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Torn Apart

Guest Natasha

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Story Title: Torn Apart

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Morag, Coleen, Alf, Laura, Katherine and Jacob.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Morag's world is turned upside down and her life may never be the same....


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I gave Facing The Enemy the flick. I had major writers block. I came up with another idea. This won't be as long as the other fics though.

PS: Whoops. I posted this without reading the new rules. It has been awhile since I've been in here. Sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The characters from Home and Away do not belong to me. Simple.


Sam pulled Laura out of the car and pressed the gun to her temple. She started to kick at him but that didn't faze him as he started to drag her towards the end of the cliff.. He looked down at the choppy water and sharp rocks. He turned so that Laura was facing the sea.

" Why?" Laura sobbed as she felt the cold metal press against her temple. The gash was bleeding profusely now, she could even taste it on her lips and it made her want to gag.

Sam didn't answer the question, " It will be Jacob's turn after you." He told her, " My original plan had been to kill him in front of you, but he did a runner. Stupid, stupid boy."

" Leave Jacob out of this." Laura pleaded as tears ran down her blood-slicked face.

" Haven't you figured it out by now?" Sam demanded, " This isn't about us. It's about Jacob, it has always been him. Ever since he was born he was number one in your life. It was never me." Sam replied, " This is why I hate you both." His finger moved towards the trigger.

Laura panicked, " Sam-" she began where they heard a roaring noise. Sam looked up and cursed, it was the cops. How did they manage to find him?

The doors opened and out came Peter Baker, two more cops and Morag Bellingham.

Morag went white when she saw the danger her girlfriend was in. They didn't know it, but they were standing preciously close to the edge. It would only take one slip.

" Sam," Peter began, " I'd step away from the edge, you're standing on some really rocky ground."

" I knew you'd turn up eventually." Sam replied, directing his gaze at Morag, " what are you doing here anyway? This has nothing to do with you."

Morag stared at Sam. He was standing there, pressing a gun to Laura's head, but he wasn't all there. His eyes were cold and hard, there was simply no…spark in them.

" Sam. Just move away from the edge." Peter said again in a more soothing tone. Laura looked at Morag, " Have you found Jacob?"

" No, we came to look for you." Morag replied as Peter started inching his way towards the pair.

" Get back!" Sam shouted, " Get back or she's dead!"

Laura gazed at Morag hoping she would read the sign she was trying to send her way before lashing out and kicking Sam in the shin. He howled out in agony as pain seared through his leg.

Then it happened.

The ground beneath them crumbled and they both fell backward. Laura grabbed at Sam to try and regain her balance but that didn't work. She felt herself fall through empty space and then there was nothing but blackness.


Laura sat up with a jolt, the bed shaking slightly. She felt clammy and her heart was racing. Beside her, Morag Bellingham stirred. " Are you all right?" Morag asked her sleepily.

" I had that dream again." Laura told her and Morag's face darkened.

" About the time you and Sam-"

" Fell off a cliff." Laura rearranged the pillows behind her as Morag rolled over onto her back. This was the third time in a row she was woken by Laura. Not that it was Laura's fault.

" Well, it only happened five months ago," Morag reminded her, " So it's still fresh."

Laura nodded, " But I wonder what it could mean? I know that Sam is dead. My sister killed her-"

" Just keep remembering that. Samuel is dead." Morag interrupted, " You've been through a lot the past few months. It will take a while to get over the experiences."

Laura swung her legs to the side of the bed and got up. " I'm going to make a hot chocolate. Did you want one?"

" No thanks." Morag closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

Laura stumbled and fumbled her way through the darkness until she got to the kitchen. She turned on the light and started making the hot chocolate. It was only 2am in the morning, way too early to get up.

She glanced idly at the calendar. It has been six months since she and Morag fell in love and three months since they moved in together. Their relationship had its ups and downs. But for the moment, it was bliss. They couldn't get enough of each other.

