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So Lonely Inside

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Topic Title – So lonely inside

Topic Description – TT, Eve, Peter, Ric and Jack

Type of story: Short/Medium

Rating: A i think

Main Characters: TT and Eve

Genre: A mixture

Warnings: bit of everything

Is Story being proof read: \no

Summary: Eve was 14 and living with her grandparents but one day she was fed up with them and murdered them to be with her true love Tracey Thompson.

Eve was sitting there staring evilly at her grandad, she knew he nor grandma wanted her there, they hate her along with her niece Erika, well stuff them all they’ll be dead soon Eve was thinking to herself,

“stupid fools treating me like a child, well they’ll soon learn!!” said Eve,

“what was that Eve?” replied her grandad,

“nothing I was talking to myself!” said 14 year old Eve,

“silly fool go talk to yourself somewhere else!!! replied her grandad,

“don’t you dare talk to me like that grand old freak, I’m 14 not 4!! Treat me with some ****ing respect for god sake!!” said Eve storming off with her rag doll dragging behind her, she had that doll since she was a baby,

“aw has the little girl got her dolly how sweet!!” said Erika,

“shut your fat ugly mouth Erika!!” replied Eve,

“what are you going to do make me, I’d like to see you try!” said Erika grabbing Eve’s rag doll off her,

“give it back now you ***** its my doll!!” replied Eve in tears,

“its about time this doll was thrown away don’t you think!!” said Erika ripping its head off and setting it on fire,

“you dirty filthy cow of a girl rot in hell *****!!” replied Eve kicking Erika in the shin whilst walking away,

“ow! That really hurt so much, not!!!!” said Erika holding her shin,

“good I hope it did you deserve it *****!” replied Eve walking away, she hated her niece Erika she was a spoilt brat she got everything she wanted and all Eve got was holey hand me downs, not that Eve accepted them she just threw them back in her grandparents face every time they tried giving her something.

Eve walked into the kitchen and saw a lighter and some matchers, she made sure no one was watching then grabbed them and put them in her pocket, she would wait till they’re all in the spare room, then she’d lock them in, first she’d set it alight and she’d sit back and watch them die before she ran away, there was no way in hell Erika would get away with taking her childhood doll away from her, as far as Eve was concerned they could all rot in hell, they deserved it, they didn’t want to look after a 14 year old girl, they didn’t even like her in there house, she knew when she wasn’t wanted, well they wouldn’t have to put up with her any longer after tonight.

She walked into the spare room where she usually sat and turned on the TV, waiting for the rest of the so called family to come in, they usually came in at about this time, Erika just walked in as she was thinking that, they both sat silently waiting for there grandparents to come in, if only she new what was going to happen to her tonight, Eve thought to herself, that was when her grandparents came in and sat down, Eve dug deep down into her pockets and tipped the petrol she had hidden behind the couch everywhere, she then got up and walked out the door and threw her lighter in with them,

“rot in hell you cows!!” Eve screamed out and slammed the door shut and locked it, she could hear them screaming from inside but she didn’t turn back, she ran out of the house as fast as she could, she didn’t want to die with them.

A few days later Eve was wandering the streets thinking about the day before, replaying the whole scene in her head, she couldn’t believe she went through with it, but she was pleased she had done, there was no one to take care of her now, she was on her own from now on, no more foster homes nothing, she had to look after herself from here, that didn’t mind her at all, she was a lot happier on her own with no friends no school to go to, no one to tell her what to do.

Eve walked past the pub, she saw a girl who looked oddly familiar, she walked in to see if it was her girlfriend, sure thing it was,

“hey Trace” Eve said happily,

“hello Eve I missed you loads we haven’t seen each other in a long time!!” replied Tracey Thompson,

“I missed you to, now we can spend more time together, I got rid of my grandparents!!” said Eve,

“you did what!!” replied Tracey,

“I killed my grandparents!!” said Eve.

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Here it is guys !! finally lol:

Eve was walking the streets with Tracey by her side, she was going back to her house, they were planning on getting rid of her parents and living there, they needed somewhere to stay, they couldn’t sleep in the streets,

“Tracey babe, how are you going to kill your parents?” said Eve,

“I don’t know I might stab them, its easy!!” replied Tracey looking evil,

“wow your actually going to do it?” asked Eve,

“yes I am they treat me like **** and they treat my younger sister like a queen, I’m sick of it, its gone on for to long now!!” replied Tracey,

“that’s exactly how my grand parents treated me, it got so annoying, in the end I killed them!!” said Eve,

They walked down the street and round the corner to Tracey’s place.

