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Latest 5STAR episodes (UK)

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Did anyone notice the guy interviewing Jack today was the TAFE teacher Gypsy was stringing along recently in the old episodes.

On the mystery about who beat up Julie, I guess because she was using Rachel's car the attacker could have got the wrong person. I haven't got a clue who it could be though, the way things have been going recently we'll probably find out a minute into tomorrows episode. I quite like drawn out mystery stories in the background but they then usually drag on for too long although it's better than just lasting an episode or two.

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I loved Alf blatantly telling Irene 'I remember you when you had character traits'

Next to the one Irene kept Mick's shawl in, no doubt.

It's a miracle! Josh can see!! I can't say I'm surprised but I was really hoping they would do something more interesting with him learning to cope with being blind. What a stupid waste of a potential

First things first...Tony's haircut...sooooo much better!! :D I completely agree with what you guys are saying about Tony and Rachel becoming a couple. She is mature and he is mature. There is an age difference...she's 29 or something and he is in his 40's, but I don't really think that it would matter in their case, because as I said, they are both mature and well...they would just be perfect together! I'm hoping that the writers go down the route of a Tachel pairing one day, but for the moment I think we can assume that they are not going to <_<.

Poor Julie :(. Rachel must have been the one who was meant to be attacked, considering Julie borrowed her car and was subsequently assaulted. I can feel an interesting storyline building up...

I loved the scene when Drew made that smoothie drink thing. ''Copyright Curtis'' :lol: Oh and Belle's line...''you and your mum being besties''...that was great as well!

I don't think Sam could get more annoying. ''The problem is you and Martha''...:angry:. She is his ex wife and I agree, he should have told Sam about his job being on the line (again), but he probably didn't want to worry her etc. I think the reason I don't like Sam is because if it hadn't of been for her, Jack and Martha would have got back together again most likely. Now we have to wait even longer for the never ending 'will they, won't they get back together' storyline!

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General question...did anyone else get major interference towards the end of the episode that just finished? It may have been my digi-box, but the picture went onto the blue fade thingy that comes on before the show, and the theme tune played over it as well :blink:...

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I thought it would of been great to see Don Fisher back,but they have ruined his character.

If they wanted him back for a guest character,why did they have to destroy his life away just to give him some sort of story like that.

All the teens are against him,Aden's lot and Cassie's lot.

I just think they have ruined his character,they made him broke and trying to cope with that without anyone knowing,then him and his teacher and Brad being against him..

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I felt so sorry for Mattie in tonights episode. All she wants is a bit of peace and quite to study for her exams, and Martha forgets that she asked if she could have the flat to herself :rolleyes:. A bit of a naff excuse if you ask me. It was interesting to watch the short scene with Martha and Sam though. You could just tell that there was that awkardness there!

I'm suprised Bruce hasn't given himself another heart attack, the way he goes off at anyone and anything. He treats Annie and Geoff like slaves and wonders why they want to do things, other than work on the farm! As for Bruce shooting his shotgun off again...:rolleyes:. Who an earth would just shoot their shotgun off like that?! Apart from the occasional moment where Bruce annoys me :P, i'm really enjoying all the farmy stuff at the Campbells farm. It's really interesting to see how Annie and Geoff's lives are being transformed and how Bruce is so very set in his ways. Another thing i'm enjoying about Annie and Geoff, is there closeness as brother and sister. Apart from Rachel and Brad, they are the only characters who have that bond :D.

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