It was so much better since they moved from Summer Bay to the city. She was closer to her son who was away at boarding school. He came home during the term breaks and Morag would be working while he was here-to let them spend time together. It was a great arrangement. (He and Morag never got along anyway)

When she and Jacob first moved to Summer Bay, things spiraled out of control. Her husband (ex-husband) followed them and sued her for sole custody. He won but the hearing was fixed by the town's mayor, Joshua West. Then on the day Sam was to collect Jacob, he found him missing. He was furious and abducted her. Morag realized what had happened and called the police. During the confrontation, the cliff they were standing on collapsed, plunging them both into the sea.

Laura was washed up ashore and after a sea search, failed to find Sam's body. Later, Laura was furious to discover Sam had been found and that Morag knew it all along. She had just been trying to protect Laura and Jacob. Everyone is shocked when Sam wakes up but is later found dead-stabbed to death.

Laura's sister had arrived in the bay, intent on revenge for something Laura and their brother did. They had taken away her son-Jacob. Jacob learns about his real parentage; Katherine is his mother and Laura was his aunt.

Katherine's plan of revenge failed and is now back in the institution. Laura made a vow never to set foot in Summer Bay again. The people in it were nice enough, but were too narrow-minded. They didn't take kindly to the new relationship between Laura and Morag.

Laura poured herself freshly made hot chocolate and wandered back into the bedroom. Morag was awake and obviously waiting for her. Laura climbed back into bed after finishing the drink.

Morag pulled Laura into her arms. " No more nightmares now." Morag whispered into her neck. Laura craned her neck as Morag's lips came down onto hers. Laura knew what was coming next….

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Hi Natasha.

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread.


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Morag and Laura were having breakfast on their balcony, watching the morning traffic when Morag broke the silence.

" There's something I need to talk to you about and you won't like what I have to say." Morag began.

Laura looked expectantly at her. Every morning they would have breakfast on their balcony, still in their dressing gowns-it was their routine, a routine Laura loved and hoped would never change.

" I have to go back to Summer Bay," Morag continued and Laura slowly put down her cuppa.

" What on earth for?"

" The police have some of my files, which I need." Morag told her, " and there are a couple of other things that need doing."

" The main reason for us to move was to get away from that town."

" I know that. But you also knew I still have ties to Summer Bay. I have family there. You knew I would have to go back eventually."

" But so soon?" Laura protested, " We've been here three months, but it feels as if we just got here. It hasn't been long enough. Can't it wait another few months?"

" I'd rather finish things now," Morag said, " I hope you understand."

" Actually I don't." Laura snapped and stalked back inside the apartment in a huff.

Morag left Laura alone to calm down. She packed a bag with some clothes. Then she found Laura in the study, checking her emails.

Morag put a hand on her shoulder, " Things between us has been quite good. Let's not spoil things with a petty argument."

Laura turned around in her seat, her eyes were red. She'd been crying, " I hate us arguing Morag."

Morag leaned down and pressed her lips against hers, " I have to leave soon. The peak hour traffic is over. The sooner I get there, the sooner I can get back."

She straightened up and Laura stood up. " I'll miss you." She whispered, wrapping her arms around Morag's waist. They kissed again, and Laura felt the familiar heat coursing through her body.

" Maybe I can stay another hour." Morag whispered before Laura gave in to more of Morag's kisses…

* * *

Alf Stewart was surprised to see his sister pull up. She hadn't phoned him to tell him she was coming.

" What are you doing here?" he exclaimed, as she got out of her car, carrying a small suitcase.

" I have some things to do." She explained as she followed her brother into the house.

" Is everything all right between you and Laura?" Alf asked her. He was the first to learn about Morag's secret relationship with Laura and at first he had been…uncomfortable about it. But Laura had been good for Morag. He's never seen his sister happier.

" I suppose Laura isn't coming?"

Morag shook her head and went upstairs to her old bedroom in Sally Fletcher's house. She was looking forward in seeing her niece Martha and nephew Ric.

