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A Real Man!!!

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Topic Title - A Real Man

Topic Description – Martha/Ash/Jack/Sam

Type of story: Short

Rating: T (L) (VD)

Main Characters: Martha/Ash/Jack/Sam

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: Violence, sexual content, coarse language etc.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: After Martha found out about Ash's secret then Jack tries to save her

Ok so hi!! This is my second fic my first one was Leave Us Alone and

i’ve been requested to write another lol so here goes :)

Warning: It’s a jack and Martha fanfic and it may contain violence and other raunchy stuff so you've been warned :)

It doesn't run on from my other one,

it runs off last weeks episode where Martha found out Ash’s secret and forgived him

anyway, she has told everybody to deal with it, Jack is happy with Sam and Rory so

everything is pretty much the same there. I hope you all enjoy it and please review..

Ok ready, set go!!

Jack is sitting down at the diner with his Dad and Brother when Morag comes up to them.

"Oh thank god, Jack have you seen Martha?" with a worried tone in her voice Jack picked up on this

"No why, what's wrong? Is she ok?" Looking at Morag with wide eyes

"Oh yer she's fine, if you consider being with a man who secretly has a wife and kids fine" Morag storms out

"What, OMG" Lucas and Tony look at each other in astonishment

"What?" Jack stands up and grabs his walker to follow Morag outside.."What did you just say? Ash has a what now?"

"Oh just a wife and two kids, I knew he was bad news but stubborn Martha didn't want to hear about it, and now she's run off" Jack saw that Morag was tearing up

"Ok well we'll just have to find her and talk some sense into her and punch Ash's lights out"

"Jack don't do anything silly, your not in any state to go around hurting people"

"Hey!! He hurt Martha and no matter if we're together or apart nobody does that, i may not be able to run a marathon but i can wallk fine even without this stupid walker" He pushes the walker aside and steadily walks away.

"Oh my, Ash you better watch your back a real man is coming to the rescue" a small smile crept upon her face.

Ok well that was a really short chapter sorry but they'll get longer i hope :) I'll put another one on shortly cause that's really short lol enjoy!!

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Thanks for all your comments Here's the next chapter, please comment and enjoy :)

It was late in the afternoon and Martha and Ash had decided to enjoy a late lunch early picnic sorta thing down beside the shore. Thye had just run out of wine so Marths got up to get get more. Ash was sitting alone enjoying the veiw when he was approacxhed by an enraged Jack.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Oh hey Jack, i'm just having a picnic with Martha"

"No, you answer the damn question, what the hell are you doing?"

"With what?"

"Ash i knew you were a creep but i never thought in my wildest dreams that you would keep a secret like this, you have a wife and kids, how can you think thats ok?"

"Look i told Martha and now i'm telling you, i'm just with her for the kids sake but as soon as i go back to the city i'm ending it, Marth trusts me ok so don't worry i'm not going to hurt her"

"Oh like you already did, how dare you use your children as an excuse you don't deserve Martha, as a matter of a fact you don't even deserve to look at the ground she walks on so you stay away from her"

"What? Jack look i know you two have a big history but seriously this is none of your business so just stay outta our way ok? Your not gonna get her back mate, she's with a real man now" Jack was so angry, he stepped closer to Ash, closer and closer until he was finally close enough to wisper...

"Your not a man, you a joke" and with that he punched Ash in the face and walked away.

Ash was sitting on the sand holding his jaw, wait why was he sitting down he wasn't going to give up Martha without a fight, he got up and tackled Jack from behind, the two started wrestling like two pros except they weren't entertaining people for the money they were trying to kill each other, they would've donen it too if Martha hadn't have come up.

"Hey. hey, hey what the hell is going on? Jack get off him now!" Jack quickly shot up followed by a battered and bruised Ash.

"Oh hey babe, what's up?"

"Ash don't what's up me? What the hell is going on here?" she looked at Ash and then at Jack, she could see the hurt in his eyes

Jack spoke up first "Uh i gotta go, talk to you later Martha" He jogged up the beach and out of site

"Jack wait, we need to talk about this" she directed her head back to Ash "Ok do you mind telling me what the hell you two were doing?"

"Ok sit down" Ash put on a fake pouting face and told Martha the entire story...

Well that chapter isnt much longer is it lol oh well i hope you enjoyed it :)

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