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Thanks, the librarians.

Ok so im quite new on here and this is my frist fic that ive posted. Dunno is its very good or not and the name isnt great but i couldnt think of anything else so... Anyway please R+R an can u tell me anything i can improve on... Thanks


"Charlie, have you packed yet?" Martha yelled up the stairs to her son.

"I thought you were going to help me?" Came his uncertain reply.

"Ok, I'll be up in a minute," She called back and turned to Jack. "Jack can you watch the twins for me while I go and help Charlie pack."

"Yeah sure" he replied and watched his wife go upstairs.

The last year had been amazing. Jack and Martha had moved to England to see what life was like out there. They had wanted the move before any of the kids had started school and it had worked out perfectly. Now they were all ready to return back home in time for Christmas with family and old friends, and Sam was going to start school in January.

Both Jack and Martha adored all their kids, and the kids all shared a special bond. They always stuck up for one another, and rarely ever fought. And on those rare occasions that they did, the only result was a five minute sulk in the corner, before that got boring and the child would run back and play with the others again.

Jack and Martha had got over all of their problems they ran into at the end of 2006 and had found happiness and comfort with one another. Martha had fallen pregnant before these problems arose and this was one of the reasons that they had worked through the problems and secured their marriage.

Samuel Anthony Holden was born on the 2nd September 2007. His arrival was greatly welcomed by the town and everyone immediately fell in love with him. Then just 3 months later Martha conceived another child. He was born on the 2nd December 2008, Charles Joshua Holden. Both gorgeous Holden boys were christened at the same church where their grandmother had been buried many years before. It had been Tony’s idea and no one had any reason what so ever to disagree.

After two children Jack and Martha decided to take a break before having another child for both did want another child eventually. Martha was desperate for a girl and had stated that she would not having children until the got a little girl of her own. This plan to have a break did not succeed however and by the 21st May 2010 Martha was back in labour. This time she gave birth to two beautiful twins, another baby boy and as she had always wanted, a little girl came into the Holden family.

Connor Kieran Lucas Holden and Kathryn Sophie Holden were the most recent additions to the family.

The twins were not christened though as they were born in the UK and neither of their parents fancied a 24 hours flight back to Australia to get to the same church when they were heading back there at Christmas time anyway.

Now Sam was 3, Charlie was just 2 and the twins were just over 6 months old, and the time that Martha and Jack had been dreading had finally arrived. They now did face the 24 hour flight back home and with 4 small children it was going to be a nightmare. All of Connor and Katie's things had been packed and Jack had helped Sam pack earlier in the day. But now it was nearing 6 o’clock and Charlie hadn't packed, and with a 7:00 dinner reservations and an early morning departure things were not looking great. Jack kept reassuring her that it was all going to be ok and nothing was going to go wrong, but like all mothers all she could do was panic.

AN i wont be updating very regularly because i have a very busy schedule with school and all the sport i play but im gonna try and keep up with myself...

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Both gorgeous Holden boys were christened at the same church where their mother had been buried many years before.

but Martha is alive :unsure: Anyways, great start. Loving it :D Lots of children in such a small amount of time :P Jack and Martha sure have been busy :P

More please :D

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Both gorgeous Holden boys were christened at the same church where their mother had been buried many years before.

but Martha is alive :unsure:

Yeah i didn't get that either...it even says Martha is their mother??? :huh: ...do you mean grandmother?

besids that the rest was Fab! :lol:

don't worry about updating EVERY day but you'd better not forget about it altogether! :P

xx Lilly

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New Chapter up :D


“See I told you we wouldn’t be late” Jack scoffed as he parked the car at the airport. The kids had been reluctant to get out of bed and Martha had been telling Jack to go faster the whole journey because she was worried they were going to miss their plane.

Sam jumped out of the car as soon as Jack turned the engine off, and ran round to the boot eager to help.

“Mate can you just stand there for a minute while we get all of the luggage sorted,” Said Jack pointing to a pillar by the car. “Hey can you get the kids out and put them in the buggy then I’ll go and get a trolley and sort out the bags.” He then said to Martha.

