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A Match Made in Heaven

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Story Title: A Match Made in Heaven

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Mainly Brad and Sally.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Brad and Sally have found romance but it's not smooth sailing.

Well I wrote this a while ago, but I only found it yesterday when I was looking through my folders. It was set before Sally and Brad were together so it still has Robbie and Tash. As the story goes on I'll add more characters into the scenes.

Chapter 1 - Everyone is at Sally's house celebrating Pippa's birthday.

"Sally, are you coming down? Leah shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Just a minute!" she returned. Brad walked in to see what all the commotion was. "What's all the shouting about? I can hear you over the music, and this is a party" he joked. Leah punched him in the arm, Brad turned around in pain but stopped in motion when he saw Sally appear at the top of the stairs.

Brad was just standing there, still, in awe. "Hey Brad, close your mouth" Leah whispered. Brad didn’t answer, he just stood there watching Sally as she and her floral dress floated down the stair case.

"Hi Brad, it was nice of you to come" Sally informed him. "It's my pleasure” Brad returned “I wouldn’t miss it for the world". "I better find Dan, I can't leave tonight with out a dance with my man", Leah gave Sally a cheeky smile before backing out of the room. “You’d think she was trying to set us up.” Sal said with a laugh. … Brad smiled and nodded, "Is that such a bad thing though?” he replied. Sally and Brad stood there awkwardly before Brad worked up the courage to open his mouth again. "Sally" Brad paused; looking shy he continued with a smile “You look beautiful". Sally's face went bright red, she quickly looked down at her dress as if she were embarrassed... "I'm sorry" Brad replied. "No no.... don’t be sorry" Sally chuckled "Thank you... thank you Brad." Sally smiled at Brad and walked out into the party leaving Brad standing there alone watching her and her dress float away.

”Now Robbie, make sure you try some of my mushroom and tuna casserole” Colleen demanded, “I put one of my secret ingredients in it” She whispered. “Now Colleen” Robbie said sarcastically, “I’m already married, I can’t have you putting your love potion in my food anymore just so you can be with me”. “Oh no!, now why would I do a thing like that? I wouldn’t’ dare after last time and we all know what happened…” “Stop rambling, you stupid woman” came a loud voice from behind her, as she turned she saw Alf coming up behind her, beer in his hand, he returned “Poor young fella probably just wants to enjoy whatever the flamin’ heck THAT is in peace.” “I beg your pardon Alf Stewart, that is my prize winning mushroom and tuna casserole you’re talking about!” “Is that what it is?” he laughed. Colleen stomped off looking quite upset. Hehehehehe…. Alf chuckled as if he were quite impressed with himself.

I'll add the next chapter tonight.

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Brad was just standing there, still, in awe. "Hey Brad, close your mouth" Leah whispered.

Lol! I can imagine this happening on the show.

”Now Robbie, make sure you try some of my mushroom and tuna casserole” Colleen demanded

Hehe! I thought Colleen would come out with something like that. Who would want to try that anyway? :blink:

Anyway, I can just imagine some of this dialouge happening on the show. This fic look likes its gonna be one of the ones that I check for updates every day *hint*

Update soon!

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Chapter 2.

The house was emptier by the minute, partygoers who had come to celebrate Pippa’s 3rd birthday were slowly diminishing, leaving a house full of mess behind.

Sally, Brad, Leah, and Dan were the only people left at the house. Cassie and Ric had taken Pippa to the beach.

Dan’s phone rings, he fumbles around the room looking for his phone, “Ahhh found it; Dan Baker” he answered. “Yep, okay, we’ll be there in a minute”. He laughed as he hung up, “What’s so funny?” Leah chuckled “It’s Pete, the “Mark Skaife of driving” as he calls himself, forgot to fill up and now he’s stuck out in Yabbie Creek and needs a lift back.” He starts to head out the door “Wait!” Leah shouts to him, “I’ll come with you, I need to pick up a few things from Yabbie Creek." She turns to Sally who's on the floor starting to clean the mess left by the party-goers. "Is that alright, Sal?" she asks, "I just don’t want to leave you here with all of this mess”, “Oh Leah, don’t worry about it, you’ve been a great help already, I’ve got this. Go on, get out of here” she demands with a smile.

