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Guest I Love Mark Furze

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Courtesy of Unreality TV (It says much the same as that article i posted at the top, but more confirming my worst fears).

Soapstar Superstar: Gemma Atkinson And Mark Furze Get It On!

Gemma Atkinson and Mark Furze may have flirted the whole way through the recent series of Soapstar Supersta but sources have revealed that they took their ‘friendship’ one step further at the shows after party.

A source told The People:

“Things got hotter with every drink.”

“It was known that Gemma fancied Mark from the start of the show.

“They were very flirty while the show was on and by the time the show ended things had really hotted up.”

The source added: “The more they drank the closer they got. Gemma had her hands all over Mark while Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen.

“Mark looked a bit worried at first but by the end of the night they didn’t care. She dragged him out of the club with her hand on his bum and they headed back to the hotel where they were staying.”

I think they make a nice couple….I wonder if they regretted it the next morning?

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I never really liked Gemma till she was on soapstar superstar cuz she was one of them girls only in the papers falling out of her top or flauting her new implats! but then i kinda grew to like her on SS but now she's kinda doing the same again, only the other day she did a sell a story about her sex life with ronaldo... hope she's not with mark-he should be with a nicer girl! lol

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Before the show started i didn't have a very high opinion of Gemma but she came across ok on SS i thought so my opinion improved. I hope they aren't together though to be honest because even though she seemed quite nice on SS her antics in the papers stick in my mind.

Oh well it doesn't really matter what i think anyway. I'm glad he has gone back to Australia though so that he is now away from her.

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I wasn't impressed by her before SS, and my opinion hasn't really changed. I don't like to judge people based on what's in the media but she's never come across well and I don't think she helped herself on the show. She claims she wants to be seen as more than just a pair of boobs, yet all she and everyone else ever talked about on SS was her looks. And then she courts publicity by flashing the paparazzi and selling stories about her sex life. I think maybe she relies on the way she looks because she's insecure.

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for those of you who are still nterested in this subject....on gemma's website she has wrote the following

"Now, as for the Mark questions........He's fab and I truly believe I have made a friend for life there, yes that's right FRIEND. We have kept in touch with calls and txt messages (I'm dreading my phone bill) and he's popping over sometime in the summer. I'm going to teach him to get drunk the northern way ha ha!"

and seeing as the papers today are saying that ronaldo hs been denying to his work mates they are anything more than casual.....and she's been spotted with the guy from blue and the one from miami vice. maybe in the summer if mark comes over for longer they may get together. I HOPE NOT THO'...................LOL!

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