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A Week In A Lifetime

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Great chapter Shellybelly :)

Martha's POV was great writing. I loved the bit where Martha could hear Michelle bitching about her. And I loved it when Jack said what he did :P

I'm hoping that Jack will spend the night with Martha. Not a random guy like Paris said.

Update soon. I want to read more already!

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Thanks for commenting!! :D

Chapter Six

Roo isn’t Martha’s biological mother. I couldn’t be mean to her. Plus the real story didn’t fit.

Quite long, only 'cause I can't go back to writing the way I did previously, it's so weird... Too much dialogue? :(

Thanks to Jess for proofing.

Martha’s POV

My feet started pushing my forward, away from Jack. I could feel that his eyes were pressed on my body, as I took a few more steps. I knew that this would be uncommon ground for him, having a girl walk away from him.

“Martha, come on,” Jack shouted, pleading. “Just come back. Sit down. You know you want to talk to me.”

I stopped and turned around to face him. I was only a few metres away and his face was still lit up by the fading light of the flames.

“You don’t like a girl walking away from you, do you?” I asked. I know he won’t admit to that.

“To be honest, yeah, I don’t like you walking away from me. Martha, you seem like an awesome person, and I want to get to know you. So why not start here?” Jack said.

“Because merely hours ago you were all over my friend!” I pointed out. “Remember her?”

“No. You’re wrong. She was all over me,” Jack said emphasizing his sentence with hand motions.

“Yeah. I must be blind,” I said sarcastically.

“It’s like my hobby. I let girls get all over me because they think I like it, which makes them like themselves. Honestly, I don’t care that much about any girl that throw themselves at me. Because if they’re that low to chuck themselves at some random and be totally intimate with them after a couple of hours, then what does that say about them?” Jack told me.

“Michelle was just another princess waiting for some guy to tell her she’s beautiful because her self-esteem isn’t that great at all. Truthfully, when she came back and ranted her heart away about you, it was a major turn off. Snotty girls will never get anywhere,” Jack turned his nose up.

“Hey! Watch it buddy. I might be fighting with Michelle but she’s still my friend!” I declared.

“Sor-ry!” Jack backed away. “So are we going to sit down and talk? Because I really want to know more about you,” Jack asked.

“Okay fine,” I relented. “But no funny business!” I warned with my index finger.

“No funny business.”


“I don’t think I’d want to meet my biological parents. I mean, they were happily together for a long period of time and then she fell pregnant and they decided they didn’t want a baby so they put me up for adoption. It just doesn’t seem fair to me,” I told Jack.

Jack had gone and got a picnic blanket out of the back of his car. It was kind of scraggily, but anything to keep the sand from going up my clacker is fine by me.

“But don’t you think you’d want to know where you came from? Wouldn’t it be something you regret if you don’t do something about it?” Jack asked.

“No. Come on Jack, these people gave me up for no reason at all…” I started.

“How do you know that?”

“They haven’t tried to get in touch with my adoptive parents. As far as I’m concerned my adoptive parents are my real parents. They’re the ones who love me and look out for me… the other two soulless human beings can say the hell away from me…” I said matter-of-factly. “All they wanted were a good screw and not care about the consequences.”

Jack stopped. I stopped. Things just stopped. Everything went dull, quiet, it was like a sound proof room. Nothing. Awkward silences suck.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered breaking the stillness. “What about you. Who’s your family?”

“Well there’s me, my mum, my dad, my little brother…” Jack said innocently like a little boy.

“Stop it!” I hit Jack’s chest. “Seriously though. Who’s your family?”

“Now if I answered that question it wouldn’t make any difference, because you still wouldn’t know who they are…” I told me. Actually more like knocked me.

“My mum died when I was eight,” Jack said. I just got a massive kick in the stomach.

“Aww, I’m sorry. I didn’t real…”

“No it’s okay. It’s only fair that I tell you this, seem as though I practically made you sit here with me.”

“Dad hasn’t really gotten over it. I mean who would after witnessing your wife get ripped away from you. From what I’ve been told of her accident it was really harsh.”

“Jack, honestly, you don’t have to tell me this,” I whispered placing a comforting hand on his thigh.