“Coffee, Brad?” Sally asks with a smile, Brad grins back at her before replying, “Sure, I’m not really in the mood for cleaning”. One of Pippa’s cd’s continues to play in the background. Sally is standing at the counter making the coffee when Brad walks around and takes the spoon out of her hands. Brad leads her into the lounge room where he turns Pippa’s cd up a little, “Hi5, not my favourite thing to listen to in a moment like this but it’ll do, I didnt get to dance with you before” he cheekily remarked. They began slow dancing together, Brad’s eyes fixated on Sally’s, and hers to his. With each step they became closer until finally they were so close neither of them could move anymore. It was silent, neither of them spoke. They both lent in for a kiss when someone appeared at the door. It was Ric. Brad & Sally jumped with fright, so much so it caused Sally to knock over a frame off the mantle piece. It contained a picture of Flynn, taken the day he got his wish; to drive a racing car.

Sally took a few steps away from Brad, scared that Ric might have seen them. "Ric, you scared me" She nervously laughed before bending down to clean up the glass which had smashed all over the floor. Ric just stood there not saying anything, his eyes almost trance like on Brad. Sally turned over the photograph and noticed which photo it was, her favourite of Flynn. She ran her fingers over his face before anyone else saw. Slowly she began to stand up, Brad didnt dare to say anything as he was weary of Ric. "Ric, are you alright?" Sally asked. His eyes began to fill with tears before running off into the caravan park. "Ric!" Sally called, but it did no good. "It's alright Sal, go after him" Brad told her. She put her hand on his arm and gave him a warm smile before running after Ric.

She found him in caravan 28, one where Ric would normally go if her were upset or just needed time to himself. He was sitting on the bed sobbing. Sally sat down next to him, putting her arm around him for comfort. "What's the matter Ric? We were just dancing, nothing more..." she knew she couldnt let her true feelings for Brad overcome her at a time like this, she had to play it cool as she didnt know how the kids would react. "Nothing more!" He yelled before standing to his feet in a rage, "Sal, I saw you two, you were about to kiss as I walked in. Who knows what else would have happened if I didnt turn up!". "Ric, calm down" she said softly "There's no point working yourself up like this". "I'm sorry Sal, I just can't let this go". Ric walked over to the door before exiting her turned around and replied, "He isn't my Dad and never will be."

Chapter 3 coming soon.

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Chapter 3

It had been two hours since her confrontation with Ric in the caravan. Sal had decided she needed to clear her head before she went back to the house so she’d decided to go for a walk along the beach. The sun was starting to set on the horizon. Sally made her way down to the waters edge, “What should I do Flynn?” She began to talk to him like he was sitting right beside her holding her hand. “I don’t know what to do about Ric, I love Brad, I do.. but Ric.. he’s just not taking to our relationship at all. Give me a sign, please, show me what I should do” Just at that moment Sally turned around to see Brad running along the beach with Pippa on his shoulders. They were carrying buckets of sand, they raced over to where Cassie was, who at the time was buried in sand. Sally stood there smiling at the beautiful sight before turning back to the ocean and saying "Now you're just showing off."

Sally was at home cooking dinner when she heard two familiar voices singing, "The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round....." Cassie walked in the door, followed by Brad with Pippa on his shoulders. "More!" Pippa shouted, "No, no, I think that's enough" Cassie laughed "It's bedtime for you, say goodnight to everyone" Sally replied gently, Pippa waved goodnight to Cassie before running over to Brad and giving him a hug. "Night Pippa, sweet dreams" He said before giving her a kiss on the cheek. Pippa walked over to her Mum who took hold of her hand and headed up stairs.

15 minutes later

When Sally came back downstairs Brad was setting the table and Cassie was just finishing the cooking. "Hey, you know what, I'm really tired. I think i'm just going to go to bed" Cassie explained before winking at Sally. "You two have a great night" she said before begining to head upstairs, "Hey Brad, thanks for today, I had a great time... so did Pippa. We should do it again sometime, all of us", "You're totally welcome, I had fun too, we should all do it together sometime" he replied, and Cassie headed off to bed.

