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Colleen Appreciation Thread

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Having noticed all the appreciation threads for other characters, I think Colleen deserves her very own thread.

I have watched the episode tonight (the one after Leahs miscarriage) I thought it was lovely when Colleen lay down on the bed with Leah. And for once kept her mouth shut.

Dont get me wrong she is an old fuddy duddy at times and she is well known for having foot for tea, but every now and again, she shows a wonderful loving side, at Flynns funeral with Cassie, when Kane had cancer and she always has been there for Sally and Leah.

So well done Colleen, may everyone of your clowns have a silver lining!!

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She's an example of how a character doesn't always have to be undergoing personal tragedy and disasters in order to be a fantastic character. Lyn Collingwood must also be contragulated for being able to make her comical yet at the same time "real". She is well overdue a big storyline, but at the same time, I wouldn't want her to have one just for the sake of it.

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