“Mum, if you want to know Eve is staying here for the night!” said Tracey

“that’s ok Tracey but keep out of my way right!!” replied Tracey’s mum Kelly,

“thanks mum we will!!” said Tracey, though her mum will soon be dead, as soon as her father gets home.

“Eve pass me the knife I’m going to do this, those assholes deserve to die!!” said Tracey angrily,

“ok babe, do you need any help?” asked Eve,

“no no let me do this on my own, they’ll be dead in a second!!” replied Tracey kissing Eve on the cheek and leaving the room to kill her parents and sister.

“bye Mum and dad and Rebecca, it was nice knowing you, not that you cared about me!!” Tracey whispered to herself, then stabbed her parents in the chest one by one, oh was she glad to get that over with they were finally dead at last.

“So are they dead babe?” said Eve curiously,

“um yeah they are dead, it was surprisingly easy!” replied Tracey hiding the knife, she’d have to bury it later on tonight,

:”have we done the right thing Trace?” said Eve,

“Eve babe we have, we’ve always wanted to be together and now we can forever babe, no ones going to come between us anymore ok, no one!!” replied Tracey,

“ok just thought I’d ask babe, love you so much!” said Eve,

“I love you to baby and I always will from now until the end of time!!” replied Tracey looking deep into Eve’s eyes.

2 months later.

“Eve Jacobsen I’ll ask you one more time and I want a proper answer, did you murder you grandparents and your half sister?” said Detective Baker,

“No detective I didn’t, I wasn’t even home at the time, ask Tracey I was with her the whole time!!” replied Eve,

“She’s in the next room being questioned over her parents murder” said Detective Baker,

“she never did it detective honest we were with each other the whole time, you don’t believe it then you’re the fool in this room!!” replied Eve, her hands hurting because the handcuffs were on way to tight,

“the sooner you admit to the murder the sooner we can help you!” said the Detective,

“how many times detective, I didn’t murder anyone ok, can I see Tracey please?!!” replied Eve getting annoyed, she wanted to get out of this hell hole,

“when she’s finished being questioned you can, you’ll be free to go then” said Detective Baker,

“oh thank god I want to get out of this hell hole and live my ****ing life!!!” replied Eve,

“we’ll be putting you in a foster home until your old enough to look after yourself!” said the detective,

“what!! I’m not going in any foster home I’m 14 years old, I’ve been looking after myself since my bloody parents ditched me!” replied Eve,

“I don’t care Eve your going into one and that’s final!!” said the detective,

“can I please have these handcuffs off now and see my Tracey?” replied Eve,

“yes, go on through the door to the next room!!” said the detective taking off the handcuffs,

“thank you, good bye detective!!” replied Eve, the plan was to run away when no one was looking there was no way in hell that she’d be separated from Tracey again, she couldn’t handle that twice.

“Tracey babe I’m here now, we need to get out of here, they’re going to put us into foster homes, I don’t want to be separated from you again babe!” said Eve worriedly,

“I know, and I’m not going to let them do it ok, we’re going to run away as soon as that detective moves!” replied Tracey,

“ok lets keep watch see when he moves then we run yeah babe” said Eve, happy to know she’ll soon be out of here,

“he’s moved lets go quick, we don’t want to be caught, I cant lose you Eve not now, not ever!!” replied Tracey, running towards the door, they got away without no one seeing them, which was good, they went to a little side alley and decided what they were going to do next, they couldn’t stay in the big city because there was the risk that they’d get caught, so they decided on the small town of summer bay.

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Eve seemed to know her way around the bay though she had never been here before,

“Trace where should we go?” asked Eve,

“I don’t know lets just walk around it should lead us to a safe place, oh f**k what’s that detective doing here!!” replied Tracey,

“oh for god sake are we ever going to be left alone ever!!” said Eve angrily,

“doesn’t look like we will!! Babe lets run away, this way!!” replied Tracey sighing ,

They both ran together before the foolish detective could see them, the last thing Tracey wanted was to be in a foster home, away from Eve forever, she was 15 for god sake she could look after herself and Eve on her own, she didn’t need anyone babysitting her 24/7.