“I want to tell you,” Jack said. “It’s been really hard on Luc… my younger brother. I have vague memories of our mum, but he was only three, nearly four when she died, he doesn’t remember much of her. It’s been really rough on him.” Jack stated.

“Yeah…” I managed to pull from my thoughts. “‘Yeah… yeah!’ Who say’s ‘yeah’ to that? God your stupid Martha!” I thought.

“Yeah,” Jack nodded.


Things started to get really chilly all of a sudden. They were before but now it just seemed to be colder, something I didn’t think was possible. I clutched my arms, rubbing them rapidly trying to warm up.

“Cold?” Jack asked.

“Uh, yeah,” I said sarcastically.

“Here,” Jack said taking his jacket off and placing it around my shoulders. I inserted my arms into place and fell back onto the blanket.

“It’s nice here… with the exclusion of the minus hundred degrees,” I laughed. Jack laid back too. We faced each other, just staring.

“Yeah it is,” Jack agreed. “’Cause you’re my company.”

“No funny business!” I repeated. Jack moved his hands away, putting them up in defeat.

“No but seriously Martha, I have so much to learn about you, from what I know about you already you’re totally awesome, I want you to teach me more about you.”

I started to blush. Thank god it’s dark. Moments like these are extremely embarrassing.

“Are you blushing?” Jack laughed.

“No! I’m just still cold,” I lied. Then I felt Jack pulled himself towards me. He slipped a supporting arm behind my back, letting it fall to my lower back.

“I think if we used our body heat we’d warm up… sleep here tonight,” Jack suggested.

“But it’s absolutely freezing!” I shivered.

“I can be your blanket,” Jack smirked. I looked up at him, the evil came back. “I know, I know, no funny business.”

I looked up again, acknowledging Jack closely. He looked at me too. His warm breath pressed against my face, leaving his ore in my presence. Our faces were only millimeters apart. His lips were so inviting, and his eyes, they were full of lust. He was making this so hard. Any girl would just smack their face on his in this moment, but I couldn’t.

“I think we’d keep warmer if we faced the same way… I’ll roll over,” I suggested.

“I’m all in for a spoon,” Jack smirked. He so knew he just got under my skin, making me nervous. I hate him!

Coming chapters (may change): What about Michelle? Where do things go for JM after night one?

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aww that was so great damn martha why didnt she kiss him lol :P... well at least she not a slapper like her friend michelle o which reminds me what the hell is a clacker?... lol i love this fic and go you for updateing twice in two days "D how about making it three in three days :) sounds good to me lol :P UPDATE ASAP aka TOMORRO or TONIGHT!!!!!!!!


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Lol! Yeah, I was supposed to say at the beginning what I meant by 'clacker'... as in rear end.

:lol: Thankgod you ment rear end :P

Excellent Chapter Shelly, I give Martha some credit, shes got to be the only person in the world that wouldnt have kissed Jack in that moment!

Jacks so funny and cute, some of the things he was coming out with made me laugh :lol:

Excellent writing!

Looking forward to the next one, cant wait to see where this goes..... :D

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Thanks guys!!

Chapter Seven

Martha’s POV

I woke up on unfamiliar grounds. I could feel the sunlight peering straight onto my eyelids; I did not dare open them. I moved my body gently as I tried to remember back to last night to find out where the hell I was. That was until I felt another body lying next to me; actually, I was kind of lying on this body.

I suddenly pulled away and peeled my eyes open hastily. As my eyes adjusted to the shock of the bright light, I remembered what happened. It’s not like it was hard to remember, I just rather not think about it. Me spending the first night of schoolies on a beach with someone I’d only just met- a guy I had only just met! I could imagine telling mum. “Oh yeah, my first night was great! I slept on the beach with a guy I met only a few hours before! Great night! Magical!” She’d only jump to conclusions, as would my friends, including Mich…

Michelle! Crap! She can’t see me like this, us like this, it so looks bad. I jolted to me feet picking up my few belongings and sprinted away from the sleeping Jack.

“Everyone is going to kill me!” I whispered to myself as I sat behind a large tree trunk that still had view of the beach and still a view of Jack.

