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Thurs 25 Jan 07 - " THAT Voice Is NOW Driving Me CRAZY !!

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " THAT Voice Is NOW Driving Me CRAZY !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 25 Jan 07 - Episode # 4339)

At the hospital, Rachel tells brad (who is there to takes sally home – see below) that she s way worried about how Kit & the pregnancy is affected kimmy. She tells brad that kimmy is constantly being way (over) romantic and changing the subject hen the baby is brought up.

Kimmy proves Rachel’s point – by arrive at hospital by big bunch of flowers and a suggestion of a champagne lunch. Rachel thinks that a simple meal at diner will suffice.

Meanwhile, kit (hunter house) talk to beth about the ultrasounds that she has today. Beth is taken aback that kit hasn’t even told kimmy about the ultrasound.

Kit & Beth go to the hospital – where they are told that stenographer is (off course) running late.

Meanwhile, as Rachel & kimmy have lunch, Rachel asks kimmy to open up to her about kit & the baby, but kimmy insists that he was nothing new etc to report.

Tony enters and wonders whey kimmy is here – and not at hospital for ultrasound. Kimmy tells Rachel that he not want to go there (as thinks will offend her). Rachel insists that kimmy should go.

At hospital, stenographer has arrived, and the ultrasound has just begun when kimmy arrives. You can see that kit like that he is there – as they see their baby on the monitor (btw, kit told Beth earlier that she wants the baby’s sex to remain as mystery to her.

Rachel talks to Leah in the diner. Rachel thinks that (despite urging kimmy to go to the ultrasound) she doesn’t think there’s much change that their (kimmy/Rachel) relationship will survive now.

Maddie, Ric & others enters the van park house, and begin to decorate or sally’s homecoming.

Alf meanwhile finds Morag (with drink in hand) on te back patio. She tells him about Martha’s attack – and Morag (in tears- says she agrees with Martha’s every word. Alf however think that Martha had NO right to do that.

Alf charges to the surf club – and confronts Martha. Alf insists that ash should stay out of this – and Alf also insist that Martha WILL attend sally’s homecoming whether she likes it or not.

Elsewhere (hunter house), jack notes that Tony seems V distracted – but Tony insists that it’s nothing.

When Alf is gone, ash tells Martha that she should go to sally’s gathering – for herself (Martha) not because Alf told her to.

Jack (of course) has overheard Alf talking to Alf & Martha, and when Martha is gone, jack approaches ash. He can’t believe that ash is doing this (way still with Riana & kids) whilst with Martha. Jack insists that he won’t let this happen to Martha.

Jack also has a go at Tony for keeping the ash/Martha/Riana info form him.

Meanwhile, sally is about to leave the hospital, but she has to all but death stare Brad (into leaving) when he initally remains in her room after she say that she is about to get changed (form hospital clothes to normal ones).

In the city, Cassie is racing around her house like a headless chook, and she is running late to get to sally’s party. She insists to macca that she can both get a bus to the bay and back. Macca looks a tad annoyed when Cassie bails.

At the van park house, Alf and the others are pleased when Rocco (complete with bags to move in with) arrives, and Alf is pleased when Martha arrives to.

All (incl Leah, colleen, Dan & Irene) are WAY pleased when sally arrives home with brad.

At the party, sally tells Rocco that she is glad that he is here (Rocco looks appropriately guilty); Cassie tells Maddie that she REALLY is missing her friends etc in the bay; and Martha takes offence when jack has a go at her form the whole ash/Riana thing. (Note – I know that many ppl here had a go at Robbie for the way that he seemed to shout every line, but right now, Jodi Gordon’s is WAY annoying me … it doesn't help that I think ash IS a creep. Oh, I’m not that stressed about jack/Martha getting back together – jack/Sam is “working" for me right now. Rant over)

Macca arrives, just as the likes of Leah & Dan are about to bail, and soon after, Alf WAY takes offence when ash arrives, AND everything comes to a head, i.e. Martha tells all (incl the WAY gossipy Colleen), about her (ash, Riana & kids) situation.

Martha storms upsatrirs and sally is keen to sort all of thins out – but Martha then comes back downstairs, she was a backpack on. She is moving out and nothing everyone can say will change that.

Martha bails, and sally looks way perplexed/shocked (end of ep)


Sally starts to remember what happened THAT night !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Maddie’s orangey-red strapless dress

SILVER – Beth’s orangey-brown crossover top/light pink top/dark skirt combo

BRONZE – Leah’s silver (dark mosaic patterned) top


Alf’s sky blue (check) button up shirt

Cassie’s white halter neck dress

Colleen’s red (floral pattern) dress

Irene’s brown (leafy motifs?) crossover top

Jack’s green “Feel The Need” t shirt

Kit’s royal blue (woven) v neck top

Martha’s white (with red checks) blouse/dark blue (thigh length) shorts

Morag’s cream long jacket & matching long pants/black top combo

Rachel’s red top/dark jacket combo

Ric’s yellow (with occasional orange & blue horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rocco’s black & grey sleeveless top

Sally’s red polo shirt

Tony’s red (with a stylish X near left shoulder) polo shirt

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