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All Or Nothing

Guest ~Amy~

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So its short and crap but suppose its better than nothing! I'll write the next one better I'm too tired to re-write it :P

Chapter 2

"Pass the salt" Jack said to no one in particular.

"Here," Cal said getting up out of his seat to pass it although technically Jack was closer... by about an inch.

"Hows work?" Martha asked after another period of silence.

"Yeah its good, McGrath's putting pressure on me to crack a case..."

"See thats the best thing about working in the gym no mysteries... except for that smell after Colleen and her bowling pals have been in.."

Lifting his head Jack faked a smile. Why couldn't Cal just shut up and let him in eat in peace?

"Can you help me with something in the Kitchen, Jack?" Martha demamnded more than questioned. When the reached the kitchen she lightly wacked him on the shoulder

"Hey, what was that for?" Sulking over to the fridge Jack rubbed his arm.

"If you didn't want to be here you shouldn't have come," Martha sad in a whisper so Cal wouldn't hear.

"I do want to be here," Jack whispered back removing himself from the fridge then stuck it back in further and muttered "just not with him."

"Good," With a smile plastered on here face Martha schooched herself up onto the counter.


"who's for another glass?"

"I'm still finishing mine," Jack said "How many have you had anyway?"

"Oh not too much," Martha slurred.

"Yeah," Concern covered Jack's face as he watched Martha try and pick up her fork; failing miserably. Such dedictation on her face her tounge was peaking out through hers lips. She looked adorable and Jack couldn't help but stare at her. Out oof tthe corner of his eye Cal could see him staring at Martha with a grin on his face.

"So Jack how's your love life?" Cal asked leaning himself on the table.

Nearly choking on his drink he managed to put together a reply. "Fine thanks."

"Seeing anyone?" Cal asked through gritted teeth.

"No... why the sudden interest?" Jack inquired.

"Oh no reason, just wondering," Cal said nonchalantly.


"I want to do something fun!" Martha requested.

"Tomorrow will be lots of fun; hangovers are a blast," Jack laughed to himself.

"Lets do something wild," Grinning like a four year old Martha stood up and to Jacks utter amusment tried to climb onto the table.

"You're gonna break your neck!" Cal said trying to get ahold of her.

"Martha quit messing around," With a look of worry Jack grabbed Martha by the wasit. Standing back watching as Jack lifted her down Cal felt a horrible feeling in his stomach. Right now Jack seemed to be acting more like a boyfriend than him.

"I can take it from here," Cal said reaching out his hands for Martha

"Nahh it's fine sure I'll just put her on the couch," Heading towards the couch Jack stopped when Cal stepped in front of him. Sighing her passed a now sleepy Martha over to Cal.

"I've got it from here, you can head if you want," Nearly pushing Jack out the door Cal smiled.

"Ummm ok tell Martha I'll call her tomorrow,"

"Uh huh sure"

Listening to the sound of the engine race down the street Cal sat himself beside Martha on the couch.

"Hey," Martha whispered sleepily


"Martha?" Rubbing his hand over her cheeck he took a deep breath "I've got nothing to worry about right? I mean you and Jack... you're just friends right?" Feeling a lot better he opened his eyes and awaited a reply. Noicing the stillness and the sound of muffled snores seeping out quietly he realised he wasn't going to get an answer.

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