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Fish and Chips

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: Fish and Chips.

Story description: Jack and Martha's christmas.

Type of story: One Shot.

Main Characters: Jack and Martha.

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: No.

Is story being proof read: No.

Any warnings: No warnings.

Summary: Jack and Marthas christmas dinner.

I wrote this for the Christmas Fan Fic comp on Haac and only just relised that I still had it so I thought I would post it here.

Yes, I relise it isnt Christmas anymore, sorry! :(

Fish and Chips

“Martha, is something burning?” Jack asked his wife as he appeared in the doorway, a towel flung around his waist. He peered over her shoulder at the black chicken.

“Sorry,” She said softly as she put on her oven mitts and threw it out.

“We can have take out instead?” He asked hopeful.

“No, it’s Christmas, I’ll go and get another one now,”

“It doesn’t matter what we eat, so what if were having guests, its only Tash, Rob and Ella. I’m sure they won’t mind, fish and chips.”

Martha turned around and raised her eyebrows at him.


”Fish and Chips? Jack…” she began to protest, but was cut short by Kate wailing.

“Mummy,” She tired as she pointed to a small paper cut on her finger. Martha picked up her daughter and took her into the bathroom. Jack peeked down the hall to make sure she had shut the door. His lips curled as he raced towards the phone.

“Irene, hey, can we order….”Jack spoke softly into the phone, ordering dinner. He had only just hung up the phone, when Kate came running into the room; she wrapped her arms around Jacks legs and hugged them.

“Daddy I love you,” She laughed. Jack laughed and told her, he loved her.

“Kate why aren’t you dressed?” Martha asked her holding up, Kate’s party dress in one hand.

“But Mummy I am,” Kate protested pointing to her nightie. Martha sighed.

“Mummy means in something other then your night sweetie,”

“But Daddy, It’s a Hi-5 nightie,”

“Yes, and they are great,” he laughed. Kate grinned at him. He looked towards Martha; she sighed and threw the nightie at Jack.

“You try,” she said softly as she walked into their bedroom.

“Daddy,” Kate began her bottom lip trembling, “Don’t make me get all nice just cos it’s Christmas,”

“You don’t have to,” he winked at her as he hid her dress behind a pillow on the couch.

Kate giggled,” Daddy I’m hungry.”

“Fish and Chips?”

“No, Mummy said we have to have something she cooks, I don’t like what she cooks,”

Jack couldn’t help but laugh.

“Were having fish and chips and were going to show mummy that we don’t have to be dressed up fancy and eat fancy just because it’s Christmas,”

“Christmas eve,”

“Well... Yeah,” he laughed as he picked up the car keys, let’s go and get dinner,”

Jack picked up Kate as they headed towards the diner.

As Jack opened the front door, Kate stood beside him, her hair messily strewn across her face.

“Martha?” He called.

“In here,” she replied, she put the last of her lip stick on and smiled at herself in the mirror,

“Perfect she whispered, she walked out into the lounge.

“You on the other hand,” she began, she bit her lip at the sight of her 3 year old in her nightie when they were expecting visitors.

“Don’t worry Angel, she will be the star,” Jack joked.

“What is in your hand?” Martha asked him as she picked up her daughter and brushed her hair out of her eyes with her fingers.

“Fish and Chips,”

“Jack I told you, I had things under control,”

“Ok what have you gotten ready?”

“Does a salad plate count?” she said with a tint of joking in her voice.

“Do I have to get dressed?” Kate sniffled.

“Well…”Martha began she glanced over Kate’s shoulder at Jack.

“No you don’t,” she finally said. Kate grinned.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Jack opened it, it was their guests.

“Ella!” Kate squealed as Martha put her down, they ran towards each other laughing.

“I got a present.” Ella announced showing Kate her Hi-5 shoes.

“But Santa hasn’t been yet,” Kate said confused.

“They weren’t from Santa they were from Irene,” Ella said proudly showing them off.

“So what’s for dinner?” Tash asked Martha.

“Um… Fish and chips.” She said slowly.

“That’s good,” Tash laughed.

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