She opened the boot and grabbed the buggy for the twins and pulled it out before unfolding it. Then she opened the door and undid Connor’s car seat, taking him out and putting him in the pushchair before doing the same for Katie. Then she undid Charlie and lifted him out of the car. Meanwhile Jack had run over the road and grabbed a trolley for the bags and taken it back to the car.

10 minutes later Jack was standing in the check in lane with Sam and Martha and the 3 younger children were sitting by the side. They were nearing the front of the queue when suddenly Jack’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and sent the busy tone, he would call them back in a minute.

He checked the bags in and returned to the rest of his family.

“All done. Now who’s up for some breakfast?” He asked.

“I am! I am!” Said Sam excitedly.

“Oh my goodness where does he get so much energy from?” said an exasperated Martha.

“No idea” replied Jack before taking Sam’s hand and walking through to the hand luggage check. They quickly passed through as it was not very busy at 7 in the morning.

They ended up in MacDonald’s as it was probably the only place in the airport where the kids would actually eat. They decided what they were going to eat and Jack was about to go and order when his phone rang.

“Ah, I kinda need to take this, they rang earlier so it must be important and I don’t know who it is because they withheld their number. Do you mind?” he asked Martha.

“Sure stay here with the kids though and I’ll go and order.”

“Thanks heaps.” He replied before answering his phone. “Jack Holden”

“Jack mate, how’s it going?”

“Dad! Hey yeah I'm really good thanks, things are going great. How about you?”

“Yeah I'm not too bad but I'm afraid I don’t bear good news.” Tony replied

“Oh, what’s wrong? Is everything alright in the bay?”

“Harry’s back.”

“Your kidding! How? Why? But I'm not even there!” Jack said beginning to panic. He knew how bad this was, Harry had not left him and his family alone since a party when Jack was just 19. He didn’t like to talk about it though; it was a rather sore subject.

“I have no idea but I know one thing. You can’t come back to the bay, especially not with the kids and Martha, we don’t know how far he will go, and children are an easy target.”

“Well what are you going to do then?” Jack replied.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to stay in England until he leaves. I’ll speak to him. Tell him your not here. Then hopefully he will leave and you will be able to come home.”

“Dad, he’s somehow found out where I have been. I wouldn’t be at all surprised it he now has people working for him in the bay who will be able to tell him when I come home. We’re going to have to move again but I can’t do that to Martha, I can’t make her leave the rest of her family and the place she calls home, but I can’t leave without her, it’s a no win situation.”

“No Jack. This time we’re going to face him if he comes back. We’ll wait for him to leave, then you can come back, and if he returns then we’ll face him. If he does anything he shouldn’t then you can give him an AVO. Or maybe even charge him for harassment.”

“Ok, so when do you think we will be able to come back.”

“I'm not sure yet. I’ll try and get him away as soon as possible but I don’t know how long it will take.”

“But dad, we’re already in the airport, we’ve checked in and everything, we can’t just turn around and go home. And anyway the house has been sold. Oh God this has all come at the worst possible timing.”

“Jack, there was no good time for this to happen, but it would have been worse if he had actually found you and not just me and Luc. At least you and Martha and the little ones are safe for the moment.”

“Dad we’ve got nowhere to stay, the house has been sold and now all the money for the flights has been wasted.”

“Ok then, come home, but only to the city. Stay there until he has gone. We’ll find you a hotel and you can stay there.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, there’s no better option. I’ll come and see you when you get back. I’ll see you soon then.”

“Ok. Love you dad. Bye.”

“Yeah love you too mate. Bye.” Tony replied and cut the connection.

Just then Martha returned to the table to find Jack sitting there with his head in his hands.

“Hey babe what’s the matter?”

“Oh um it’s nothing. Well it is but I’ll tell you later. Not with the kids around.” He replied.

“Ok then.” She said wondering why just a phone call could change his manner so much.