“They don’t know where I am! I could have told them. Or at least not agreed to sleeping on the beach, even if it was with a hot guy,” I cursed myself. “How did I get so stupid?” I asked. “When did I let my heart take over my brain. Great!” I rolled my eyes as I peeped ‘round the tree still out of site.

I saw Jack waking up, he looked a little sore and sorry- sorry he gave his jumper away to me that is. Which I did indeed still have. Great! He’s going to hate me for stealing his jumper plus me leaving before he woke up, not that the latter makes any difference.

I turned back around, falling down the tree trunk sighing as I reached the bottom. Can this get any worse?

I turned my head back to the beach and watched Jack wake up properly. He stretched, as if it were a common morning routine. It was as if he followed some schedule, he did his legs and then his arms finishing with his neck and back. It was totally unusual. Although, the doctor always said stretching before and after you sleep will strengthen you body.

He got up and kicked some sand around, over the ashes left by the bonfire. He then gathered the picnic blanket up and started to brush off the sand, when I saw something drop onto the sand, and obviously, so did Jack.

“What the hell?” I said out loud, bringing my hand up to my chest, resting it on my collarbone. “My necklace!”

I looked back to where Jack was standing. I saw him pick up my silver chain with the massive fake pendent on it. He studied it quite closely and obviously he knew it was mine and he knew I’d want it back now!

He looked around the beach area and up among the grassy area where I was. I quickly turned back around, out of sight, slightly breathing a sigh of relief. That was until I spotted Michelle and Steg headed straight for me from the direction of the caravan park.

I got up and started to walk towards them too.

“Morning!” Steg said happily. “Today is a good day!” She beamed.

“Yeah,” I mumbled. “Hey.” No way was I looking at Michelle. That bitch had the nerve to go and bitch about me to my friends; she didn’t deserve my acknowledgment of her.

“So where did you sleep last night?” Steg then asked.

“In the gutter…” Michelle snarled. “Or maybe even a garbage bin. Either one suits perfectly!”

“Actually they had no vacancies; they were all booked out with your fat ass.” I dished back. She shot me a filthy look.

“That’s right sweetheart, only you’d know how comfortable they really are.” I continued.

“Can you’d just stop, please? You’re supposed to be friends, enjoying a week away from your families, which is supposed to be fun and not a bitch fest. And anyway where the hell were you Last night?” Steg butted in looking at me.

“She started it!” Michelle pointed to me.

“What are you? Five? Still sucking your dummy?” I chuckled.

“What? You said no one would find out about that!” Michelle said angrily.

“What did I say about being friends?” Steg quickly got impatient at our irrational state but Michelle and I didn’t care what she said. “And Martha, just answer my question where were you? Oh and what’s this dummy thing?” She quickly queried.

“I slept on the beach and Michelle still had a dummy when she was five. She was a big baby,” I pouted, mocking Michelle. “Aww, Michelle needs her mummy, does she?” I continued looking at a saddened Michelle.

“Martha. You’re like a scaredy cat. No way would have you slept on the beach by yourself,” Steg pointed out. Michelle quickly snapped out of her self-sop.

“Who’d ya sleep with?” Michelle perked up. “You know you can trust me,” she winked.

“I slept by myself,” I said back straight away, crossing my arms as I did so. That was when Michelle recognised the jacket I wore. Jack’s jacket, and as if she’d forget that?

“It was Jack, wasn’t it?” she began. “What so now you steal your friend’s guys too. Wow! You really are a great friend!” she rolled her eyes. “Not even I thought you’d get that low.”

“Excuse me,” I said offended. “Your guy?” I asked. “Well I think you need to have a talk with Jack, because he told me that he only let you all over him because to put it simply, he felt sorry for you.”

“Did you have sweet dreams?” she then asked trying to dodge what I just said.

“I always have sweet dreams,” I smiled.

“Sweet dreams like actually having a boyfriend that could actually put up with you? ‘Cause that’s all they are, Martha. Dreams.”

“Yeah, your dreams. Mine will soon become a reality, don’t you worry about that.” I smirked.

Battle two down and won. Nice!

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