Morag sat down on the bed. She missed Laura already and wished she could have persuaded her to come.

* * *

It's been three days since Morag left, and Laura missed her like crazy. The king-sized bed felt empty without her and Laura missed falling asleep in Morag's arms.

You should have gone with her. Laura told herself as she sat in front of the laptop, answering one of Morag's emails. That was when she got an idea.

Why not drive down there and surprise her? Laura supposed she could catch up with Alfred and a couple of the residents down there. She made friends but had never gotten too close to anybody. She liked Irene Roberts and Beth Hunter.

She closed the lid to the laptop and went to back her bag. Then she went downstairs and climbed into her car. As she did, a shiver went through her and she felt dizzy.

She sat at the wheel, trying to calm her racing heart down. What was that all about? She hoped she wasn't coming down with anything…she started the car and left her apartment.

* * *

Katherine hid in the hallway closet and peeked out as she saw the nurses and doctor run around, trying to find her. She almost laughed when she her nurse getting yelled at by her doctor. Then they hurried down the hall and was gone. Katherine slid out of the closet and ran for the emergency door. She yanked it open and as she did so, the alarm bells went off, deafening her. She ignored the buzzing sound in her ears as she made a run for it. She spotted the get away vehicle and opened the door.

" Hurry." She gasped, " the alarm bells went off."

" I can hear them." The accomplice replied and drove off.

" Where to?"

" Where do you think? Summer Bay."

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Rosey: Thanks for pointing that out. I've fixed the mistake.

Here's chapter three. Enjoy!


Morag tried calling Laura but she wasn't answering the home phone. She then tried calling the mobile, but it went straight to voicemail. She didn't bother leaving a message. She just wanted to tell her she'd be home in a couple of days. She had finished what she was planning to do.

The front door to Sally's house and in walked Colleen Smart. Morag groaned under her breath. Colleen was the last person she wanted to see today.

" Doesn't anyone knock anymore?" Morag asked, without turning around.

" If you must know, I'm here to look after little Pippa." Colleen replied, " Unless Sally's given you the job instead." Colleen almost laughed at the image of Morag looking after a toddler.

" No, I'll leave that up to you." Morag snapped, her patience already wearing thin.

" It's such a shame about Barry Hyde." Colleen commented. Just two days earlier, Morag learned it had been Barry Hyde, principal of the high school who had killed Josh. It was an accident, but because of his past, the courts won't see it that way. Morag was going to have a tough few months, with Barry's trial. She took it upon herself to pay out Barry's bail.

" Yes, I am sure this town will gossip about nothing else." Morag looked pointedly at the other woman before leaving the house.

On the way to the diner, Morag tried Laura's phone again. She'll try again in another couple of hours. She really need to hear her voice.

* * *

Laura got into her car and started off once more. She just had a break and decided with only a couple more hours to go, she wasn't going to stop.

She kept her eyes on the road and drove steadily when a wave of dizziness swept over her. The road in front of her titled and she felt nauseous…then suddenly everything went black.

The car went off the road and rolled down an embankment, then stopped, just a few inches from a tree.

* * *

" Everything all right?" Alf asked Morag in the diner. Morag looked baffled as she disconnected her phone.

" I've been calling Laura all day and she's not answering her phone. I hope she's all right."

" Maybe she's asleep."

" It would have woken her up, she's a light sleeper." Morag frowned, " I have a funny feeling that's something's not right."

" I'm sure she's ok Morag. Just give it another few hours and maybe she'll call back." Alf suggested.

* * *

Katherine tightened her lips and sped up a little. They were almost at their destination. She was going to finish what she started. She'd been in that mental institution for months, plotting her escape when she befriended a nurse. She had told the nurse everything and the nurse had wanted to help. " they had wronged you," the nurse had said, " I want to help make everything right."

" Thank you." Katherine told the pretty curly-haired blonde nurse, " I really appreciate it."

" I will help you get out of here." The nurse's eyes lit up, " then we'll both head for Summer Bay. I have a few things that need…finishing also."

