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All Or Nothing

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Dedication, girls! Here I am posting the next chapter, on my birthday of all days. That and stuffing myself with cake. :)

A couple of things you should probably know:

1. There was no ‘Believers’ storyline.

2. Ella does not exist.

3. Tasha isn't pregnant.

4. Rob & Tash aren't married yet.

Chapter 3

The sun peaking through the bedroom curtains caused Martha to stir from a comfortable sleep. With a groggy head she lifted herself out of bed. Smelling the bacon sift through the air she made her way to the kitchen.

"You're up," Cal gleamed kissing Martha on the forehead.

Martha sat on the stool with her eyelids barely open. "How much did I drink last night?" She questioned in a whisper.

"A fair bit," Cal laughed in a loud voice. Noticing the distressed look on Martha's face he stopped.

Spotting the class of cold water just sitting on the table, which happened to be Cal’s. Martha grabbed it and drank it in one go.

"I was thinking we could go to the beach today? It seems lovely out."

Not in the mood for small talk about the weather Martha just nodded along. "Sounds great but I've got to meet Tash for a girly lunch,"

"Can't you cancel?" Disappointment covered Cal's face.

"I would but she wants me to help with the wedding plans."

"Okay, guess we can go to the beach any day." Cal said.


"You look like a wreck!" Tasha greeted Martha.

"Well hello to you too," Martha grumbled.

"Ah, hangover," Tasha nodded knowingly.

"No," she defended, but couldn't help letting a little smile escape from her lips. "Where's Rob?" Martha asked changing the subject.

"He's out getting his tux fitted with Kim and Jack," Tasha told her. "So that means we can get working."

Pulling out a stack of bridal magazines, Tasha grinned from ear to ear while Martha prepared for a long day ahead.

"I was thinking about lilies for the ceremony, but then I thought roses would be more traditional. But then again, who wants their wedding to be traditional? I want it to be spectacular!"

"Uh huh…"

"So what d'you think?" Tasha was holding up pictures of flowers on either side of her head. "Lilies or roses?"

"Ummm…" Pointing her hand to the left side Martha said: "That one."

"Roses? Are you sure?" Tasha looked unsure. "I was thinking lilies..."

"Lilies it is then," Martha smiled.

"But what if Rob wants a more traditional look?"

"They're flowers Tash, they're gonna die soon," … So am I if you don't just pick one, Martha thought to herself … "Just choose one"

Concentrating on the flowers Tasha smiled. "Lilies its definitely Lilies."

"Good," A sigh of relief escaped Martha's mouth.

"Sorry Mac," Tasha added. "I bet you'll be just as bad when you and Cal get married."

"Whoa" Martha held up her hand. "What makes you think we're getting married?"

"Mac, you've been together for over a year! He's bound to have thought about it."

"You think?" Martha asked.

"Definitely," Tasha smiled. "You two'll be next."


Sitting on the beach Martha let the sand sift between her toes. The sun was on its way down and after three hours of wedding plans, she needed to relax.

She hadn't been paying full attention since Tasha had mentioned about her and Cal getting married. Sure, they'd been together for a good while, but she just didn't want to get married before she even had her 21st birthday! Things with Cal were just casual weren't they? It was just-

"Hey," Jack interrupted Martha from her train of thought.

"How was your shopping trip?" Martha teased.

"You make it sound as if we went shopping for flowers-"

"You won't mention that word again today if you know what’s good for you," Martha warned.

"Somebody’s on great form," Jack grinned sarcastically

"Three hours, Jack," she stated. "Three hours of 'pink or cream', 'roses or lilies', 'indoor or outdoor'. Three. Whole. Hours!" She held up three fingers in front of her to demonstrate.

"I get it," Jack laughed at how much of a state Martha was in - over flowers!

"Its not funny!"

"Oh, it’s hilarious from where I'm sitting," he said. "Besides its only a wedding. What’s the big fuss?"

"Try telling that to Tash. She wants it to be just perfect."

"All this over a wedding. " Jack shook his head. "I say they have the ceremony outdoors and have the reception in the Diner."

"So much to learn" Martha mocked, shaking her head.

"What did you decide on? Indoors or outdoors?"

"Guess you'll just have to wait and see."

After a moments silence Martha spoke up. "Do you ever see yourself getting married?"

"Yeah, if the timing and the girl’s just right, then yeah."

"Would you get married now?"

"Are you asking me?" Jack teased, smiling.

"Jack, be serious. If you were asked now by someone who was ... well, perfect. Would you say yes?"

"I would," Jack answered after a few seconds thinking. "What’s with all the questions?"

"Nothing, just Tasha mentioned about me getting married."

Jack stopped smiling. "Cal asked you to marry him?"

"What? No! She just pointed out that he's most likely thought about it,"

"And what about you, have you thought about it?"

"What’s with all the questions?" Martha mocked him.

"If he asked you, would you say yes, Martha?"

"I really don't know."


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