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Murder on Ice

Guest ~Rosey~

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Topic Title – Mrder on Ice

Topic Description – Most of cast. T (VD)

Type of story: short (19 - 20 chapters)

Rating: T (VD)

Main Characters: Most of cast.

Genre: Mixture.

Warnings: Scary themes..

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Summer Bay residents are on a skiing holiday in England. A mosnter is lurking around. Who is it?.

Thanks, the Librarians.

Could be slighly scary. IMO, the end is, but its not that bad, I dont think.

Note. Belle wasnt with any boys at this time. I own Liz, ad the ski instructor. Well not own them, but they having nothing to do with HAA

Introduction – The town of Summer Bay has been offered a holiday to England for 2 months in winter. They all accepted. But what could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 1

A light snow was falling from the overcast January sky as Jack Holden steered his Mustang expertly along the twisting road. More snow meant ever better skiing. His blue eyes sparkled at the thought.

The small seaside town of Summer Bay was really looking forward to this trip. Some mysterious resident who had not given any idenity had invited everyone.

“Glad you decided to come along?” Jack asked his wife Martha

At first, Martha wasn’t to sure weather to come or not. She was 5 months pregnant and obviously couldn’t do any skiing.

“Yeah. Course I am. You being away for 2 months in just far to long.” She replied, smiling.

Also in that same car, were Rachel and Kim. The 4 of them get along really well, and Rachel and Kim hadn’t been bothered hiring a car over there.

They’re was silence for a few minutes; they didn’t no what else to say to each other. They had only just gotten back together.

“Hey. Aren’t we looking for webcome road? Because we just passed it.” Martha exclaimed,

Jack slowed down, and turned around, driving into the side street. They were just about to go meet everyone for they’re first day of skiing.

Jack parked the car into a small lot and got out, followed by the other 3.

“All right! The suns out!” Kim cried happily.

Jack stood up and took all the skis off the roof carrier and pulled boats out of the boot. Rachel and Kim were going to rent ski equipment,

“Lets get checked in and hit the slopes fast!” Martha said, enthusiastically.

“Martha. Just hold on with you! We have to wait for everyone else.” Jack replied, holding Martha back.

In the matter of a few minutes, everyone else has showed up. The only people that were not going to be skiing were Colleen and Alf because they were too old Pippa, VJ and Ryan because they were all too young.

They all walked inside the cosy lodge, carrying bags and skis. A sturdy, cheerful young woman in jeans and a plaid woollen shirt looked up from behind the registration desk. “Welcome to Webb Cove. I’m Liz” she said

“You must be the group from Summer Bay.”

“Come on in. Sign in at the table over there.”

“By the way. If any of you need to rent anything, do it quickly. We have a lot of guests staying here this week”

“As you properly most know, this place is a dormitory-style,” she explained. “Most of our guests are college students or hostellers from overseas. The guy’s room is on the right, gals on the left. The ski area is on the other side of the mountain. An old chair lift will take you up there; you can connect into the main trails easily there. The schedules for meals and ski classes with our resident instructor are posted on the dorms.”

Leah nodded. “The lodge has its own ski instructor?” She asked.

“Not always. Instructors come and go. But we have a good one right now – Jared Livene. He showed up a few weeks ago, looking for work. He’s a ski bum like me.” Liz said, laughing. “and a fantastic athlete and teacher.”

She opened the door to the women’s bunkroom.

“Here you are women. Take your pic of which bed. Let me know if you need anything.”

Kim caught onto the jacket of Rachel.

“See you on the slops in a little while, okay?”

He waved to the others and followed the rest of the men to the men’s dorm.

The girl’s room, was simple, but attractive. The bunks were built of dark stained wood and covered with comforters in bright patchwork patterns.

Colleen dropped her suitcase onto the bottom bunk, beside the window and sat down beside it, yawning.

“Whew! Driving in that snow really tired me out.”

“I could go for a nap by the fire in the lounge. If only I had someone cute to curl up with.” Belle added, wistfully.

Matilda grinned. “Belle, just a couple of days from now and you’ll have boys falling at your feet.”

“Who wants to wait?” Belle sighed. “Its easy for you Maddy. You’re tall, dark and handsome here with you.

“Maybe you should hunt up that new ski instructor.’’ Nancy suggested. “Err. What was his name?”

“Jared Livene.” Cassie said, promptly.

Belle grinned “A handsome ski instructor can’t be too bad.” She began brushing her hair. “Although he properly wouldn’t be interested in me.

Irene spoke up. “Look darl. Don’t get yourself to excited. For all we know, he could be married with 216 kids.”

Belle gestured for quiet, and then heard a deep voice in the next room

“Hear that?” Belle’s eyes sparkled. “Boys. Hmm. I think I’ll wear my new blue ski jacket.”

Back in the foyer, Liz was sitting behind the desk, all the girls and boys walked out at the same time. Liz stopped them, and asked who Jack was. She raised his hand and Liz called him over. Many others followed. Liz didn’t care. Maybe it would be better if more people knew about this.

They all walked into her office, as behind them, Liz closed and locked the door.

“Jack. Is is true you’re a detective?” Liz asked him.

He nodded. “Yes. Why?”

Liz didn’t answer at once. A draft of cold air sliced through the cracks around the windows. Something – a tree branch properly – scratched against the window plain. It was a faint sound, but Liz jumped as if it was a thunderclap.

“Liz,” Jack cried. “What is it? There’s nothing there.”

“ I know.” Liz answered shakily. “I guess it was just a tree branch.”

“But that’s not what frightened you, is it? Please tell me” Jack urged, gently.

Liz swallowed and forced a smile. “Look at me, jumping out of my skit like that! A week ago, I’d never have said I was afraid of anything.”

“But now you are. Has something happened?”

Liz looked nervously at Jack, and everyone else. “It started last week” she began. “I came down here to get something in the middle of the night, and I saw a face staring through that window. It was a monsters face – no body, no nose, no mouth – a face that could scare you half to death!”

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Hehe, I know :P

Anyway, i'm off to bed. Its 3am. I hope i'm not doing anything tomorrow.

Heres a very small part of Chapter 2 (this chapter will be in 2 parts.) Thought I would post something then nothing at all.

Chapter 2. Part 1.

“What?” Jack exclaimed. “How could that be?”

“Well” Liz explained. “That’s the way it looked at first. The girl had his face pressed against the glass, so her features were all distorted. And she was properly wearing dark clothes. So that’s why I thought she had no body.

“Her?” Jack asked. “How did you know it was a girl?”

“I could just tell by the size.” She replied.

Peter stepped forward. “I’m also a Summer Bay detective. Could you tell us anything else about her?”

“Yes.” She answered, looking at him. “She had blue eyes and blondey/browny hair.

“Your sure about that? How could you tell in the dark?” Peter and Jack almost answered at the same time

“Oh” Liz cleared her throat. “Yes well…pretty sure.”

“All right. That should help me” Jack replied

“But Jack,” Liz went on, sounding frightened, “he was trying to get inside!”

Everyone in that room felt a shiver run up their spine

“What did you do?” Peter asked

“I went straight to the back door.” Liz answered grimly. “By the time I unlocked it, and opened it, there was no one outside! But there were ski tracks in the snow beneath the window and no body had any reason to be messing around with shis at that hour of the morning!”


Night all x x

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