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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)

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I thought last nights episode was too far fetched even for homeandaway and i thought it was silly how Sally found out about Cassie didn't like the episode

So I take it you don't believe that people go on living when they passaway? I hope when loved ones pass over there is omeone to meet them. I think that what happened in home and away could happen in reality. People who talk too spirts say they can see into the future. still it's up to you what you believe in.

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I loved Alf blatantly telling Irene 'I remember you when you had character traits'

Next to the one Irene kept Mick's shawl in, no doubt.

It's a miracle! Josh can see!! I can't say I'm surprised but I was really hoping they would do something more interesting with him learning to cope with being blind. What a stupid waste of a potential

Poor Leah! What a terrible, unprofessional way to be told tragic news- over the phone at work! They should have got in touch with the police, then Jack could have come round to tell her personally. I'm sure that's what they are supposed to do.

I'm a bit confused why Pippa is staying with Roman- isn't he living in his car or something? Even if he's in a caravan, why would she stay with him? She could stay at Irene's :unsure:

I am not a fan of leah but I felt sorry for her lastnights epesode, she has lost two husbands now poor cow.

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I didn't know that but the first time I saw her I thought she looked like Brodie.

Have the ratings been going down in Australia because in the last few weeks far too many big things have happened, it's actually getting to Sunset Beach levels of ridiculousness.

Cassie and Ric have been away for a few days and in that time Johnny's escaped from prison and stabbed Sally, Dan's been killed, Annie's had to have her stomach pumped, Jazz and Amanda have returned and Johnny's hiding next door to a policeman and being helped by the coppers wife! And then the two weeks before all this Cassie found out she was pregnant and then she and Henk found out they were HIV. Oh, and Sally's long lost twin brother turned up! Madge Wilkins must be about to explode with all this gossip.

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That is alot lol

The only thing that has annoyed me is Ric and Cassie basically living in a different world, away from everything that has happened.. It just didnt seem right.

Also, I dont remember when Amanda and Jazz met before? I know that Jazz did rent Amanda's house, but I cant remember them onscreen together, were they? And when?

I wish they had showed the full slap fight though, that was funny.

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It was so funny with Jazz and Amanda. And the bit with Sally, Miles and Leah, was so funny, it made me cry because I know Sally has left now. :(

Jazz: I'll go put the kettle on then, make some tea.

Amanda: Umm... I'll go with you

Jazz: Why?

Amanda: Well, I need to show you how.

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