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Okay well I love coming in here to see everyone's art work, and it totally inspired me to do some of my own... nothing special, just my attempts. :P I have most of these on HAAC, so if they look familiar, that's probably why... there are also some in the random artwork thread as well. I would love to hear your thoughts/help/advice etc. Thanks heaps! :)




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First of all, i love your work and if this is first attempt then you've done an amazing job!

I think the second Matilda avatar is a bit light and she looks a bit to yellow in her face but the one before that of her is great!! Very good colouring :wink:

And the second Ric in the other post is very stunning, so well done on everything :P

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Really nice work!

I agree with Natalie that in the 2nd Mattie avvie her face looks a little yellow but you are propably trying new things so its okay.

I love the 2nd Ric avvie inb the 1st post and the Ash and Mac one!

Nice work Adia

Luv Jo


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