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Slip Away (by emmasi) - comments


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I wrote it during the break between the 2005 and 2006 seasons of Home and Away (Australia). So yes, there was a cyclone and Kim did have a drug overdose, but in the real show he didn't die (when I was writing this, I thought he might). Tasha was in the Believers cult getting seduced by Jonah's lies, but I didn't know for sure at that stage that she would actually get pregnant to him. On the real show, that part remains to be seen.

Nothing I've written in this story has actually happened on the show, if that's what you're asking. It's fan FICTION.

Glad you guys liked it. This one got to me too.

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What is it with you and making people gay??? And also, when are you going to update ' after the crash?" I'm waiting. Lol, not very patient, am I?

I don't know... it's an obsession, I suppose... I just REALLY wanted Robbie and Kim to get together! It's been my main focus - and I do mean in LIFE - for three years! :wacko:

After the Crash is still in progress. I've just been busy with assignments all week. I probably won't be updating it until mid next week. Sorry :(

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