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  • 2 weeks later...

Title of story: Kierain Geaney at Airds High School Type of Fic: Long Fic/ medium fic

BTTB Rating: T (Language)

Main Characters: Adriana Coral Kierain June Dyson + others

Genre: General

Does it contains spoilers: no

Warnings: Violence, Language

Summary: Kierain Geaney is running away from Summer Bay after a fight with Sally in this spinoff of my other fic "Me and My Friend in Home and Away: The Early Years.


Kierain Geaney: Fed up with living in Summer Bay, Kierain moves in with his Auntie Adriana in Airds.

Helena Beau: One of Kierain's friends at Airds High. Caring and outgoing, Helena is the school captain and is said to be very smart.

Mark Anaconda: One of the bullies that annoy Kierain and Helena. He is said to be weaker than his twin brother Derek.

Derek Anaconda: Mark's twin brother. He is younger by ten minutes. He has an aggressive nature and certainly shows it.

June Dyson: Firm but fair principal at Airds High School

Adriana King: Kierain's auntie who is the main newsreader for Prime Television's news service. She is very family-oriented.

Finlay Roberts: Helena's best friend since primary school. She loves making new friends and is said to have a good heart.

Renaye Markham: Adriana's best friend. She is a journalist for Prime Local News. She often reads the afternoon news updates.

Catherine Davie: Adriana's friend who is the weather presenter for Prime Local News. She is said to be very hot-headed when people rub her the wrong way

Coral King: Adriana's mother and Kierain's grandmother. She often visits her daughter when Kierain has an emergency or looks after him after school.

Peter Manning Kierain's teacher often helps Kierain with homework

Donna Manning Prime newsreader Adriana's friend Peter's Sister shares Kierain's love of Rock music

Sue Osman foods teacher often gets Mark and Derek in trouble

that's all i can think of for now

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Summer Bay High

I have ALMOST finished part two of the epilogue "Jigsaw" (it will run to three parts :rolleyes: ) but there's no way I'll get it done before Xmas. Weather permitting, :unsure: (it's only a short car journey tho :) ) I'm going away today for Xmas. For anyone who wants a sneak peak:

“It will be fine tomorrow,” she promised.

He believed her. He believed everything about the woman he loved with every fibre of his being. She knew he had killed his wife out of love for his son. She knew that, in terror and confusion, he had buried the body on a remote hill, the only witnesses to the burial his sister, now dead herself, and his baby son. But nor did she pressure him into confessing to the authorities. It will be in your own time, at your own pace, Irene said. And her brown eyes were full of love for him.

The day Barry Hyde cleansed his soul was bathed in sunlight and kissed with gentle breezes.

Yes, I thought it was way past time Barry confessed... :wink:

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Thought i would put mine in here. Since I love Liam & Bianca, and hope they stay together and get married and everything lol.

Story Title: Together at Last.

Type of story: probably long

Main Characters: Liam & Bianca. April, Charlie, Leah, Romeo, Irene, Will, Lilly plus others.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, General

No spoilers

No warnings.

Summary: This is a story mainly about Liam & Bianca's relationship, also touching on Bianca's & April's, plus new characters for Liam's family. (I think he should have some family in the show)

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  • 4 weeks later...

It's been ages since I wrote anything, so I don't know how well this is going to go. I've started two fics, one almost finished, another, the first chapter has been completed...

Story Title: Wikipedia Said You'd Do This...

Type of story: One-shot/Short-fic

Main Characters: Lucas, Ric, Belle.

BTTB rating: Still undecided, probably an A though.

Genre: Romance, fluff-ish angst, humor.

Does story include spoilers: Nope.

Any warnings: Sexual references

Summary: In which the boys discover sex, and feelings and stuff.

PREVIEW: For four whole days Lucas ignored him. He left for school early, so Ric got to his house every morning only to find from Matilda that he had already been gone for about half an hour. In form, Lucas sat with some of the overtly poetic and slightly pious people he was sort-of friends with in his literature class, and he disappeared off at lunchtimes to go read Shakespeare's sonnets, or translate the works of Jane Austen into binary code or whatever it was that Lucas did, and always managed to go off at the end of the day faster than Ric could catch up with him.

It's slash, and Lucas/Ric. I'm probably the only person left who ships them though.

The second:

Story Title: The Unquiet Grave

Type of story: One-shot/Short-fic

Main Characters: Matilda, Ric, Cassie, Lucas, Drew

BTTB rating: T or A.

Genre: Drama, angst.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language

Summary: On the tenth anniversary of a friends death, those closest to her gather in remembrance.

These should be posted soon, hopefully.

Edited by Luc
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Coming Soon.....

Title: Missing Heart

Type of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Ella, Nic and Geoff, Aden and Belle, Mike, Danni, Jacob and Gabby, Toby, Amy-Belle, Miles and Leona, the Children...

BTTB Rating: A (L V SC)

Genre: Drama, Romance,

Does the story contain Spoilers: No

Any Warnings: Will warn each chapter if required

Summary: Set a year after the end of Broken. Ella is alone,and raising the children. Will she find love again?

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