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Mark Furze

Guest I Love Mark Furze

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(Sorry just realised it's the 23rd, how stupid of me to forget, it's actually my birthday *slaps self on head*) I read this on the Central forum, he's going to be on that this morning. Could anyone possibly, please record it and upload it? I'd love to see what he says about his Soapstar Superstar experience, if anything. It would be a really fab present, lol, he was unavailable for my upcoming party at the weekend.

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It was mostly about soapstar superstar.

Intro: "First there was Kylie, then there was Jason, now there's Mark Furze!"

He said he's not planning to go on Idol, but he would like to release an album with his heavy metal band. I'd buy it. Probably never listen to it more than once, but I'd buy it :P

Kochie: "Can I just say, well done with all the stuff on Sally. You had a whiff of Rocco right from the start, and your support of Sally was just tremendous."

Mark: "I'll sort him out, don't you worry."

Kochie: "Your hair's grown a bit since last night."

Mark: "Yeah, it's just the water in the bay."

Kochie: "You need a flamin shave."

Mark laughs

Mel: I'm sorry, I forgot to warn you."

Kochie's a little obsessive about Home and Away :P

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I saw it too.

They talked about his experience on Soapstar Superstar and showed a clip of him singing.

Mel brought up something about a scandal while he was over there (Gemma). But didn't really go into it.

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They showed a picture of Gemma.

Kochie: "What do you like about her?"

Mark: (suggestively) "What do YOU like about her?"

Kochie: "Is it her cooking skills?"

Mark: (laughs) "Yes, her cooking skills and her singing talents."

Then I think Kochie asked if he was planning to take it further, and Mel jumped in to say "He means your singing!" Hehehe.

I think Mark's general feeling about Gemma was that she's a pretty girl and they had fun, but they live so far apart that they're not bothering to continue relationship. That's how I took it anyway.

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I missed because I was at work when it was on. Sometimes they talk about Home & Away. I think Kochie might have teenage daughters so thats probably why he watches. One of my old teachers Mr. Vitale his daughters watched it so he did too. Anyway one day he goes to this girl called Sally "Why did you dump your boyfriend" meaning when Sally broke up with Keirens best mate on Home & Away. And this other girl goes "do you watch it sir "and he told us his daughters watched. My dads friend who is motorbike rider loves Home & Away. I guess some guys just love Home & Away and sometimes probably get teased by their mates about it.

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