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A Week In A Lifetime

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Hi Shellybelly46.

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread.


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Wow! me updating on a Sunday night. Who would have thought such a thing? :P

Thanks for the comments, and to Krystal for proofing, once again. :D

Chapter Four

Martha’s POV (ha! It’s back)

The night drew on and I sat back watching Jack and Robbie blend themselves into my group as if they’d been apart of it forever. It felt as though I was being pushed out when they pushed themselves in, there needed to be room, right? And there was just not enough room for me, was that it? I was apart of this group and this was supposed to be great, it just looked doomed from now on.

I sat by myself on the step to the cabin. Everyone was crowded around the picnic bench playing poker; strip poker. Jack and Robbie were both down to their boxers and the majority of the girls were in their bikinis, even though they cheated with earrings, necklaces and rings. So it was clear they sucked pretty bad.

“Martha, why don’t you come join us?” Michelle asked, actually taking her attention away from Jack. Maybe she was a good friend after all, noticing when I’m down.

“Nah, it’s okay,” I said. “I’m okay to watch.”

“Well come watch from over here. Better view then everyone’s arses.”

“No, I’m fine here, just got comfortable,” I lied leaning against the door.

“Suit yourself,” Michelle finished.

Minutes slid and hours went by with no one getting naked. What was the point if people chicken out right at the end? It’s a pointless addition to the game to begin with. Why not just play poker? Clothes on, clothes off, it really doesn’t make one difference at all, except for obviously the way you’re dressed.

They all started shouting and getting loud after downing a few alcoholic drinks. The music had been pumped up and was extremely loud as it sat next to me. It all started getting too much. The base drum had a strong, thick beat pounding through my ears, through my body literally making me move with each beat. The thuds on each guitar stroke spun through my head making me dizzy, uncomfortable and wanting to get out of this place. Just leave. Get up and move. Away. Disappear. Get away from this world.

I jogged to the other side of the caravan; it was quieter, more peaceful, there was actual room to think and not feel so cluttered. I sat down and just did nothing. It was nice, a sweet stillness, I loved every second of it. That was until someone noticed I had gone, disappeared into thin air. I guess it was nice knowing that they did recognize I was no longer with them.

“Mac! What’s going on?” Michelle asked walking towards me, behind the caravans. “What are you doing here alone? Why’d you leave?”

“I don’t know. I just needed to get away from it,” I told her as she sat down next to me wrapping her arm around for comfort.

“Away from what?” she asked.

“I just had to get away, from everything. You. Them,” I said inching away from her. I know she’s not going to appreciate me now.

“Why us? What did we do?” she said slightly alerted.

“More like what you didn’t do,” I mumbled under my breath, but loud enough to be heard.

“Tell me Martha. What didn’t we do?” Michelle shot up, offended by my words.

“Isn’t it obvious? I sat there like some deluded freak watching you guys strip for no purpose at all!” I yelled.

“I asked you if you wanted to join us, and you said no. Do not blame us for excluding you. You were helping yourself there.” She shot me down.

“You could have tried harder. That’s what friends do! They don’t just give up and go back to sitting on some random guys knees! They keep at them until they give in. Did you really think I liked sitting on that step watching all you guys flirt?” I asked her rhetorically, not expecting an answer.

“Yes I did. It’s what you said and I tend to believe what comes out of a friends mouth,” she fired back.

“Well you’re wrong. It hurt sitting there while I was slowly being pushed away from my friends so two new guys could fit in. It totally sucked being me.”

“So that’s what this is all about? You’re jealous of Jack and Robbie. Ha! You’re so lame, Martha,” she took joy in insulting me, didn’t she. Stupid cow! I guess I didn’t expect anything better then how low she really is.

“Thanks for stating the total obvious, dumbass,” I replied.

“This is about me and Jack, isn’t it? I saw the way you were studying us, like you envied every single action we made.” She knew she was right and I hated her for it.

“Firstly, since when are you and Jack ‘we’ and secondly who are you to contradict me? You are not my mother so don’t try and be her.” I snarled.

“Someone has to be your mother figure while we’re here. You can’t live without one, you’re a young, little, innocent princess girl stuck inside a grown up body,” she snapped. “You dress like it too,” she hissed.

“Like you can talk? Look at your little skimpy clothes from ‘Sl*tpre’, they hardly cover your…bits!” I spat.

“Maybe you should try shopping there. Might get your depressive look, looking a little brighter, less dull, Martha.” She didn’t hesitate in taking all the digs possible.

“Maybe I like my dullness. Maybe I like my clothes. I do like who I am and I’d rather you hate me, someone who is apparently my friend then for me to change just so you’ll like me! I do not care what you do. And I do not care that Jack likes you! I don’t care about you! I don’t care that you’re the only decent one who came here to see if I’m okay. I don’t care that you just bagged the sh*t out of me. I don’t care, okay?! Now leave me the hell alone!”

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awww poor Martha! but woah there bitchy fights are sooooo much like my friends lol... i guess alll girls fight like that though lol :P that was great grrr why doesnt jack want martha :angry: make him want martha! lol :P and please please please please dont make us wait ages for the next chapter :D lol UPDATE ASAP :)


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