6 years later!

Tracey had gone to police college and passed, she’s now a detective and still with Eve, who was now the summer bay stalker and Tracey was her accomplice though Detective Baker would never figure that out he’s that dumb.

Eve’s recent revenge was murdering Sally, though no one knew she was dead yet after 2 months, guess no one really cared for her enough to worry about her.

“Pete are there any leads on the stalker?” asked Tracey,

“no not yet” replied Peter,

“we’ll catch her don’t worry Pete” said Tracey walking out of Peters office.

Guys sorry its so short !!

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Next Bit

Tracey regretted killing her parents when she did, though they didn’t treat her right, she missed them, but there was no way she could have been with Eve if they were alive, so in a way she was glad they were dead.

“Eve babe are you awake?” said Tracey lying in bed next to her lover,

“I am now” replied Eve yawning,

“I’m sorry babe I thought you were awake!” said Tracey,

“its ok, its time I got up anyway babe” replied Eve getting out of bed , wrapped in a sheet,

“I best get ready for work!! Not that I want to go and see that foolish detective!!” said Tracey,

“don’t go then babe spend the day with me your lovely girlfriend we can plan our revenge on Peter!!” replied Eve,

“babe I’d love to, but they need me in the office” said Tracey,

“babe they don’t need you they can find someone else for the day!! I’m going to send Peter an email in a second asking him to meet me in the old abattoir and I have one of his detectives hostage!!” replied Eve,

“oooooo ok I’ll just go and have a shower and get ready for work like I normally do!!” said Tracey walking to the shower,

Whilst Tracey was in the shower Eve sent Peter a little email to meet her in the old abattoir where it all began or one of his detectives will die.

Peter walked into the old abattoir where it all began, gun in hand. He walked in the door to the next room,

“so glad you came Peter!!” cackled Eve with Tracey gagged by her side,

“let her go Eve!! “ screamed Peter,

“I cant do that she’s my insurance policy!!” said Eve,

“let her go take me instead!!” replied Peter,

“Always the hero, tell you what I will take you, but you wont be alone!” said Eve,,

“you’ve obviously need help to get this far!!” replied Peter,

“you’re the detective you work it out!!” said Eve laughing,

“tell me who it is” replied Peter getting angry,

“the person lives right here in summer bay detective!!” said Eve tugging on Tracey’s gag,

“Is it Sarah Lewis, is she alive again?” replied Peter,

“oh Pete don’t be so stupid!!" said Eve taking Tracey’s gag off,

“you really are a fool aren’t you Peter how’d you think I knew she was alive, did you bother to sop and ask yourself that?” said Tracey smiling,

“it it was you all along, you telling Eve what everyone was doing, you led me on all that time!!” said Peter pissed off,

“yes it was me all along, I must admit you’re a very pathetic detective for not knowing!!” replied Tracey,

“and now its time for you to die Peter!!” said Eve aiming the gun at Peters head,

“go on shoot me, all the police in the bay will be after you there’s no where to hide!!” replied Peter,

“oh would you shut you fat ugly mouth detective!!” said Eve shooting Peter directly in the head.

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Sorry if its short again guys:

“Trace have you seen Peter?” asked Lara,

“uh no I haven’t seen him for a few days” replied Tracey,

“well if you do see him can you tell him I need to talk to him its quite urgent” said Lara,

“I’ll be sure to do that if I see him Lara!” replied Lara, though she wouldn’t see Peter because he was dead and his body was disposed of so good that no one would find him,

“Thanks Tracey!” said Lara walking out of the police station to go home for the night,

“its ok Lara though no one will be seeing him again!!” replied Tracey under her breath.

Tracey was thinking about quitting her job as a detective, there was no point in her working there anymore now that Peter was dead unless they wanted to kill everyone who worked there, which would never happen, Peter was there main target and he was now dead so there was no need for her being here anymore.

“McGrath, I quit!!” said Tracey,

“what why, we need you now that Peters gone missing!” replied McGrath,

“there’s no need for me to be here, the stalkers dead, I only came her to help Peter with her and now she’s gone there’s no need for me!” said Tracey,

“well if that’s what you ant and your sure hand over your badge and gun!!” replied McGrath,

“ok, it was nice working with you!” said Tracey handing over her gun and badge and walking out,

“it was nice working with you to” replied McGrath.

