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Rain's Creations!~

Guest RainX

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Heya Everyone,

here is my first thread in here so be nice! :wub:

Here are two Rocco fan-based things i had just recently made thanks to the pictures you guys have shared with us all!


A collarge i made!


and My Avatar!~ :lol:

I will place more up, and id be glad to take requests if my art is any good!

Also, if you have any time. Here is my DeviantART; it's not H&A related, i know but i thought i'd let you all take a look at what else i could do!


Comments are Greatly Loved and appreciated :wink:



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Hey Rain, both your Rocco wallpaper & avatar are good. Nice work!!

You have come to the right place as everyone here loves making graphics, especially ones based on H&A!!!! :wink:

:wub: Aweeee thanks lot! <33

awesome i guess i have!

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I adore the Rocoo banner!! I dont like him to much on TV but the banner is georgous.

What font is that..and what program do you use?

Thanks alot sweety!!~~

I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I can't remember what fontage i used, sorry ^^;

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