable.”

What a beautiful moment. I don’t know why, but it was so reflective. Not just of this summer, but the last three. The whole scene between Cassie and Mattie in the water was done perfectly. How well Cassie can read Mattie, how scared and in denial Mattie is. This chapter and chapter 16 weren’t filled with drama. But it made the ending what a fantastic ending it was (I’ll get to that later), because it just built this tension, the calm before the storm if you want to call it that. Where these confused lovers try to figure out how to handle themselves.

Chapter 16

I loved having another boy talk on the beach scene. I was a fan of the first one, with the Ric/Cassie/Parker dilemma and it’s nice to see Ric returning the favour.

"How much drama do you think this beach has seen?” I asked, as a wry grin formed on Luke’s face.

“From us? Or from the rest of Summer Bay?” He replied sarcastically, as I laughed a little.

“The rest of Summer Bay doesn’t hold a candle to us.” I replied finally, clapping him on the shoulder as I walked into the cool, early morning water.

Another reflective moment, also nice when the boys talked about what happened in the SoS. Unfortunately it was also giving that feeling that we were nearing the end. But you really know how to write Jess. You know how to begin things, and you know how to end things. You don’t end them in the last chapter, you start ending them a long time before so that the closure is perfect.

My heart broke for Lucas, seeing his anger. Because anger is always easier than sadness. It was good to see that side of him, it made the situation more complicated, and gave such realism to it.

“That was when I’d first bordered on hating Matilda. Until then, I couldn’t imagine feeling anything but this heart-warming, awe-inspiring love that she managed to make me feel. Which I hadn’t felt, in a long time… because I’d never really been taught that kind of love. Only the unconditional love of a parent to their children. But then, she betrayed that love, and I couldn’t see a way out of hating her. I just couldn’t.”

That was just deep, and fantastic writing. It also showed how much Lucas and Matilda had grown, from that innocent pair at the start of SoS to now.

And here we go…sadly…

The Last Chapter

As sad was it was, I couldn’t think of a more perfect ending Jess. Unpredictable, gripping, emotional. Like Kat said, you made us feel so much reading it and that is what a good writer does.

It started off very Matilda. Skeptical, cynical, and self pitying. Was it me?

Once is accidental, twice is coincidental, thrice… well, that’s fate.
What a great line!

There was so much in this chapter, that if I were quoting them for you, I might as well paste the whole chapter down. I loved it all. The setting was brilliant, on the beach, with the storm passing. So much reminiscing of the scene from That Endless Summer between Matilda and Lucas. It was like that again. It felt uneasy and they hadn’t resolved everything then, that they had to come back and finish what was unfinished this time around. Someone noted that there was no Cassie and Ric. Which was great, not that I don't love them in this story, but it started off as a fic about Lucas and Matilda. Cassie and Ric crept into it beautifully, and they've crept out to let M/L finish in full circle.

How much emotion can somebody feel?

“Whatever you’re about to say Matilda Hunter, I’m sure I won’t want to hear it. Because there is only one word I want to hear come from your lips. Okay. I want you to say okay to me when I ask you to let me prove that I’m the one for you. I want you to say okay, that you trust me to never let you down again. I want you to say okay, when I tell you I’m transferring from Canberra to Sydney to be with you… I want you to say okay when I tell you I’m about to kiss you.”

It was beautiful seeing Lucas putting himself on the line here, seeing the desperation and not wanting to let her say no. But it was great that you didn’t let Mattie just fall into his arms (even though that would have been so romantic). It showed her fears again. How a few sweet words couldn’t reassure her, and that it was only when Lucas had gone to leave that made her realize she couldn’t let him go.

Standing up, he began to walk away from me. And in that moment, I felt my heart begin to beat a little faster, and my breath became caught in my throat, and my belly began to dance a little again.
The panic, the love, the passion, it all came back. And it was perfect. And that quirkiness of Matilda wanting to start right from the beginning. When I expected them to throw themselves at each other, it was beautiful that they didn’t even kiss. Don’t even say the word cliché in the same sentence as the ending.

And my mind was so captivated by being with him, next to him, again, that I didn’t notice until the sun was setting on the horizon, that the storm had finally passed us by.

That line couldn’t have been more perfect Jess. The song was beautifully suited. Well done, and thank you for the last year of great writing. I’m very glad to hear you have things up your sleeve, I look forward to them and am loving These Nightmares. Well done!!! :) I also hope this long review makes up for lack of them lately.


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Holy god Kase, thats like, the longest review in history! Ever!

Thank you for supporting me throughout this (and everyone else who has contintued to review - there are about six of you who are amazing at that!) I'm just so glad everyone felt the way I did - that it was the right kind of ending, and even more so, it was the right time to end. That means the most, because I was worried I'd leave people wanting more.

There will be another story everyone... but... not for a while. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy These Nightmares - because I'll keep writing that while I adjust to Uni life!

Thank you again to everyone for reading the trilogy, you've been the ones that kept me wanting to write it!

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LoL, well it was 4 chapters worth, not to mention the ending. It's been awesome following this story. I'm looking forward to what you come up with next...any clues :P? I also hope you enjoy uni! I sure hope I do too lol. Keep those stories coming :)

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Jess, what on earth can I say?! First of all, big apologies for not being a constant reviewer; but I've been lurking, and I've loved every minute of it. Your entire trilogy has been amazing, and I was wondering how you could finish off such an amazing piece of work. But, unsurprisingly, you pulled it off in spectacular style. Like others have said, I could be here all night - I may as well just copy and paste the entire trilogy if I want amazing bits - but I loved the references to the fact that the characters just hoped that in this summer they could go back to how things used to be, without anything changing, and then Maddie and Luke's realisation that it can't happen like that and them subsequently going right back to the beginning. Maybe it's 'cos I can identify with it - but, then again, I guess that's the mark of a truly talented writer; being able to identify with the emotions that the characters feel. I'm really gonna miss reading all your updates on this story - I love the bond between the awesome foursome; it's much more "real" than it ever has been in the show. I hope this board gets graced once again with your awesome talent in the not-too-distant future.

Jess. x

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