“Eve babe, I quit my job!!” said Tracey,

“you did what?” replied Eve,

“I quit my job, there’s no need for me to be there now that Peters dead!!” said Tracey,

“oh my god baby so I get to spend everyday all day with you!!” replied Eve,

“yeah you sure do babe!!” said Tracey,

“thank god I miss you when you go to work every morning!!” replied Eve,

“I missed you to baby!!” said Tracey,

“so babe what do you want to do now that you quit your job?” replied Eve,

“well I was thinking we could go back to the city and reck havoc over there, for a change, that’s after we kill Sally though!!” said Tracey,

“good plan babe, I can do Sally right now and you could start packing and when I get back I’ll help you, does it sound like a plan or what?” replied Eve gleefully,

“yeah good plan babe, here’s my gun I didn’t hand the second one in, I’ll start on the packing see you in say 10 minutes or do you need longer?” said Tracey,

“10 minutes will be long enough for me babe!! See you soon!!” replied Eve kissing Tracey good bye, the kiss that could be the final good bye, we’ll never know until she gets back.

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Here's the last bit:

“Sally, Sally, Sally why don’t you just give it up your going to die anyways!!” said Eve,

“you’ll never get away with it Eve someone will come after you!!” replied Sally,

“oh yes Sally I will!! I never get caught!!” said Eve,

“you’ll get caught for this! don’t you worry!!!” replied Sally,

“Sally I’m not going to get caught!!” said Eve stabbing Sally in the chest twice, Sally was so loud she didn’t hear Ric walk through the door,

“you ***** what do you think your doing!!” said Ric angrily,

“what does it look like Ric I just killed Sally!!” replied Eve laughing,

“you dirty filthy slut!!” said Ric sneaking around Eve to get to the kitchen, he picked up a knife from the bench,

“you think you can kill me Ric dream on boy!!” replied Eve,

“you are going to die for doing this to Sally to my Mum!!” said Ric stabbing Eve right through the heart, it was easy though he didn’t expect to kill her, he didn’t bother to check if Eve and Sally were dead he just ran out of the house, terrified at what he had just done, wondering if he should dob himself in for stabbing Eve or leave the bay so no one will ever find him.

“Jack!! I need to talk to you its urgent!!” said Ric panicking,

“yeah what is it mate?” replied Jack,

“I, I stabbed Eve, I walked into her stabbing Sally, I didn’t know what to do so I picked up a knife and just stabbed her, Jack you have to help me please” said Ric,

“you did what, you know you’ll end up in jail, no matter what she did, you still did something!!” replied Jack,

“put me in jail do whatever I know I’m in the wrong, if I had of got there earlier I could of stopped her I could of talked to her!!!” said Ric,

“there’s no point in talking like that now the damage has already been done, now I want you to take us back to your house!!” replied Jack,

“ok sure lets go then!!” said Ric,

“follow me mate!!” replied Jack taking Ric to the nearest police car.

“she she’s gone, I don’t understand she was lying there when I ran out!” said Ric,

“you obviously didn’t kill her then “ replied Jack,

“I did I stabbed her in the chest!!” said Ric,

“then why isn’t she here!!” replied Jack looking over to Sally who was slightly moving,

“I don’t know why she isn’t!!” said Ric,

“sally” said Jack looking Sally’s way,

“J-J!” said Sally trying to talk but she couldn’t quite bring out the word,

“Ric call an ambulance quick!!” replied Jack running over to Sally,

“She stabbed me!!” said Sally out of breath,

“I know sally, try not to talk ok” replied Jack,

“there’s no point in trying to stay alive Jack, its time for me to go, its ok I’ll be with Flynn, please get me Ric!” said Sally,

“Ric!! Sally wants to talk to you!!” replied Jack,

“Sally” said Ric,

“Ric I want you to look after Cassie ok and Pippa, ring big Pippa and get her to come and help you for a few months, don’t worry about me, Flynn will look after me, we’ll be looking down on you all” replied Sally,

“you cant leave me Sally I love you please hold on!!” said Ric,

“Ric I cant hold on anymore I love you but its time for me to go!!” were the last words Sally said,

“Sally no!!” said Ric through tears,

“come on mate we’ll get you back to the station!!” replied Jack.

Find out in the sequel if Eve is really dead and if she is will Tracey get revenge on the person who killed her?


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