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Topic Title – Regrets

Topic Description – Jack, Martha and their son Ollie. Becky Martha's sister makes a few appearances.

Type of story: kind of short/kind of long

Rating: Teen content (T)

Main Characters: Martha/Jack/Ollie

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: SC/VD

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Martha and Jack had the perfect life, but then Jack walks out, Martha doesn't know the real reason though. Jack also has a big secret, will he try and get out of it? How will it effect Ollie? Will they ever get a happily ever after?

Ok after alot of convincing, I've finally decided to post this. Its Jack and Martha, but it has a big twist in it. I've already written 4 chapters, and I will post them soon. Please tell me what you think!


Chapter 1

Jack and Martha were happy, or so Martha thought. They had been married 3 years, had a little boy, Ollie and shortly he would be turning 2. On the outside they seemed like the perfect little family, but the inside told a completely different story.

“Jack can you get Ollie please” Martha said as she heard Ollie waking up. “Please” she repeated.

“Fine” Jack got up and went into Ollie’s room. He soon came back and placed Ollie on the bed. “I think he’s hungry,” Jack said coldly.

“Oh, and I’ll take him downstairs shall I? And feed him breakfast? He is our son Jack” Martha said emphasising on the word our.

“I can’t do this anymore, it’s not fair on Ollie”

“What are you saying, you’re walking out on us?” Martha asked

“Mummy” Ollie interrupted with his arms up, meaning that he wanted to be picked up. Martha picked him up. Sensing that this was soon going to turn into a full-blown argument, she went downstairs.

“I have nothing to say to you Jack.” She added before walking off.

“Now who’s the one walking out?” Jack yelled to her down the stairs.


“I’m going to work, don’t know when I’ll be back” Jack said walking out the door hoping to get a reaction from Martha, but nothing. He had gathered that she wasn’t talking to him.

“Mummy” Ollie started to cry; he had just fallen over.

“Hey little guy, you’re ok really.” Martha stood him up and stoked his cheek wiping away the stray tear. “Shall we go the beach?” Ollie nodded. “You like the beach don’t you, we can go for a swim. Come on, lets find your beach stuff” Martha took his hand and headed up to his room.

“Beach, beach!” Ollie squealed.

“Yeah, that’s right, we’re going to the beach!” Martha giggled.

Martha was walking down the path to the beach with Ollie running ahead of her; when he fell over again. “You’re not very good at running on the beach are you” Martha picked him up and brushed the sand off.

“Can we go swimming now?” Ollie asked.

“Course, lets put our stuff down over here” Martha carried him over. Martha stripped down to her bikini and picked him up again. Then she headed down to the water with Ollie in her arms.

Jack was on his break and heading down to the diner to get some food when he noticed Martha playing in the water with Ollie. They looked so happy splashing about in the water, Jack thought that him being there made them unhappy. He couldn’t keep making them miserable. He pulled his phone out.

“Hello, I really need your help” he said.

He walked off to meet this mystery person.


“Mummy do we have to go home?” Ollie asked

“Yes we do, you need to have some lunch and a bath” Martha replied.

“But, I want to stay here” He added meaning the beach. His bottom lip was starting to quiver, obviously about to cry.

“Come on handsome, don’t cry, if you come home now, then how about after you’ve had a bath, we go to the diner” Martha bargained.

“Ok” Ollie agreed.

Back at the house Martha was running a bath for Ollie. She went into her room to find a clean towel for him, but when she went in she got a big shock. Jack’s clothes were gone, a suitcase missing, and a note left on the bed.

To Martha,

I saw you down at the beach today, and I can’t keep going on like this. You were so happy and having a great time with Ollie. I can only think that I make you miserable. I still want to see Ollie, but I know that I haven’t been a good father to him. I hope you will forgive me for this; I’ll talk to you soon about Ollie.


Martha stared at the note, how could he do this to her? She still loved him, she still wanted to work through their problems and be a happy family again. What was she going to tell Ollie? She couldn’t face Jack now. She didn’t think she could ever face him, but she had to sooner or later for Ollie’s sake.

“Mummy” Ollie came in but Martha ignored him. “Mummy” he said again.

“Sorry sweetie, what was it?” Martha asked.

“The bath” Ollie pulled her into the bathroom to find the water nearly over flowing. She quickly turned the tap off and went to get the towel.

“Come on then” Martha walked back in, a million miles away.


Like Martha had promised she took Ollie to the diner for tea. She was praying that she wouldn’t bump into Tony or Luc, or worse, Jack!

“Hello darl” Irene greeted her as she walked in leading Ollie. “Hey Ollie, what can I get you?” Irene then asked.

“A new life would be great” Martha said to herself

“Sorry love, we don’t sell them here” Irene laughed,

“Did I say that out loud?”

“You sure did Darl, I can tell it’s one of those things that you’re meant to think, so what can I get you?” Irene asked again.

“Erm…A juice for Ollie, and some nuggets, and I’ll just have a coffee please” Martha ordered.

“Sure, I’ll bring the drinks over in a minute” Martha headed over to a booth and sat down next to Ollie. He hadn’t realised that he hadn’t seen Jack since this morning, not that that was unusual. Jack often tried to work late, which obviously affected Ollie a lot more than Jack realised.

“Daddy” Ollie called out as Jack walked in. He tried to climb over to get to Jack but Martha stopped him.

“Here are you drinks” Irene came over with them.

“Thanks Irene, but don’t bother with the food, and here’s some money for the drinks, I’ve just realised I’ve got to be somewhere” Martha gave her some money before picking Ollie up and following Irene to the counter.

“Are you sure its because somebody hasn’t just walked in?” Irene asked, her meaning clear.

“I’m sure, but I’ve really got to be somewhere” Martha carried on walking, past Irene, past Jack, and out of the diner. She had to get out of there. Truth was she didn’t have anywhere to be; she just couldn’t face Jack.


Is Martha talking to Jack?

Hope you enjoyed that, please R&R, tell me what you think!

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