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I know I'm going to regret posting this, because I might not start posting the actual story for a long time, meaning months rather than weeks.But I have started work on it so I'll give people a teaser

Cheers! I'd looked through them a few times, but only this time realised there was a click through link     Hahaha! You and me both. Not gonna lie, this was why I wanted to introduce a new

I'm more than halfway through writing this, but with two stories on the go at the moment I'll have to wait to post it. Thought I'd give you a little preview...  Title: SPIKED Type of Fic: Sh

Title: The Trials Of Summer Bay

Type of fic: Medium/Long fic

Main characters: Belle, Drew, Aden, Geoff, Annie, Melody

Rating: A (V/D) (L) (SC)

Genre: Drama

Summary: A sequel to my first fan-fiction "Black Hole" - the link is in my siggy - read that one first and your lives will be easier, trust me.

More dark clouds are on the horizon for Summer Bay - Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, enemies become lovers...

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I'm scrapping Desire for now. That fic has potential and I'm leaving it for a few more months until I get my head cleared. I'm finishing WIITY this weekend, and I'm going to start a new fic, I got the idea last night and its overpowering Desire.

Title: You Know You Love Me

Type Of Story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Nicole/Mattie, Aden/Belle, Geoff/Melody, Annie (I might possibly add in Ruby considering she's so underused in the show.)

BTTB rating: A

Does It Include Spilers: Possibly

Is it being Proof read: No

Warnings: SC, VD, L, D, Gay/Bisexual Themes

Summery: Matilda Hunter and Belle Taylor are best friends, despite their differences. As they enter year eleven, they start to drift apart when Nicole Franklin enrols at Summer Bay High. Nicole gets in the way of everything, not just Belle and Mattie's friendship, but Annie suspects she has set her eye on Geoff, who is dating Annie's best friend Melody. Annie desperately tries to expose Nicole's vicious plan, but no one will believe her because 'Nicole is such a nice girl at heart'. But when Belle and Aden (Who have been in a serious relationship for two years) uncover the truth about Nicole, they aren't aware of the consequences that come along with it.

Sounds awesome! Anything with Adelle is awesome to me! Plus the title is the same as a 'Gossip Girl' book so I'm sure that lends some power to the fic =P

When will you have it up?

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You have to worry(I know I certainly do)about a mind that sat down one day in the mid-90s and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be great if the Power Rangers were Home and Away characters?Er, and me." And proceeded over the next few years to write FIFTY-FIVE stories based around that premise.So I'm looking at this yellowing notebook and wondering if anyone would like to read them.Unfortunately, I can think of three good reasons why they wouldn't:

1.It's a series of stories about the Power Rangers being Home and Away characters.

2.They've got me in them.

3.Given the amount of time since I wrote them, some of the characters involved haven't appeared for over a decade and I'm worried no-one will know who they are.(Excuse me while I feel old...Okay, done now.)

Any opinions?

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Tell me about it! GG just ruled... and now with the programme too... buffness or what!?

But back to H&A - is the fact that it's named after the first GG book a clue about the story? =P

Well... maybe inspired by, but it doesn't really have any storylines in common. Kind of personality traits though. :P

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