" Then lets kill two birds with one stone." Katherine suggested,

" or in our case, two people with one weapon." And the nurse had laughed.

Now they were nearly there! Katherine had never been so impatient to get back to that town.

The phone next to the nurse rang suddenly, making her jump.

" It's the hospital."

" Don't answer it." Katherine commanded her.

" I have to-otherwise they'll think I helped you escape. I have to make up some kind of story to get me off the hook."

" Fine. Whatever." Katherine sighed. The nurse reached for her phone when Katherine shouted,

" Watch out!" the nurse looked up just in time to see a car swerve into their lane, heading right for them.

Katherine screamed as the other vehicle slammed into theirs. Then everything went black….

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I'm guessing Katherine has joined forces with the Stalker Princess. :D:P

That was a brilliant chapter.

This part cracked me up heaps tho:

Unless Sally's given you the job instead." Colleen almost laughed at the image of Morag looking after a toddler.

Great stuff. Can't wait to read more. :D

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Peter Baker hurried over to the wreckage. The red car was totaled and the truck’s front was also smashed inwards. A paramedic told him the truck driver was killed on impact.

“ What about the other passengers?” he asked the paramedic, as his partner Lara Fitzgerald assessed the damage and began speaking into her radio.

“ There was only one.” The medic replied, “ she’s unconscious but still alive. She’s being loaded into the ambulance now. She’s loosing a lot of blood.”

Peter glanced over at the nearby ambulance and saw a very familiar figure being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

“ Are you sure there wasn’t another passenger? I was told there were three.” Peter peered into the car. There were blood stains on the seats. He would look through the car later, when it was towed.

The medic shrugged, “ When we got here, ten minutes after we were dispatched, there was only two passengers. The truck driver and the woman driver.”

“ Hmm.” Peter frowned, it must have been a mistake. Clearly the driver of this car had been alone.

He headed over to the ambulance and looked inside. He sighed, she didn’t look good-barely recognizable with all those deep lacerations to her face. There was blood gushing down from a head wound.

“ I’m sorry sir, but we need to take her to the hospital. Is there anyone you should call? Family members?”

“ There is one person, yes.” Peter was not looking forward to this call.

She peered through the bushes as she watched the scene. She studied the detective as he checked out the car. Thank goodness she remembered Katherine’s handbag before escaping. Katherine did not look good, she wasn’t going to make it.

Nevertheless, she could do this on her own. But now wasn’t the time. She watched as the detective drove away before she ran through the woods.

* * *

Morag was just sitting down to a glass of whiskey when her phone rang.

It had better be Laura. Morag thought. She still had not heard from her.

“ Morag Bellingham.”

“ Mrs. Bellingham?” it was a male voice, vaguely familiar.

“ Yes?”

“ It’s Detective Peter Baker.”

“ Detective, what can I do for you?” Morag asked absently as she opened the newspaper.

“ There’s been accident,” Peter began, “ You need to come down to the hospital. It’s Laura.”

The newspaper slid off her lap and onto the floor. Her stomach tightened as she stood up, “ Is she all right?” she demanded.

There was a pause, “ I have to be honest, no. Things don’t look good.”

“ I’ll be right there.” Morag said and disconnected the call. She grabbed her purse and hurried to the front door, almost bumping into Sally and Ric.

“ Aunty Morag, are you ok?” Ric asked her. She looked shocked-and pale.

“ Can’t talk right now.” Morag replied and quickly left. She drove to the hospital, running a red light on the way. She didn’t care, all she cared was getting to the hospital on time.

On time? Laura will survive this, she’s a strong woman. Morag tried to console herself.

Morag practically ran through the double doors and noticed Dr. Rachel Armstrong in her scrubs, pulling on some plastic gloves.

“ Rachel!” Morag exclaimed, “ Where’s Laura?”

Rachel looked up, “ She’s in the emergency theatre. I’m about to go in now.” She said and went around the corner. Morag followed her through the door and stared at the person on the table.