AN - i know there was rather a lot of dialogue but i wasnt sure how else to get across the conversation with Jack and Tony without writing it all out. and that way you get it word for word.

Nxt chapter will have some of the other bay characters in it so its not just JMness...

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“Tony Holden, we meet again.” Called a voice coming from a man entering the diner.

“Harry.” Tony said gravely. He had been dreading this moment since he had seen Harry enter the diner the previous day.

“Long time no see. How are you?”

“Not too great now that you’ve shown your face.”

“Ooh touchy.”

“Harry don’t patronise me.”

“So then, where’s that lovely boy of yours? I haven’t seen him around.”

“You haven’t seen him? But he’s sitting right over there; you must be going blind in your old age.” Tony said grinning, he glanced over to Lucas sitting in one of the booths.

“Don’t play funny boy with me, you know you’ll only regret it.”

And so the conversation continued. Tony told Harry that Jack had left the bay but Harry refused to believe him. He told Tony that he would make his life hell until he told him where Jack was, but Tony refused to tell him. Harry still believed that Jack was hiding in the bay somewhere, and would not be expecting Harry to find him. He eventually gave up with interrogating Tony and left the diner, much to everybody else’s relief.

“So who was that then?” Maddie asked innocently. Lucas had not told her about the Chambers family, he had not wanted to worry her with anything while things were going so well.

“Oh didn’t Lucas explain to you?” Beth asked. Tony had lectured her on the whole situation, so she would not be oblivious like Maddie should Harry come along again.

“Ooh a killer on the loose in Summer Bay,” Yelled Colleen excitedly. “Just wait till i tell Madge!” She threw the plates down on the table for the Hunters/Holdens and lunged for the phone.

Tony filled Maddie in with the whole chambers ordeal with Lucas occasionally butting in with something he had forgotten, and soon she knew the whole story. She had been away visiting Henry when the Holden’s first arrived in the bay so had not seen Harry before.

Just then Jack called and said that they had landed safely and were staying in a hotel in the city. Tony agreed that he would drive down that afternoon to see them, and would probably stay the night and spend the next day with them.


“Hey Tony” Martha said as she opened the door.

“Hey, how are you?” he replied.

“I'm pretty much ok, it’s Jack you need to worry about though, he’s not in a good state.”

“Where is he?”

“Through here,” She pointed through to the rest of the room. “Ill leave you to it, I’ll be next door with the kids.” She said and walked through to the next room and shut the door.

“Hey Jack.”

“Hey” Jack replied quietly, Tony could see how much this was affecting him.

“I'm really sorry about this. I can see how much this is affecting you, and I don’t really have any good news. I spoke to Harry yesterday; I told him you were gone. I told him you had left the bay last year and I didn’t know where you had gone. He didn’t buy it though. He knew you wouldn’t leave without telling me where you were going. He knows us too well. I don’t know how long this is going to take but I don’t know what else I can say to him, I don’t see a way around this…”

“I'm coming home.”

“What? You what? Did you not just hear what I said?” Tony spluttered

“Yeah, I heard exactly what you said. There’s no way were going to get him out of the bay. I'm gonna come and confront him. I'm coming back this afternoon.”

“Jack, you can’t. What about Martha, and the children? You can’t put them in danger like that. You need to think everything will Harry, you can’t just rush in and let fly. He’ll make you regret it. How would you feel if he hurt Martha, or he killed one of the kids? How would you live with yourself if he did that hey? How would you cope?”

Jack just sat there thinking this through. After his dad had given him this talk he now didn’t think he could bear going back and facing Harry again. He couldn’t let any of his family get hurt but he couldn’t imagine Christmas away from his dad and brother, and the rest of the bay. It was the first Christmas for the twins and Jack and Martha had been planning that it would be in the bay.

Next Time: Will the Holdens return to the bay? And what will happen when Jack finally comes face to face with Harry?

AN: :o more dialogue :o hope you dont mind... if you think theres too much then please tell me an ill try an make some a little less-dialoguish... just kinda seems to be my style of writing...

Hope you like it and thanks for all your reviews

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