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Behind the Scenes (Part 2) (by Traceve) - comments


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Lol.... Daniel finally has a brain... Duh... He let Sarah and Emily stay on and he brought Bobby in. :P

That was brilliant and I'm happy that there's a Part 2! Been waiting for it for ages, now. :D

Loved it.... Don't keep Em and Sarah waiting too long. I can't wait to read about the double date.

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Lol.... Daniel finally has a brain... Duh...

I sometimes think he doesnt have a brain :lol:

Thats guys, I wasnt sure if continuing this fic after such a long break was a good idea or not.

Why does Kit always have to ruin everything?!

Because it causes drama :P And it was Amy M :P


Bobby walked over to Holly and cupped her chin.

Holly sighed and flung herself at Bobby, kissing him.
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Well, I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Gawd, I hope the whole Amanda/Drew storyline doesn't happen for real. Yuck.... She's married in real life too.

Aw, Rhys.... You've got to love the guy. He's so dedicated to Indi. Go Rhys! You rock. He's so sweet. He kept all of her text messages.

And, Daniel has changed. Sigh... I miss him when he was all, you know, like he had something stuck in his pants or something. :P

Tim and Ada.... Forever gambling. Then again, Dan does gamble. I love Tim's gambling... He always gets it right.

Loving it so far, Shan. Brilliant as always. :D

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