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A Week In A Lifetime

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Story Title: A week in a Lifetime

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Jack/Martha, Luc/Belle

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: L

Summary: Jack and Martha haven't met before and when they do, things don't go to plan. What happens a year later? How do Luc and Belle meet?

May aswell post here too. :)

Before I say anything, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on a title. I couldn't think of a thing. So thanks to both Krystal and my sister for their combinations of words. :P

Introduction: Jack and Martha are 18, Martha has 5 significant friends; Tasha, Steg (Ash), Ashlee, Kate and Michelle. Tasha is with Robbie. They go away for schoolies and meet Jack and his friends, Robbie being one of them. Jack and Martha have never met before, as Rob is only a distant friend. What happens in a week at the bay? What happens a year after meeting one and other?


Belle is Martha’s adoptive sister.

Main focus: Jack and Martha.

Others: Lucas and Belle (who are 15) and Rob and Tash (maybe). If I can be bothered and not selfish with JM. :P

I’m not sure if I can handle writing the whole fic in Martha’s POV.

Thanks to Krystal for proofing.

Chapter One

Martha’s POV

What a relief it is getting away for a whole 8 days?! Who told me being in the final year of High school would be so rough? I didn’t just have to think about what I’d do the next day, or what I’d eat for the next week, I had to think what I was going to do with my life. Go to Uni, Tafe, find a job, get an apprenticeship, be a doll bludger, travel the world, see things, experience life, I had to think so deep my brain just wanted to explode. One good thing is that I am single. Sure it would be nice starting life at it’s full potential with someone next to me on the way, but then again, maybe he’d pull me down. Be just another weight dragging me down slowly, a burden I don’t need right now.

Who gives their daughter a lecture just because they’re going away for a week? “Make sure you eat well and don’t just drink all day, every day… no boys, no drugs, no sex…” I’m eighteen and still getting the boy talk. God when well they learn? I’ve grown up and with that has came maturity. I’m not just going to drink myself silly and fall into bed with some random and get myself knocked up. I went to health lessons, I know the go, and I know all the safety things. I will not be knocked around by my ‘rents, being told what to do when I’m eligible enough to use my own brain and make my own decisions. I won’t let them be the ones to drag down my week with my friends; I’ll leave that up to them. I want to know how Belle lives with that, the constant bickering between her and mum. I can’t get to sleep at night sometime as I know what had been said purely hours before. Belle can be nice, but she can also be a b*tch, especially to her ‘nasty’ sister. She’s the one who gets everything, even if she gets regular lectures from Mum. So unfair. The youngest is the spoilt one.

Two suit cases later and I’m ready, but I also have weirded out scrunched up faces that are looking at me as if I’m some space creature that magically appeared on earth. It’s not my fault I need everything but the kitchen sink for this week away, no parents, no family, I need to be prepared.

“You ready?!” Steg shouted from the car. She’s driving. Mum was seriously freaking out that she’s driving. “What if there’s an accident... What if she… what if… but… what…” Enough of the bloody ‘what ifs’ if she dwelled on ‘what ifs’ her whole life she wouldn’t accomplish a thing.

“Do you think she’d have her P’s if she couldn’t drive?” I asked her through her fumes.

“That’s when she had to drive carefully. There are influences, Martha. Who knows what she could do when you’re around, she might want to impress you, or what about guys?” Mum told me getting worked up again. “…Guys… fast cars, she might want to show off, see what she’s got, sharp corners, loud music, foot on the pedal. Do you know why I worry Martha? Do you honestly know why I’m so worried about you when you jump in a friends car?” I shook me head. She was getting deep, really digging. How did a conversation about Steg and her driving become about her worrying for me?

“Because I worry that you won’t come home,” she stated softly but sternly. Maybe it did make sense why she got so worked up. Maybe her reasoning was good enough. But…

‘Maybes’ are just like ‘what ifs’. Nothing is certain and you can’t base your life, or even your sentences on an uncertainty.

I jumped into the back seat, securing the seat belt safely around me.

“See Mum?” I shouted out the window. “Safety.” I pointed to the black strap firmly, securing me tightly to the cushioned seat.

Steg sat in front of me, obviously in the drivers seat. Ashlee and Kate beside me, Kate in the middle, she’s the smallest out of us all. She’s so short she wasn’t allowed on this ride at Dream World. It sucked watching her face draw weary as she was told to move to the side and miss out on the best ride. Ashlee is the wild one. She knows anyone and everyone. She’d do anything you ask of her, like having a schooner, just like a schooner except you drink from your shoe. Take it off, pour your drink into it and swallow. Not very nice, it made her puke after two shots, but like I said, the wild one. Maybe it would have been wise to talk about the time she was at Steggies? She got so smashed she couldn’t walk. It was such a fun night!

Steg turned eighteen. Her family is so rich she got a Mazda 6 for her birthday. I mean, come on, her first car a Mazda 6! Why not just a bomb dumped in some car yard in the middle of nowhere? Why a Mazda 6? Why something so expensive the insurance for it is more than the car itself? Just buy a normal car, a cheap one, which hardly moves but can be fixed up to look like a piece of gold. One that goes would be fine by me.

“Can we go now, pleeease?!” Michelle whined from the front passenger seat. She was the worst out of them all. Sure she’s my friend but dear lord how much whining can come from one person’s mouth? If it’s not how annoying to manage her perfectly straight hair is it’s how hot the sun is, or how bright it is. Did I say why it’s her sitting in the front seat? ‘Because she needs to see the road.’ Why would someone want front seat views of how fast we’ll be going? Is she desperate to die or something? But that’s not going to happen. Just ask my Mum.

This week is actually going to be good. It’ll be a good realization that I have grown up and I can do things by myself and stand on my own two feet. This week will be the beginning of cutting off my childhood and opening up my adulthood.

Chapter 1 over, please review :)

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ok well i am determine to comment on EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER of this fic :)! its my .. almost new years resolution! :) so to start... so far its great! i love that they are young and there are new characters and it sounds like a very intereresting fic!.... love it!!...xxLilly

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