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Anyone make me an avatar out of this pic??

Guest Tamxxx

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:o WOW thanks everyone their all beautiful!and unique I love the colourings on each one :wub:

Eli I love the first row the hearts used are so cute! they look very pretty

haa4eva the second one is stunning

Cal f: Great attempt I love the writing, its funky

Guvera01 I love the first avatar because its so simple, and I love the colouring thats the kind of avatar I wanted

aejdude: I love the colouring and the writing it matches

Zoe: The first one is very pretty

There all amazing :)^_^^_^

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Awwh I love seeing more creations the more the better lol :D

xGlowingAngelx : I love the writing style its very prettiful

Mercury Girl : I love the angle and colouring of the pic gives a different effect from the other avatars


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