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I came up with this idea. For example this is not a real story

When Due out:`7/11/06

Called What:Christmas Day





Is it a good idea?

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Personally I'm not the biggest fan of advertising a story that won't be written for a few months because I don't really see the point and also half the time people don't actually follow through and write the story. However I know other people do like this idea and I guess its better than having a million threads advertising different stories so I've added this as a link in the new pinned topics thread.

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Um haven't got one planned yet as I am still writing my New year 2007 still. I got one inside my mind and it called Family Affairs,lies,Birth,Deaths and Weddings? (This is may be my title of my furture fic?)

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Hey me and Emma (jackandmartha4eva) are writting this fic

When Due Out:18/11/06 or 19/11/06

Called What: Those she left behind

Summary: Martha and Jack have been together 10 years they have 2 children but somethings goes tragically wrong!

Kind:sort of a tearjerker (well we hope)

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Title: Can't change the past...

When due out: Yet again, when I get the time

Summary: It's the year 2019, and KIt had given birth to a baby girl 12 years ago. The problem is, the 12 year old is beginning to get curious about her father...how long can Kit hide her past?

KInd: Not sure just yet...

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