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The V-man

Guest Eli

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I can't believe no one have started a Vinnie Patterson/Ryan Kwanten appreciation thread yet!

Ryan Kwanten is in my opinion the hottest person ever to star on Home&Away and one of the hottest men walking on earth!

And he's a great actor, I have only seen him on Home&Away and Summerland, but from what I've seen he's great!

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Ryan Kwanten is an amazing actor and it's about time we started seeing him in movies. Vinnie was one of THE best characters (in my opinion) on Home and Away, he was funny and hott. I dont think there was ever a character that was like his and i dont think there ever will be. The V-man is just the best. :D

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Robbie was made to be like a nerd version of Vinnie, but as that didn't really work out I doubt they'll try to do that again :lol:

I loved The V-Man! Hillarious! I couldn't stop laughing that time he had a dream and he was pregnant with VJ, not Leah haha.

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The V-Man is the greatest! :wub: He's so hot, and so funny. Ryan Kwanten is an amazing actor. Vinnie is one of the best, if not THE best, character to have been on the show. A round of applause for Ryan Kwanten!

I'm so glad someone started a thread for him, he definately deserves one.

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