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2007 (Gag)

Guest Summer Bay

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Story Title: 2007 (Gag)

Type of story: One shot

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Romance.

Main Characters: Entire Cast

BTTB rating: T/A

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language, Sexual Content, Violence/Death, Drug References, Adult Themes)

Summary: Follows the lives of the residents of Summer Bay and it leads up to the 2007 finale.

****i meant 2007 (gag) sorry****


Sally lies unconcious on the ground , until brad finds her and gets her to the hospital. It was touch and go for a while but after three days , sally wakes up.


Know one knows it was Rocco that stabbed sally , until sally remember's and ric goes after him to get revenge.

But when Rocco is mysteriously found dead , just hours after Ric had beatin im up , Ric is found guilty of murder. Morag does everything she can to get him out of prison


Cassie decides to stay in Summer Bay , after macca left her because she was psychically abusing him and ends up in a relationship with Rocco's brother Rocky , After they met at Roccos funeral.


Belle Cheats on Lucas with Drew , And Lucas ends up in a steamy affair with Matilda , When, Martha catches them she demands that they go to the prison and tell Ric .Ric tells both of them that he never wants to see them again, Matilda Cry's


Amanda is humiliated when two people from her past come back to haunt her and reveal to the whole town that she used to be in the porn industry , Peter cant handle it and fakes his death again just to get away from her. Dan is angry and has another tantrim


Leah falls Pregnant and gives birth to a blind baby and she thinks to herself "why cant i just have a normal kid for crying out loud" and then adopts the baby out to rachel who is still devastated that kim left her to live with kit and he's child in the city. Rachel drops the kid on its head and then turns to alchahol when she realises that she is a lousy mother.


Ric is released from prison when morag finally finds the evidence to prove him innocent, but He is shocked when he arrives home to find alf and colleen naked on the lounge. Colleen and Alf Are having a fling and Colleen has a heart attack during sex. But she is ok , although she decides that she cant handle the relationship after the heart attack and puts a stop to it. Alf is Devestated.


Cory escapes from prison and kidnapps Irene and martha. They both escape but not before they both concieve Cory's children after he "assualts " Them. Martha Gets an abortion without anyone ever knowing about it. but irene decides that she wants to keep the baby. But she ends up having a miscarrage when Dan has anther one of his dummy spits because irene didnt make his coffee strong enough , and throws it at her , killing the child inside her. Dan is terribly sorry


Irene turns to alchahol and her and rachels get on the **** together and realise that they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together , So rachel and the blind baby move in with irene.


Jack kills sam's ex husband out of self defence and Jack , Sam and Sam's son go on a holiday...come back a week later married, Martha Cry's when she finds out because she realises that she had it good with jack and should never have left him and ended up with Ash , who was married with children anyway, and she has wasted 2 months of her life poll-dancing and doing drugs when she could have been looking for another cop to be with.


Brad Realise that he wants to marry sally and after 2 months of winging and bitching to himself that he feels guilty because of his dead wife , he finally gets over it and asks her to marry him. Sally says no because it is to soon after Flynn but then when she has a dream of flynn telling her to marry him , she takes it as a sign and accepts Brads proposal.


Ric hooks up with some hot new apprentice mechenic and sally has a problem with it because she is ten years older then him , but she gets over it. Ric gets a phone call from he's uncle who says that he is coming to visit , His Uncle tells him that his wife is out of town on buisness but when she gets back they are going to come and see Ric an he's new girlfriend.


the woman of summer bay decide that the will take a train trip to newcastle because Beth heard of some really nice wedding dress shop and they want to make a day of wedding shopping. beth , rachel , irene , colleen , matilda, martha ,cassie, sam and sally get on a train. But the train is hyjacked bye terrorists ad evetually blows up killing sam and her son , and leaving matilda disfigured once again , but this time it is her face. Matilda crys. Everyone else survies with just a few nips and scrapes.


Matilda is embarrassed of her disfigured face so her mum tells her to wear a paper bag over her head , at first she doesnt want to , but then she looks in the mirror and she realises its the best thing to do. Drew cheats on belle with her mother again. Jack mourns the death of sam but a week later hooks back up with martha , She's pregnant 5 days later


The diner is held up at gunpoint by a drug crazed sarah louis , The town learns that she faked her death and has been preparing her revenge ever since. Martha Tries to escape but slips on a serviete and has a miscarrage. Sally tells Sarah that if she lets everyone go she will be invite to the wedding which is in 2 weeks.

