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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)

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I loved Alf blatantly telling Irene 'I remember you when you had character traits'

Next to the one Irene kept Mick's shawl in, no doubt.

It's a miracle! Josh can see!! I can't say I'm surprised but I was really hoping they would do something more interesting with him learning to cope with being blind. What a stupid waste of a potential

Its so annoying. The put in 2 commercial breaks usually only a few seconds/scenes away from an obvious fade out where an Aus commercial break would've been - WHY!!!!!!!!! So annoying!

Also it seems to be an All Saints series 5 reunion on H&A atm

First Conrad Coleby then Josh Quong-Tart and now (I think - the credits were too squashed to read) Ben Tari as Murray.

I remember a scene months ago with Miles and Roman where Roman said "I think I've seen you somewhere before" - I had to laugh as I wanted him to say - "YES - All Saints Hospital"

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Hi all, i emailed channel 5 the other day to find out about the 2 ad breaks during Home and Away on fiveri so hope this clears it up for people, and this is the reponse that i got:

Thank you for your recent enquiry.

We have now started to transmit two advertising breaks in the early evening episodes of Home And Away and Neighbours on FIVER and have removed the break that was previously included between the programmes.

Five is regulated by Ofcom (as are the other UK commercial broadcasters) and we schedule our commercial breaks under very strict guidelines. The total amount of advertising minutage we are allowed to schedule has not changed since 2002 when the total amount of peak allocation increased. However, our advertisements are more likely to be placed in and around programmes that attract more viewers and at times when those viewers are likely to be watching although we are still limited as to how long and how often breaks are scheduled.


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I see! So what they are saying basically is that they can have as many breaks as they wish as long as they don’t go over the total number of minutes that each station is allotted for a particular program, which is of a particular duration.

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I did find todays episode funny first we had Kristy say she didnt know how to make a cocktail she didn't know about computers when she worked at the school does she lie about what she does for every job she would go for

but the really funny bit was when Melody's mother told Geoff she wanted to perform a exorcism on Melody that made me burst out laughing

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