“ Oh my God,” she breathed. There was a lot of blood and there were deep lacerations to Laura’s face and arms. She looked translucent. Her hair was also matted with blood.

“ Morag, I need you step outside for a minute.” Rachel then noticed Morag in the room.

“ No.” Morag shook her head and stepped closer to the table. She just wanted to touch her.

“ Morag please.” Rachel pleaded, “ let us work on Laura.”

There was a beeping sound and Nurse Julie exclaimed, “ Her blood pressure’s falling Dr.”

“ We’re loosing her.” Another voice said. Rachel hurried back to the table as they began furiously working on her.

This cannot be happening. Morag thought as she slowly backed out of the room.

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Author's Note: Part of this chapter is missing because I thought it would be too...raunchy for bttb. But if you want to read the section, just pm me and I'll send you it.

Nurse Julie reported that Laura’s blood pressure was continually dropping and there was another loud beep, startling Morag. She stared through the window.

“ She’s gone into cardiac arrest.” Rachel said quietly to Julie, but Morag heard her all the same. She closed her eyes and heard Rachel say, “ Clear!” then heard a whirring noise.

Rachel tried her best, but Laura had now flat-lined. She glanced over at Morag, whose face had gone white. Her lips tightened as she strode back into the room.

“ Morag, please-“

“ Can’t you do anything?” Morag demanded.

“ She’s flat-lined. I’m so sorry.”

“ Try harder!” Morag insisted as Nurse Julie read the time of death.

“ Time of death-17.00.”

Rachel herded Morag out of the room, “ There isn’t anything else I could do. She lost a lot of blood and arrested. I am very sorry. I know how much she meant to you.”

Morag was about to retort when her brother and Sally rushed into the corridor. “ Peter just told us.” Alf explained when Morag asked how they knew.

“ Is she all right?” Sally asked Rachel then glanced at Morag. She seemed to be in a daze as she sank down onto a chair.

“ No-she didn’t make it.” Rachel said in a low voice.

Alf put a hand on his sister’s shoulder, “ I’m sorry Morag.” He said. He had liked Laura and she had been good for Morag.

“ Would everyone please stop saying they are sorry?” Morag demanded, loosing her self-control. “ Rachel, I watched you in there. You didn’t try hard enough.”

Rachel started to protest, but Morag rushed down the corridor and was gone.

“ She didn’t mean that Rachel,” Sally said, “ She’s just lost someone she loved.”

“ I know that.” Rachel said quietly but wasn’t convinced. Was Morag right? Could have she done better?

* * *

The house was empty and Morag was thankful for that. She opened the pantry and found her bottle of whiskey. She grabbed a glass tumbler and filled it to the brim. She then took the bottle with her as she went upstairs and slammed the door.

“ She’s flat-lined. I’m so sorry.” The words whirled around in her mind as Morag swallowed the last bit of whiskey. The alcohol numbed her as she laid back onto the bed. How could she be gone? How was that possible?

She poured herself a second glass and started to drink.

“ That isn’t helping you know.” A voice said, almost making her drop the glass. She looked up and there was Laura, standing at the end of the bed.

“ I’ll do what I want.” Morag snapped, “ this help ease the pain.”

“ By getting drunk?”

“ Yes.” Morag said and defiantly took another sip. She rooted around in her handbag and found her sleeping pills. She never used them, she kept a spare packet because Laura had trouble sleeping sometimes.

“ Go away and leave me alone.” She told the vision.

* * *

Alf stopped in front of Morag’s door and heard her talking to someone. He was very worried about her; losing Laura suddenly might not had time to sink in and was probably in denial.

Morag’s eyes blinked open as she stared at the ceiling. She had just dreamed her last morning with Laura. Making love to Laura had awakened feelings in her she never through she possessed. And now…she could never have those feelings again.

Laura’s dead because of me. Morag realized, if I hadn’t gone to the city, she would still be here.

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