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Picture Challenge

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Okay, so i'm starting off this Picture Challenge thing, inspired by the thread made by Tamxxx. No one is in competition with anyone it's just a contribution thread for example each week someone will provide a picture (if no one else does i will) and will say "the challenge this week is to make... " and then say an avatar, a banner or a wallpaper then we see how many different interpretations of the same picture we can get.

You don't have enter, all you have to do is post what you make in this thread, as a kind of contribution.

If no one likes the idea, the thread can be forgotten about and drift to the back of the board. But it looked like in Tamxxx's thread, people would like the idea.


Week 1

The challenge this week is to make anything of your choice (graphic wise) out of this picture.


No deadline as such, just that there will be a new challenge this time next week and once the next challenge starts no more contributions can be posted for the previous challenge. :)

As it's not a contest, i can post my contributions here aswell. Anyone is allowed to start off a challenge, so if anyone does want to, all they have to do is post a picture and say "the challenge this week is to make (and then what you want them to make i.e. avatars banners or wallpapers, animated avatars etc.)"

Hope this wasn't too confusing :P and people take a liking to this idea. :D

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