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Which members would you most like to meet?

Guest matty92

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They had this on another site i thouht it would be fun to start here.

Who would you most want to meet in real life that you met on this site or have you already met some people from this site.

I would pick Chris I guess, I've already met mitchie but i knew him before I came to the site, and also the members that are secretly H&A cast and crew.

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Screen names & Real names

Bella - Belle, Because Belle is awesome and is always there for me.

Lilone2006 - Lil, because.. she is cool!

swfc - Chrissie, Because she is so cool and nice! :P

Mercury_Girl - Margrethe, because Mar is a really nice person.

Nachocheez - Laura, so we can disscuss our plans to stalk someone... :ph34r:

Oxidizer- Andy, cos Andy is awsome.

xsophiexlouisex - Sophie, So I can give her a hug!

aejdude - Aaron, because he is really nice!

Thats in a random order though.

Edit: I didnt read the subtitle that said why.. :wink:

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Belle because we have heaps in common. I foresee a kick-ass Disney marathon, and a reviewing of my It Takes Two tapes :D

Sam because we've been chatting for years and it would be nice to meet her in person. Plus I know for a FACT that she's hugged Jason Smith. If I hug her, it'll be like I've hugged Jason!! :o

Lynd... to shake her hand :wink:

And I reckon Andy, The Oxidizer, would be an... interesting individual to meet and greet. I feel we could exchange more than a few wicked ideas... o.-

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JackAndMarthaForever - Because shes my bestest friend...on the internet. I wuv her. Shes funny. kinda and caring.O! And shes pretty to :D

-belle- - Shes almost the same as Emma cept shes not my bestest friend.

xsianx - Makes me laugh alot. First internet friend I had

loobielou - Shes the bestest! Lmao. She crakcs me up way to much.

beckboo - Shes heaps nice...but then again so is everyone else.

Shame, all of those people have to live in teh Uk.

I'd also like to meet

Traceve - We have quite abit in commen and shes really nice n prettyyyyy

Swfc - I havnt known her for long but she seems really nice. And funny.

I thinkds thats all the people from this site I want to meet.

Sorry if I forgot anyone. It is 1:43am. Thats my excuswe.

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