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The Grand Opening

Guest Stuart2006

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In line with the new fan fiction rules we would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to fill out this form.

Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

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Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the librarians.

I was out shopping and thought of this idea i hope you like it!!

And be warned Eves Back and eviler than ever...........................

(First chapter is small)


It was the grand opening of the new supermarket shop. This weird supermarket was placed where project 56 was going to go. The baymembers liked the idea how would the shop go? And the story starts here..............

As Alf(The new mayor) cut the ribbon to the place the doors opened. The place had nice sparkling floors and new self serve checkouts. Days passed to a Saturday when all the curious shoppers went for their Monthly/weekly shopping trip but Eve lurked around and Peter seen her. It was 5 AM so it was quiet but the silence broke when peters eyes filled with anger. YOU SHOULD BE DEAD he shouted in anger.

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Thanks :)

Part 2

Eve run so far then stopped. Peter said Move one muscle i will shoot! Eve said STOP! Why don't we have a fair sword fight? asked Eve. Fine peter said. Eve opened her jacket up and pulled a sword out. Her sword had a silver handle with a sharp point. Peters one had a fine point with a red handle. They pushed their jackets to the sides. Peter raised his sword and tried aiming for Eves Hand but instead it hit a shelve as Eve doged it sharply. The two people fighted and then a loud bang sounded as the two swords hit together. Eve run into the store room and lowered mirrors all set to drop at the pull of a rope. Peter chased and seen eve loads of times. He pulled a gun out and shot a mirror. Eve shouted and clenched her side. Peter run towards the mirror think it was eve and then Eve jumped up and said You Fool you can never catch me. She run out the door and into the main shop. Peter chased. Eve run past colleen and pushed her into a shelve and potatos fell on her. Eve stole the trolley and pushed it towards Peter he caught it and pushed it to the side. Eve pushed a tray full of new bouncey balls onto the floor. Peter shouted Woah! and he slipped Eve run while looked at Peter. Just as she turned around a big amount of trollys stood infront of her. it was blocking everbody from going into the closed alcohol area as it was past 10PM. Eve pushed the trollys away and pulled the bottles down to caused a big puddle. She run around pulling all the trays of items onto the floor so that peter could slip.

Meanwhile, Peter was searching for Eve. Peter seen Eve while Eve seen Peter. Eve said Move a muscle and you will die......


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