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Guess the film

Guest freakybuffy

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A: Nice equipment.

B: Excuse me?

A: The computers.


C: Your face. No no, you're all right. The look you get. It's like... It's like the first time I rode my bike without training wheels. It's like you're experiencing everything for the first time.

D: I am.

Here's 2 quotes from the same film!

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Wow - still nobody...

...another quote...

And you HAD to pick a coloured song, didn't you? What's wrong with Connie Francis? Shelley Fabares? I LOVE Shelley Fabares!

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Wow, is this movie that unpopular :lol:?

Yet ANOTHER quote :lol:

It's the times. They are a-changin'. Something's blowing in the wind. Fetch me my diet pills, would you?


This film was remade in 2007 with almost all well known stars but the lead was an unknown who had been previously working in an ice-cream parlour


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