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Mon 15 Jan 07 - "The Light Surrounding You"

Guest dodge

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Very Unofficially titled "The Light Surrounding You"

New credits. (See Australian Discussion Forum)

"Previously, on Home & Away"... summarises the Season Finale and it's lead-up events.

Now for HAA 07!!!!

Outside SBH / Rocco's apartment

Panning down past Sal's car, she lies motionless. Rocco runs into his apartment, slamming the door behind him, lamenting what he's done. He then proceeds to go OCD on us, scrubbing the blood stained shirt, through tears. As the scenes cut back between he and the SBH carpark where Sally continues to lie motionless, we see Rocco dealing with his actions. He smashes the mirror in front of the sink as he continues to violently sob.

Kim & Rachel's pad

The dramatic chords fade and we see Kim sit absolutely speechless as Kit continues to help him deal with the fallout of the baby bombshell. She goes on to explain that she doesn't expect anything of him.

Outside SBH / The AboveDinerApartment™ where Brad currently lives

Sally stirs, she looks extremely unwell. She begins to shuffle herself along the ground, trying to get to her car. At the apt, Brad lights the candles and pours the wine. He checks his watch and wonders where Sal has gotten to. Back outside the high school, Sal continues to make her way to the car, shuffling along the ground.

Rachel arrives at Brad's apartment, sees the setup, then starts teasing. He quickly ushers her out in anticipation of Sal returning. Once Rach is gone, we see Brad still concerned, so he calls her mobile. Sal, creeping ever so slowly toward the car, hears the phone ring, and winces in pain again. She props herself up against the car as Brad leaves a forlorn message on her voicemail. She then collapses in utter pain, falling unconscious once again.

The AboveDinerApartment™ where Brad currently lives/Outside SBH

We return from a break and Brad's had enough... Sal's not at the house and not answering her phone... so he goes back to the school. When he arrives, he walks past Sal's car, then notices her.

Northern Districts Hospital (NDH)

Brad rushes in with the bloodied and lifeless Sal in his arms.

"Somebody, I need some help" screams Brad. They instruct him to take her straight through to emergency.

After a basic inspection of her body, the docs decide she'll need to go straight to theatre. During this time, Nurse Julie has to ask Brad to keep back until the docs have done what they need to.

Kim & Rachel's pad

Rachel returns and remarks at the lovely dinner setting Kim has created. She makes numerous foreshadowing remarks, least of all saying she "agrees with Leah that she has a really good feeling about this year". She eventually notes his lack of talking, but before they get to the bottom of it, she receives the call from NDH about Sal.


As Sal goes into surgery, the folk of the Bay arrive at the hospital. The most notable of these arrivals is Ric, whose anger boils over. He rushes off to see Rocco, believing Johnny has a hand in what's happened. Rachel arrives and demands she have a hand in the surgery.

SBPS (Police Stn)

The main sergeant bloke and Peter begin to assemble a crack team to figure out who did this to Sal. Peter says it makes no sense, but speculates just like Ric that Johnny could've had a hand in it.


Sal's surgery continues as more of the town show up. In the main waiting area now are Beth, Tony, Alf, Irene, Martha, Amanda, Leah, Dan and Brad are all waiting with baited breath. It is mentioned that Cassie has been called but she didn't answer, only a voicemail was left.

Rocco's apartment

The kid is crying in bed, until we hear a loud knock - Ric - at the door. Judging by the red eyes, Ric assumes that Rocco knows what happened. Rocco swears he had nothing to do with it and that he doesn't have contact with Johnny anymore. Ric reminds him sternly that if he knows anything he should come forward. Maddie, who is there with Ric for support, suggests he come back to the hospital with them to support Sally. Rocco turns down the offer, and after the kids leave, he once again breaks down inside his apartment, sobbing.


Sally's operation continues and all appears to be going well. She is stabilising and they are getting ready to wrap the op up. In the waiting area, Alf and Brad share a few heartfelt words about the woman they both dearly love.

Alf: She's the strongest woman I know.

Back in the theatre, Dr Bennett (the doctor performing the operation) credits Rachel with healing Sal. As they prepare to close the operation, Bennett is called away due to a 3-car Motor Vehicle Accident. Tragically, Sally's stable vitals de-stabilise after Dr Bennett leaves, meaning it's up to Rachel to save Sal's life.

End of ep

PROMO Tomorrow, there's only one place to be... to find out.... Will Sally Survive?

Alf: "When I find the mongrel who did this"

Hope JosieTash doesn't mind me getting in on the act :wink: .

Happy New H&A year to one and all!

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I don't mind at all - i suspected that someone may have done the season rtn ep (it's that kind of BIG ep that you'd expect ppl to go for .....

anyway, just like to add ..........

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene’s black kinda low cut long sleeve dress

SILVER – Alf’s bright blue button up shirt

BRONZE – Colleen’s sky blue long skirt/silver long sleeve jumper combo


Amanda’s red “V spangly collared” top

Beth’s orange long skirt/grey (forestry?) top combo

Dan’s light blue button up shirt

Kit’s light grey long sleeve top (with broach)

Kit’s violet wide collar top

Leah’s purple (velvety) spaghetti strap top

Maddie’s dark blue spaghetti strap top/orange long skirt combo

Martha’s marroon elbow length sleeve top

Nurse Julie’ white (with blue triangle motifs) blouse

Rachel’s red (with yellow specs al over) dress

Ric’s white (with thin blu horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rocco's apple green (blood spattered) t shirt

Sally’s green top

Tony’s black (whited pinned striped) button up shirt

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