Sarah Agree's to compromise and ends up being the new major of summer bay after she saves jack from killing himself over the grief of his lost child to martha. Alf is jealous that she is major.


Martha tells jack that they can try for another baby but after a day of trying and not gettng pregnant , she decides to see doctor who tells her and jack that they cant have kids and that they were lucky to fall pregnant last time . The Doctor realises martha has had an abortion and martha is forced to tell jack that she was once carrying corry's baby. Jack has a winge. and then martha is jealous when cassie tells her she is pregnant with Rocky's child.


Sally's and Brads Big Day is Drawing closer and past residents begin to return for the event of the year.

Dani returns to summer bay , Married and blind in one eye, she tells irene that she was involved in a fishing accident. hayley and scott return five mins later and dani has a spit that they are together. But then to try and stop the fight irene shares the news to them that rachel and herself are an item, Kit and her baby return without kim and tells everyone that kim left her for another woman.


The Rest of the sutherlands return , Except for Kirsty , But Kane returns and tells everyone that she is in prison for prostituting for money to feed their baby. The Baby Was taken bye Docs, Pippa returns with carly , Both expecting to be bridesmaids , but sally only wants one , Pippa! Carly is upset


Tomorrow is the big day and more past residents return including , Tasha , Robbie , Josie , Don , Nick , Will , Gypsy , Sam , Duncan , Stephen and seb. And Another person from the past returns , someone that wants to destroy the big day...but who??

*******************************Season Finale 2008 "Till Death"*********************************

The Big Day Has Finally Arrived ..Rics uncle shows up without his wife and tells Ric that they have divorced , And then Ric's Girlfriend walks in and it is her. Ric has been seeing his uncle's wife , What will he do???

Martha Finds out she is 5 weeks pregnant with twins , But Jack had been out of town on buisness for 6 weeks, Is the baby's Jacks??? Irene and Rachel decide that in the new year they want to get married , will all go as planned?? Matilda doesnt want to wear a paper bag over her head at the wedding so she upgrades to a plastic one , will she suffocate???? Colleen and Alf dicide to give their relationship another shot. Leah Realises that she actually does want to keep the blind baby she had givin birth to months earlier and decides to tell rachel after the wedding , Dan tells leah that he will not stay with her if she takes the blind baby back because his granmother was blind and it was to much work, what will happen??? Sarah Louise is showing people to their seats , ready for the weddng to begin when peter baker retuns and tells her that he was always in love with her and that is the only reason he was trying to track her down , they kiss and hug and sit down , the wedding is about to start. Sally and Brad are at the alter when a woman comes running in screaming "STOOOP , He's my husband" pointing at brad!!!! Sally is distraught that this is happening again , she runs out of the church. Her prides maid , pippa , follows her , so does Dani and Carly. Brad tries to stop her saying that he has know idea who this person is , but alf puches him and knocks him out.

A Distraught sally gets in Dani's Car and demands the keys , Dani says no but then sally tackels her to the ground and steals them. She starts the car and pippa , carly and Dani (who hit her head from the fall and now has got mild concusion) get in as well. Driving Crazily up the road , a horn sounds and sally slams on the breakes , she was 5 cm away from hitting another car. The Girls Take a sigh of relief but at that moment , a second horn blows and a truck wipes the girls off the road.

From a distance Zoe's Acomplice Tracey , Drives away in the truck.

--------------------------------------2008 promo--------------------------------------------------------------------

IN 2008 , Tacrey's Back ** IN 2008 , Tracey's Back**IN 2008 Tracey's Back** Who will be her next victim??

____There was a horror car smash...two people didnt survive...who were them people??? Who didnt surive??

Plus , there's a whole new twist install for summer bay , So the car smash victims arnt the only one's in danger.... A Massive year of home and away January 2008


*********Just a bit of fun for a laugh , but have a few more idea's so if anyone wants a 2008 one , Please request and i will ********************************************************************************



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