Sally and Brad took a seat at the table, they sat accross from each other. "How's Ric?" Brad asked, "Umm.. he might take a little while to get used to the idea of us" she replied. Brad began eating his dinner before blurting out "Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night, at my place?", he looked down at his plate as if he were scared of her reaction. She took his hand before answering, "Sure, I'd love to". Just at that moment, like before, Ric appeared at the door...

Chapter 4 coming soon.

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Chapter 4

Brad and Sally quickly let go of each others hands, as if they were ashamed of what they were doing. Ric took a few steps inside the house, his face kind of silent looking, dull even. He stopped and turned to look at Brad, “Brad, I’m sorry for today. I don’t really know what else to say to you, besides sorry.” Brad stood up from the table and walked over to Ric, he placed his hand on his shoulder before saying “Ric, I understand how you feel. It’s ok.” Brad then patted Ric on the back and smiled at him before taking to his seat again. “Sally” Ric questioned, “Do you think that I could talk to you in private for a minute?”, “Sure” she replied before backing away from the table and heading out the back to where Ric was now.

Ric was nervous, Sally could tell by the way he was pacing back and forth and grasping his hands together. “Ric, are you alright?” She asked. “Sal… I’d just like to apologise. I had no right to go off at you like that” “Look Ric, it’s alright…” Sally didn’t know what else to say at a time like that. “Sally please. I really need to say this. It was weird seeing you with someone else other than Flynn. Flynn was my dad and I love him. But, I’m scared that if you go out with Brad…that …I’m scared that…” Ric tried to hold back the tears. “Oh Ric” Sally quickly embraced him in one of her warm hugs. “Its okay, Ric” she repeated to him as she consoled him. He took a step backwards. It took him a while to get it out but he finally did "I'm scared that i'll start to love Brad, and maybe i'll loose someone else that will be close to me. I've lost everyone else.." "Oh Ric, don't think that way, it's not true. Brad will always be here for you, for Cassie, for Pippa, and so will I. You haven't you lost me, I'm still here. I love you Ric, so much". They both hugged for what seemed like ages before returning inside.

"Is everything ok?" Brad asked "Yeah" Sally smiled, then looked at Ric, "Everything's great". "So Brad, where are you taking Sally on her date tomorrow? You can't just take her to your place for dinner. It needs to be romantic" He cheekily remarked. "Ha ha! Very funny mate" Brad fired back "I have a few ideas, not that i'm telling Sally though... I know how much she loves suprises"

The next day, at school. The corridors are filled with students, Sally is on her way to Brad's office

Sally was approaching Brads office when she heard a name from behind her call her name "Sally!" she heard again. She turned to see Cassie running up towards her. "So Sal, I hear you have a hot date tonight?" she smirked. "I'm so happy for you, Sal" she said before hugging her, "It's great that you've found someone again". "Thanks Cass" She said before taking Cassie's hands in hers "It really means alot to me that you and Ric feel that way".

"Oh, Sally. Brad's not in his office, he's out getting the finer details of your date ready for tonight. He put the notes on his desk for you though". Sally looked confused "How do you know that?" "He told me. He needed to ask me something about tonight, Oh! and he also said to tell you that 'your hot date is very excited'. They both laughed. "Well, I better be off to class now, I'll see you later". Sally walked into Brad's office, she noticed something red on the table. As she walked closer she could see more clearly what it was, it was a single red rose with a note attached which read:

"Sally, I'm very much looking forward to our date tonight. I'll be at your house at 7:00 to pick you up. Wear something formal." Followed by a poem

A past never to be forgotten.

A promise kept.

Memories of yesterday, hope for tomorrow, love for today.

A promise kept

Two souls falling in love

Under the silky, diamond filled sky.

A promise kept

A tender moment, a gentle kiss. A new beginning. A perfect world.

A promise kept.

Chapter 5 - the date - coming soon.

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