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Dancing On Ice

Guest ~Natasha~

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World famous ice skating duo, Torvill & Dean will once again be training a team of celebrities in the expert art of Dancing on Ice, ready to go head to head in another spectacular ice skating championship, broadcast LIVE on primetime Saturday evening ITV1!

Dancing on Ice sees the superstar duo go head to head as each take responsibility for a group of novice celebrity skaters all of whom will be partnered with a different professional skater. They will each coach their team of personalities who will devise, learn and perform a different routine every week according to a theme.

And each week it will be the viewers who judge the talent and make the ultimate decision on who should skate on … or off the championship.

This second spectacular series culminates once again in a magical grand finale where one ice skating personality will be crowned Britain’s brand new ice sensation.

*Audience members must be 16 years and above. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by adults.



Lisa Scott-Lee

Ulrika Jonsson

Lee Sharpe (ex footie player)

DJ Neil Fox

Duncan James

Emily Symons (from Emmerdale)

Kay Burley (Sky News host)

Stephen Gately

Kieran Bracken (rugby player)

Phil Gayle (newsreader)

Clare Buckfield (actress)


So now you can vote for Emily on Dancing On Ice aswell as Mark on Soapstar Superstar xox

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Thanks for posting that Natasha. They're going reality TV crazy over the next few months aren't they lol. Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Big Brother, Just the Two Of Us, Soapstar Superstar. It amazes me that people keep saying how they're fed up with reality tv and then a few weeks later you get a bundle at once lol!

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I lost all respect for LSL when she said that if her record failed she would gave up singing.

However when it didn't make the top ten she renaged on her promise.

I know! lol. I remember watching an episode of Totally Scott-Lee and she discovered her chart position which was low and she bawled her eyes out. Then she spent ages rambling about how it deserved higher and stuff. Urgh, I switched over.

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Yeah, I hate her too and she came across as o total b**ch on Totlally Scott Lee, she should just give up!! Emily has been on Emmerdale for almost 6 years now which is really long!! I wonder if she'd ever go back for a cameo in one of the Summer Bay reunions?

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